Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Does Kay Even Look At The Standings?

I was watching the Red Sox-Mets game on SportsNet NY last night, and Gary Cohen said to his color analysts Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling that he was watching the Yankees-Braves game on Monday night on the YES network, when Michael Kay, YES' lead announcer and number one whackjob, came out with a real beauty. He said that Mets fans would be rooting for the Yankees to beat the Braves in this series in the Bronx.

What fantasy world is Kay living in? Mets fans NEVER root for the Yankees under ANY circumstances. And does Kay even bother to look at the NL East standings? The Braves are dead last and sinking fast. They are 16 games back, and are absolutely no factor in the division race, and don't appear to be this season. Mets fans are more concerned with how the Phillies are doing, as they seem to have the only shot at catching the Mets. Kay's kooky statement had all three Mets announcers laughing.

But the Braves did the Red Sox a favor by winning in the Bronx last night.


Michael Leggett said...



Michael Leggett said...


YES should be called "YPN" or "Yankees Propaganda Network";

Or better yet, "Al-Yanqeezeera";

I loved how SNY handled it;

Gary, Ron & Keith, appeared, with great chemistry, to be having a good time;

They talk to the audience, unlike that "YES" wannabe on FOX, who never makes a point, but prefers to beat one over the head with that point(Tim, are you reading this);

RemDawg on SNY, while Ron Darling is on NESN;

It'll be memorable.

Michael Leggett said...
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Peter N said...

Last night? Fun, a few tears, a feeling of proudness when our Jon gutted it out in the 4th and 5th. And Timlin's 9th, making 10 in a row a reality, instead of a fervent wish. Hope everything's OK down yonder. Take care. And tonight? No words are needed.

BklynSoxFan said...

Tonight will be so special. Keep your hankies handy.