Saturday, August 02, 2008

Proof of a Boras Conspiracy

The Manny Ramirez Era had to have an incredible end. And according to Gordon Edes in today's Boston Globe, it really had an amazing one.

Apparently, when the news reached him he had been traded to Los Angeles, Ramirez had his agent, the notorious bastard Scott Boras, contact the Red Sox that if they dropped the two options they held on Ramirez that "he would not be a problem for the rest of the season."

Theo Epstein said thanks, but no thanks. Hit the road, pal. You're gone.

This just proves that all the crap Ramirez pulled over the past few weeks was all a calculated attempt to get the Sox to trade him so he could get a long term deal after the season from some other team. (Does he really think he's going to get a four-year, $100 million deal from ANYONE?)

And you know as sure as shootin' that that weasel Boras was behind the whole thing. I'm convinced that once Manny hooked up with him last winter it would lead to trouble. And sure enough, he got his tentacles into Ramirez and trouble reared its ugly head.

It's an eye-opening article from Mr. Edes, and well-worth checking out. Here it is.


Peter N said...

Hello to you...Manny's abrupt turnaround was baffling to me. Jason's night on Friday was so sweet. Have a great's Jon Lester today, and that bodes well.

Have a great weekend..Pete

The Omnipotent Q said...

It was really important to see the fans give Jason Bay a nice welcome, to see him contribute.

I'll always be convinced that a lot of what happened with Manny you can lay at the feet of Boras. Manny came into the season in shape with a good attitude, and by late June it all went south. Boras has everything to do with it.

Have a good weekend too, Peter.

s1c said...

TOQ - large thread going on at Joy of Sox about the media manipulation, Boras angles etc.

Good to see a win last night from this team, a little love for Wakefield by the offense would be good also.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks for the heads up about the thread at Joy of Sox, s1c...I'll check it out.