Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I Should Have Known Better

I knew I would regret this. I put on "Mike and The Mad Dog" on WFAN this afternoon (aka "Fatso and Fruit Loops") and their first topic of conversation was last night's Red Sox-Mets game. As is his usual M.O., Chris Russo says something incredibly stupid and empty-headed. The show was barely five minutes old when he struck. He and Francesa talked about Jose Reyes getting thrown out at the plate by Manny, and then Russo went on about how "Manny Ramirez is just awful in left field."

Yet another jackass who knows almost nothing about the Sox. All he knows is when SportsCenter shows Manny making an outfield faux pas that ESPN will show 10,000 times in the course of a day. So he just assumes Manny is a terrible outfielder. Manny is no Gold Glove outfielder by any means, but he is no butcher either. His outfield work has gotten better with age, and he has made some absolutely fabulous plays in the tough Fenway left field. Manny even led the AL in outfield assists last season. But how could Russo possibly know that?

Russo has only redeeming feature: he's a big time Yankee hater.

It just irks me when I hear so-called "experts" talk about stuff they know so little about. I wouldn't recommend it, but if you listen to Russo for an entire afternoon show, you'll see how many mistakes he makes, and glaring ones. But the suits at WFAN think he is an entertaining listen, with Mike Francesa. Fatso knows more about sports but he is such an obnoxious blowhard, I can't listen to him either.

Next time I get the urge to put them on, I'll put the afternoon soaps on instead. They are far more entertaining.


Jere said...

Even Darling, who, along with the rest of the SNY crew, have done a GREAT job in this series so far, took a shot at Manny's defense, out of the blue and, of course, unsubstantiated.

(Shortly after, Lastings missed that ball--then another the next night--and Manny threw out Reyes at the plate.)

Michael Leggett said...

The Lastings Milledge Error caused for a skewering by Mr Hernandez, in regards to Milledge should use BOTH Hands:

Russo sounds like he has marbles in his mouth;

Francessa makes no contribution other than "Gee, I dunno, Dog";

But, Manny can be an Adventure, in LF.