Thursday, June 15, 2006

50 Things About Me

Many of you out there who may have stumbled into my site may have been wondering, "Exactly who is this guy, Mighty Quinn?" or, "I'd sure love to know more about him." Well, I'm here now to answer those questions. The following is 50 things about me, on a whole long range of subjects: some of my likes, dislikes and just some odd and not-so-odd things about me. Don't worry, you won't have to study this list, as there's no pop quiz following it. (Update 2012: This list has been tweaked a bit since I originally wrote it in 2006.)

Without further ado and in no order whatsoever, here it is:

1. The first time I ever left the United States was in January 1983, on a car trip to Montreal with three friends.
2. I like most types of music, but I have never gotten into rap. Not my thing.
3. I've never seen the film, "E.T."
4. The first baseball game I ever went to was the Mets vs. Giants in 1968 at Shea Stadium, and it featured future Hall Of Famers Willie Mays and Willie McCovey. And the Mets won.
5. I've been to 22 of the 50 United States in my life.
6. I've only been to one NFL game in my life, an exhibition game in Minnesota in August 1999.
7. Two songs, "She's Got A Way" by Billy Joel, and "I'll Always Love You" by Taylor Dayne, always bring a tear to my eye. They both remind me of very special friend.
8. A short list of people I have absolutely no use for: Michael Moore, Spike Lee, Bill Maher, Ann Coulter, Ward Churchill, Hillary Clinton, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Al Sharpton, Donald Trump, Paris Hilton, and just about everyone who has ever appeared on any TV reality show.
9. I've been to Fenway Park 21 times, and the Red Sox have won 15 of those games.
10. My favorite kind of ice cream is mint chocolate chip.
11. I'm a very spiritual person, and I pray or meditate at least once a day.
12. I've been to England 12 times in my life.
13. My favorite baseball players growing up were Tom Seaver and Carl Yastrzemski.
14. I'd like to have two songs played at my funeral: "Let It Be" and "Dirty Water."
15. Writing is my life's passion, and outside of my blog, I like to write something new every day.
16. I was recently asked my favorite Red Sox moment of all-time. It is every pitch of Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS.
17. I've never grown a decent beard in my life, and I fear I never will.
18. I've been to four soccer matches in England, and had a great time at all of them.
19. One of my goals is to fit into a 32 waist again.
20. I'm a big fan of both Dr. Wayne Dyer and psychic Sylvia Browne, and I'll read any book they write.
21. I was an altar boy for four years. All the priests I knew were generally good men.
22. I love playing fantasy baseball, and have been in the same "keeper" league since 2007.
23. I am a card-carrying member of the Poetry Society of America.
24. There are three countries I'd like to visit before I die: Ireland, Australia and Japan.
25. I was at the very first game the Montreal Expos ever played, on April 8, 1969, and the very last game the Expos ever played, on October 3, 2004. Both were at Shea Stadium against the Mets. Expos won the very first, and lost the very last.
26. My favorite baseball team west of the Mississippi is the San Diego Padres.
27. I am actually a dual citizen. I hold passports from both the United States and Ireland. (Yes, I am a citizen of a country I have never been to. It's a long story.)
28. I am generally a very private person, and I do have some insecurities.
29. My favorite sitcoms of all-time are (in no particular order): "M*A*S*H", "The Odd Couple," "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," "Married With Children," "Seinfeld," "Cheers," "I Dream Of Jeannie," "The Munsters," "Taxi," "The Bob Newhart Show," and "All In The Family."
30. Keith Hernandez is the best first baseman I've ever seen.
31. I'm no longer pulling for Pete Rose to get into the Hall of Fame.
32. I've seen two no-hitters live in my life: the first by Bob Moose at Shea against the Mets in 1969 (the last one thrown there) and the other by Derek Lowe against Tampa Bay at Fenway in 2002. (33 years in between no-hitters. Amazing.)
33. Hank Aaron remains the all-time home run champion in my opinion, no matter what the record book says.
34. The first concert I ever saw was Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden in 1980.
35. I absolutely love Snapple iced tea.
36. Movies I have watched over and over (and can just about repeat all words): "Monty Python and The Holy Grail," "The Usual Suspects," "Predator," "The Blues Brothers," "Animal House," and "The French Connection."
37. First base is my best position when playing baseball.
38. The nicest celebrity I've ever met is Glenn Close. Michael Palin and Elton John are both a close second.
39. When I played soccer, I loved playing goalkeeper.
40. The three people I'd love to have dinner with are: Babe Ruth, Pope John Paul II and Joyce Carpeneto. (Two big time celebrities and a dear old friend. Unfortunately none are still with us.)
41. I've worn glasses since I was 11. I tried to wear contacts when I was 18, but gave up on them when I had nothing but trouble with them.
42. The most beautiful city I have ever seen is San Francisco.
43. My all-time favorite album is The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."
44. I love reading and writing poetry.
45. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
46. Every September 11th until the day I die I will be at World Trade Center site to honor my friend Joyce's memory and remember all the September 11 victims. And I thank God they built a fitting and beautiful memorial there.
47. My favorite and lucky number is 4.
48. I hope one day to be a published writer.
49. My favorite doctor is my dentist. I've been going to him for 19 years. I've always thought finding a great dentist is like hitting the lottery. You should consider yourself very lucky to have one.
50. And I AM a very lucky man, as I have so many wonderful friends and a great family: five sisters (no brothers) and eight nieces and nephews. I love them all very much.

I'll have 50 more coming soon, to make it an even 100!!


Michael Leggett said...

Well, consider this:
I was @ The 11-10 Expos Mets Game;
I was @ the Bob Moose No-Hitter;
& Shea had no picnic area;
Upper Level Seats that weren't Box Seats were $2.50 Reserved for 1st 5 rows;
The rest were $1.30 & you might have sat up in $1.30 Country @ the same time as Willie Randolph or Omar Minaya, or both.

BklynSoxFan said...

I got into the Bob Moose no-hitter (yes with my sisters!) with the Borden's coupons we saved. We had so many I remember my father giving some away to other Mets fans who had come to get tickets!

Peter N said...

"Come on without, come on within, you'll not be nothing but the Mighty Quinn." Manfred Mann, from long ago. The relevance? Don't ask me!

BklynSoxFan said...

I never understood it either, Peter. But it's a cool song, and if I ever played in the majors, I would come out to it. And most importantly, it's got my name in it.

FINY said...

I'm sorry, you need to explain the dual citizenship thing, buddy. No way you can get away with mentioning that and not elaborating.

BklynSoxFan said...

When I see you next, FiNY, I'll tell you the whole tale.