Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A New Career?

Last night was my debut as MC for Professor Thom's Trivia Night, and it went extremely well. I had a blast doing it. One of my friends in the bar was looking to take me on in trivia last night, and was very disappointed to learn that I had been kicked upstairs.

We did five categories: Current Events, General Knowledge, Music, Movies and Sports. There were ten questions per category. Six teams vied for the coveted crown of Professor Thom Trivia Champion. About midway through the competition, some loudmouth yelled out an answer (he wasn't playing), and my good friend and bartender Jim McGuire exited him and his two friends off the premises. (I did warn people not to yell any answers out.) Jim may not be a very big guy, but he's someone you don't want to mess with.

After the competition ended, I received a nice hand from the competitors, and I really appreciated that. (I did receive one or two minor complaints about the qustions being a little too difficult, so I will add some easier ones next week.) I will be back again next Monday night to MC once again.

Tonight, the announcing by the bar patrons returns to PT, and my buddy Matt and I will have another go at calling a Red Sox inning of baseball. Should be more fun, even if the Sox aren't playing the Yankees.

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WelshSoxFan said...

sorry I missed it sir - promise to show up for one as soon as I can