Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Incredibly Lame Shirts

Anyone who has watched a Yankees game on the YES Network couldn't have missed those commercials advertising some lame t-shirt with the words "YANKEES UNIVERSE" on it. Now where in the world did they come up with that?? Could it be that those Yankee folks have some sort of "inferiority complex" and have to find a way to compete with "Red Sox Nation?" The commercials show Yankee players smiling and posing wearing the shirts. I find them more laughable than anything else. And I have yet to see even one Yankee fan on the street wearing one.

I really love those "answering back" shirts I see Yankee fans wearing. Right after their team's titanic choke in the 2004 ALCS, those "got rings?" shirts started popping up. (I've also seen another one called "Do The Math." Basically the same thing.) You know the ones that have 26 Yankee rings next to the 6 Red Sox rings. And I laugh out loud when I read part of the back of the shirt one day:

"We won't go 86 years before winning our next ring" or some palaver to that effect. I love these Yankee fans. First they are history professors ("1918") and now they are fortune tellers! I'd love to know how ANYONE could know that!! The recent past is too painful to remember, so it's time to predict the future!!

I also saw a girl wearing a "2090" hat down by Ground Zero last year. (I said nothing to her, as it wasn't the time or place to get into it about such nonsense.) That's another silly "answering back" thing from those lame fans. Right, the Red Sox won't win another title until 2090. Once again, these pathetic fans think of themselves as fortune tellers!!

Pity those poor Yankee fans. They had to burn all that 1918 and Curse of the Bambino crap they all wore, so now it's time for what I call "The Old Yankee Fan Standby": When all else fails, annoy the hell out of everyone by mentioning ad nauseum that our team has won more championships than anyone else.

To quote another t-shirt that made the rounds a few years ago:

Take your 26 rings and shove them......well, you know where.


Michael Leggett said...

I wonder how many of them carry syringes in honor of Giambi & Sheffield?

Michael Leggett said...


With all the Originality of Microsoft.