Monday, August 25, 2008

The Trivia Maven with The BLOHARDS

Yours Truly will be an invited guest to the upcoming BLOHARDS meeting this Wednesday afternoon at the Yale Club in Manhattan, as I was earlier this year.

The BLOHARDS, for those of you not aware of it, are the Red Sox fan club based here in New York, and I've been a member for many years. The meetings are generally a lot of fun, as there's a lot of reviewing of the current state of affairs in Red Sox Nation, as well as a lot of Yankee bashing.

Over the last couple of years, I've had the pleasure of doing some Red Sox trivia at the meetings, and giving away some cool prizes to the winners. The group is usually pretty literate as far as team history goes, although I do try to stump them as best as I can. (And I have on occasion.) I'll be there along with my pal Chris of Professor Thom's.

Well, we'll be getting together once again on Wednesday at noon. Rumor has it that John Pizzarelli, the fine jazz guitarist and Red Sox fan, will be on hand. (I've met him on a few occasions and he's a really nice guy.) Another rumor has that Tina Cervasio, the lovely and talented former Red Sox and NESN reporter and now with MSG, will make another appearance. There will also be an appearance by a yet-to-be-named Red Sox player. (We've had Javier Lopez, Eric Hinske and David Aardsma in the very recent past.)

Tickets go for $75 for the afternoon, but it's really worth it, if just to hear my five trivia questions and win valuable prizes! For more info, you can go to the BLOHARDS web site.

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