Friday, June 16, 2006

Blow Up The Metrodome

I guess David Ortiz' at-bat in sixth inning sums up last night. He hit a bomb that some estimated might have gone 450 feet. But it hit one of those speakers at the top of the Metrodome, and Papi ended up with a single. Totally ridiculous. Manny Ramirez then hit into a double play to end the inning. The Sox scored three late runs, but it was not enough to catch the Twins, 5-3.

The only good thing about this series is that the Red Sox won't have to play in Minnesota the rest of this season. The Twins are getting a new open air stadium in suburban Minneapolis, and it can't come any sooner. That place is the Sox' House of Horrors, and I look forward to the day they set the dynamite charges to the place.

The Red Sox traded David Riske to the White Sox for minor league lefty reliever Javier Lopez (not to be confused with the right handed catcher for the Orioles). Lopez saw time with Arizona and Colorado, and his numbers weren't terribly impressive. He was pitching lights-out at AAA, and the Sox went for it due to a need for a lefty in the pen. Is this guy the answer? I have no idea. Theo Epstein's track record on acquiring relief pitchers is spotty at best. We'll see.

The bats need a jump start, after the three day horror show in Minnesota. They scored just 6 runs in 30 innings this week. Manny and Papi went 3-for-24 in Minnesota. Jon Lester goes tonight in Atlanta. He'll be facing a fading Braves team that just got swept in Miami.

The Mets continued their torrid pace yesterday, beating the Phillies, 5-4. They won 9 of 10 on their just-concluded road trip. Their NL East lead is now 9 1/2. Interleague resumes again today and they take on the Orioles at Shea.

11 days until the big three-game showdown at Fenway.


Michael Leggett said...

(A)Will The Vikings be getting a new stadium?
(B)The place was getting known as HomerDome; Must've been done to make Twins Pitching seem more-competent;
I'll be @ Shea, tonight; call it a break from Psychoboy Tavarez; I might even see an old Idiot named Millar, give him a cheer & then chant "Let's Go Mets" with abandon;
@ I didn't cheer Damon-ey in the last game that I was at; I cheer for "Idiots", not a-holes.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Have a great time at Shea!
The Vikings are getting their own stadium as well, also an open-air park.
"The Homerdome" was a huge misnomer. The Metrodome is about 7th or 8th in the AL in homers. It was back when it opened in 1982 that the Twins hit a good number of homers that year that some fool called it that. Unfortunately, the name seem to stick.

Michael Leggett said...

& The Metrodome will have lasted a far-shorter time than Shea Stadium did;
Our Red Sox Bretheren in CT are getting screwed out of Red Sox-Braves on FOX61, which also covers Central Massachusetts & will be getting Yankees-Nationals; much of New England will hear Kenny Albert, which is good, but he's being paired with Tim Mc Carver;
Same here on FOX5.

Peter N said...

Wasn't the Metro Dome known as the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome?

FINY said...

I saw a game at the Metrodome two years ago and I can honestly say it's the worst place to watch a game that I've EVER seen.

The Omnipotent Q said...

It still is, Peter.
I'm sure ol'Hubert's rolling over in his grave having a stadium like that named after him.