Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Working The Bugs Out

I finally was able to make my broadcasting debut at Professor Thom's last night. This time the mics were working and everything was fine, and in the fourth inning, my friend Matt and I each did play-by-play and color for a half-inning. It was a lot of fun. For four innings, different people took turns calling the action while the YES Propaganda Network was put on mute. This time I was fortunate not to have to wear the wig and funny glasses. But I was told that one of the pictures taken of me on Monday night in full costume will be put up on the bar wall soon, for patrons to see for all eternity.

There will be a Red Sox Fans Vs. Yankees Fans trivia contest at PT's tonight (which I will be part of), and the Tune Out YES promotion will return on Thursday night. Matt and I are gearing up for another inning. I think the trivia contest will go on even if the game at Yankee Stadium gets rained out (a definite possibility as I write this).

Professor Thom's continues to be a really fun place to hang out and watch the Red Sox games with other devoted Sox maniacs. Trivia, bingo, the muted YES network, you can't go wrong checking it out. Will you find such fun at the Riviera Cafe? I wouldn't bet on it.

Great performance by David Pauley last night against the Yankees, going 6 2/3 innings and allowing just 2 runs. It's a shame he couldn't get the win. Who knew that Tuesday night's game would be a better game than Monday night's? Pauley's earned another start, on Sunday afternoon against the Texas Rangers.

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Michael Leggett said...

The YES Network's Video Feed is hard to follow. It's the worst video feed of any team's tv feed, anywhere.