Sunday, June 25, 2006

Nitwits Sound Off

As many of you know, I love those "letters to the editor" columns in the New York papers. It never ceases to amaze me the nitwits who write to them. I'm sure that they print certain letters because the editors know they will garner many responses, no matter how silly they sound. Today I read three beauties in the "Sound Off" column in the Sunday New York Post. They were responses to a letter by a Mets fan who accused some Yankee fans of switching loyalties to the Mets because of their great run lately. They were too good not to share. My comments follow each letter.

Yankee rippers

I must take issue with reader Michael Gorman's comments regarding Yankee fans switching loyalties and becoming Mets fans [Sound Off, The Post and, June 18]. Yankees fans are among the most loyal in the league. Sure, we hate losing, but that's because we have gotten so used to winning. Making the playoffs or winning a World Series every twenty years or so might satisfy Mets fans, but it is not enough for Yankees fans. Mr. Gorman's comments are another example of the way Mets fans disparage the Yankees and their fans. Perhaps it's just a way of venting the frustrations from years of losing.

Yankee fans are among the most loyal fans in the league? Who the hell is this guy trying to kid? They have some of the most fair-weather fans in all of baseball. Of course they have loyal fans (and I know a few), but watch Yankee Stadium empty if they go into a downslide like the late 1980s/early 1990s. Too many that I knew wanted nothing to do with them when their fortunes slid back then. Don't even think of comparing them with the loyalty of Red Sox fans. And this "we have gotten used to winning" is exactly why people despise the Yankees, because of the arrogance of their fans.

Real Yankees fans will always despise the lowly Mets. Digest these figures: Mets - two World Series titles in 44 years (one every 22 years); Yankees - 26 titles in 103 years (about one every four years).
Staten Island

Sorry to disappoint to you, Mr. Curtin, but being a fan of one team doesn't necessarily mean having to hate the crosstown rival. I know loyal fans of both the Mets and Yankees who don't hate the other team. And they are REAL fans. Lowly Mets? Have you even peeked at the NL East standings lately pal? This guy is also your typical Yankee fan: no matter how bad things get, always remind non-Yankee fans how many titles we've won. Good grief.

A memo to all Mets fans who have already declared their team better than the Yankees: Going into this weekend, the American League had a 77-49 record against the inferior league the Mets play in. The Mets may be the best team in the National League, but that makes them the fifth or sixth best team in baseball.
Staten Island

Another brain surgeon. It would be nice if this Yankee fan actually paid attention to the actual standings. First of all, the Mets have the THIRD best record in all of baseball, just three games behind the Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox. And since when does the AL's record in interleague play have anything to do with how good the Mets are? Most Mets fans I know are cautiously optimistic about the Mets' chances right now. A lot can happen in 90 games and they know it.

Ah, those letters to the editor. Makes me wonder what the letters they rejected look like.


Michael Leggett said...

Yankee Fans & Intellectual Brilliance:


The Bleacher Creatures have to buy "Hooked On Phonics" in order to learn how to spell the word "SUCK";

Not, only root for the Yankees, if they're winning;

Mets fans are more-thoughtful & Cautious.

Michael Leggett said...

In the '80s, the Mets drew over 3M fans in each of 2 Seasons;

By National League Rules, this meant those who passed through the turnstiles @ Shea Stadium;

Whenever the Yankees did this, I have a question;
How many actual fans passed through the turnstiles in their 3M+ years?

Michael Leggett said...

Those 3 Letter-Writers would get lost on the 4 Train, outside of East 161st Street-River Avenue.

Michael Leggett said...

Yankee Fans & Loyalty:


Last Night, only 6,809 showed up;

It may be due to the fact that no promotion was made, but may be recognizing Steinbrenner's Insatiable GREED; Then again, "A-Rod Salary-Growth Chart Night", presented by Forbes Magazine, wasn't held last night.