Thursday, June 01, 2006

Clemens Resigns With Houston

Roger Clemens got his sweetheart deal with the Houston Astros and signed a one-year contract that will be worth $22,000,022. (Notice the "22" that appears twice in the deal? How cute.)

The Red Sox and Yankees expressed interest in bringing him back, as did the Texas Rangers. But none of those teams could, or even wanted to give him the perks that he wanted, like staying home on certain road trips, like he got with the Astros last season.

If Houston wants to give him that, so be it. His press conference yesterday in Houston was a joke, as he talked about wanting to return to the Astros and helping them win a pennant, the usual palaver that comes out of his mouth.

As usual with Clemens, it's all about HIM. The way he jerked the Astros around during the off-season was borderline criminal. If they want to put up with his nonsense, fine with me. Clearly, Clemens' legacy means nothing to him, as only the bottom line does.

I hope he and his money will be very happy together.

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Michael Leggett said...

William Roger Clemens loves The Stage, as does James Timothy McCarver. There's one leaving in 15 minutes.

I will have 2 columns before midnight.

One will be "Homeland Security Money for Cowsa--, IA" & "Gorman's Rotisserie World Series In 1986."