Monday, June 05, 2006

Lighten Up, Would You Please?

It's amazing the way the media can take a "non-story" and turn it into something. During yesterday's Mets-Giants game, rookie Lastings Milledge hit a game-tying homer in the bottom of the tenth to send it into the eleventh (the Mets eventually lost). As Milledge was running to his position in right field before the eleventh, he saw the Mets fans giving him a standing ovation for his heroics. He suddenly turned towards the fans and high-fived them down the right field side. It was a really cool thing to do, as the fans had given Lastings a warm welcome since his call-up earlier last week. It was spontaneous, and it was his way of saying "thank you" to the fans for their support.

But yet, there are knuckleheads who just don't get it. They are led by that moronic nitwit of a "sportswriter," Bill Madden of the NY Daily News, who basically called out Milledge as unprofessional. Steve Kline and Felipe Alou of the Giants basically said the same thing. Unbelievable.

At Fenway Park, Red Sox players who've hit homers or scored runs at times will high-five the fans as they go back to the dugout, and no one says a word about that. (And it's always cool to see the players mingle with fans like that.) None other than Mike and The Mad Dog, aka "Fatso and Fruit Loops,"on their WFAN radio show today both defended Milledge, citing his youthful exuberance and nice way of thanking the fans. Even Francesa said, "Can you find me ANY fan who doesn't like that?" Damn right.

The players have to find ways of thanking the fans for their support. They do some nice things, like toss balls to the crowd after an inning. Lastings Milledge was thanking the fans for all they did for him to get his major league career off to a good start. It was cool and the fans appreciated it.

Imbeciles like Madden and Kline should basically lighten up and get a life.


Michael Leggett said...

Ohhhh, that yankees Corporate Snobbery!

Madden would say nothing if A-Rod waved a purse or Sheffield gave someone the finger.

Michael Leggett said...

Kline gave La Russa the finger, i/f/o 50K fans.
Like he should talk!

Kruk complained about this Milledge action;

@ least Lastings didn't sell his uniform for a case of beer.