Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy 2019 To You All

This is my 113th and final post for 2019 here at the Mighty Quinn Media Machine. I want to thank you all for making it another successful year. I didn't post very much about the Red Sox this year, as I have concentrated more on Trivia here. But the Red Sox winning a fourth title in 15 years certainly made this a year to remember!

I may return to writing about the Sox more in 2019. We'll see what happens. But I do want to wish all of you a terrific New Year with much health and luck to you all. Trivia Night is currently on a holiday vacation, and will return to Professor Thom's on Tuesday night, January 8th at 8:30 PM.

Be safe on this night, and be well everyone! See you for Trivia in 2019!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Trivia Q&A: December 18

Our final Trivia Night for 2018 brought out another big crowd, with 15 teams taking part. We had a close race all night, and as we got to IQ Trivia, the top five teams were separated by just four points. But the team of Rock You Like a Candy Cane, who were in first place (or tied for it) all evening, got four of five correct to get the victory with 45 points. They were first time winners, and congratulations to them for winning our last Trivia Night of the Year.

For the fourth straight week, we had to break some kind of tie, and it was for second place this week. It was between The Artist Formerly Known As Boobs and Redimption, both finished with 39 points. The tie-breaker question was: "How many pizzas were bought on Super Bowl Sunday of 2018?" The answer is 12.5 million,  and the Artist Formerly Known As Boobs was closest and finished second.

Best Team Name: I'm On a Whiskey Diet, I've Lost 3 Days Already

This is our final Trivia Night of 2018, as we will be taking the next two weeks off, as Christmas Day and New Year's Day both fall on a Tuesday. Trivia Night will return on Tuesday, January 8th at 8:30 PM. Thanks to all of you who made 2018 such a great year, and I'll see you in three weeks. Enjoy the holidays!

Current Events
1. What sports team was selected "Sportsperson of the Year" for 2018 by Sports Illustrated last week?
2. What musical romantic drama received four nominations, the most for the 2019 SAG Awards last week, including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Actress?
3. What late 1950s male singer returned to the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart for the first time since 1969 with his seasonal hit "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow" last week?
4. What singer became the first female to be inducted into the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame for the second time, first with her band in 1998 and as a solo artist in 2019?
5. Eliza Dushku, an actress who appeared on what current CBS TV series, won a &9.5 million settlement from the network after she accused one of her co-stars of sexual harassment?
6. What American city, which had previously hosted the Olympics, was chosen last Friday by the USOC to bid for a future Winter Olympics hosting?
7. Ryan Zinke, who held what position in President Trump's cabinet, will be stepping down at the end of this year?

Christmas Trivia
1. What legendary actor narrates the 1966 classic "How the Grinch Stole Christmas?"
2. What beloved Christmas character was created by an advertising man from Montgomery Ward department store in 1939?
3. From what European country does Santa Claus receive the most letters in the world?
4. What Christmas song, which would go to be the best-selling song of all-time, debuted in the 1942 film "Holiday Inn?"
5. In 1981, Bob and Doug McKenzie of "SCTV Network" released their own version of what classic Christmas song?
6. What Oscar-winning actor played Scrooge in the 1992 film "The Muppet Christmas Carol?"
7. The TNT Network broadcasts what 1983 Christmas movie in a 24-hour marathon every Christmas Day?
8. (Bonus) What are 2 of the 3 main rituals of the holiday of Festivus?

The Q Train: 2018 Events Trivia
1. The Phildelphia Eagles win their first ever Super Bowl.
2. First Lady Barbara Bush dies at the age of 92.
3. Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle.
4. France wins soccer's World Cup for the second time.
5. President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un meet in Singapore.
6. "The Shape of Water" wins Best Picture at the Academy Awards.
7. Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court.
8. Sen, John McCain dies at the age of 81.
9. "Game of Thrones" wins the Emmy Award for Best Drama Series.
10. Alabama defeats Georgia, 26-23, to win the College Football National Championship.

General Knowledge
1. Who was the King of England during the American Revolutionary War? ( 1 pt)
2. What western state has the highest alcohol consumption per capita of any US state? ( 1 pt)
3. What day of the year do Americans consume 67% more pizza than any other day? ( 1 pt)
4. What Supreme Court justice has currently been on the Court the longest? ( 2 pt)
5. What planet has the longest day? ( 2 pt)
6. What nation has the second-largest economy in the world? ( 2 pt)
7. Elton John appeared as himself in what 2017 action film? ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. What R&B band was the only American act to take part in the charity supergroup Band Aid in 1984? ( 5 points)
2. What was the last TV series to lead the yearly Nielsen ratings in its final season, which was 1998? ( 4 points)
3. Bodega Bay was the setting for what classic Alfred Hitchcock film? ( 4 points)
4. Who was the first woman to direct a film that grossed at least $100 million at the US box office? ( 4 points)
5. The founder of what fast food chain returned to high school and earned his GED in 1993 because he no longer wanted to be a "successful dropout?" ( 3 points)

Current Events
1. Golden State Warriors; 2. "A Star Is Born;" 3. Dean Martin; 4. Stevie Nicks; 5. "Bull;" 6. Salt Lake City; 7. Secretary of the Interior.

Christmas Trivia
1. Boris Karloff; 2. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer; 3. France; 4. "White Christmas;" 5. "The 12 Days of Christmas;" 6. Michael Caine; 7. "A Christmas Story;" 8. The Festivus pole, the airing of grievances and the feats of strength.

The Q Train: 2018 Events Trivia
1. February; 2. April; 3. May; 4. July; 5. June; 6. March; 7. October; 8. August; 9. September; 10. January.

General Knowledge
1. George III; 2. Nevada; 3. Super Bowl Sunday; 4. Clarence Thomas; 5. Venus; 6. China; 7. "Kingsman: The Golden Circle."

IQ Trivia
1. Kool and the Gang; 2. "Seinfeld;" 3. "The Birds;" 4. Penny Marshall; 5. Wendy's (Dave Thomas).

Monday, December 17, 2018

Christmas Wraps Trivia For 2018

Trivia will be happening this Tuesday night, December 18th at 8:30 PM, with "Christmas Trivia" as the Special Category. It will be seven questions about that special holiday, with a special bonus question at the end. The Q Train lightning round will be "2018 Events Trivia." It will be 10 events that happened in this year coming to a close, and you have to tell me what month of the year it occurred in. And every answer will be a different month.

The Sneak Peek question for this week is:
"Who was King of England during the American Revolutionary War?"

We've had some big crowds this month for Trivia, so I would suggest getting in a bit early on Tuesday, as the best seats and tables will go quickly!

This will be our final Trivia Night of 2018, as both Christmas Day and New Year's Day fall on a Tuesday, so we will be taking those days off. We will be back on January 8th at 8:30 PM for our first Trivia Night of 2019. See you on this Tuesday for a great night of Trivia!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Trivia Q&A: December 11

We had a big crowd in for Trivia on Tuesday night, as there was also a party going on on the main floor of Professor Thom's, so that made it nearly standing-room only when we started. 14 teams took part, and we had a great race to get to IQ Trivia, as the top five only had seven points between them. But, lo and behold, we had yet another tie to deal with this week, the third straight time, and it involved the same team all three weeks. And it was that very team, Is "Shutdown" The Name of a Porn Star, Because Trump Isn't Pulling Out, who got the win. (The top two teams both finished with 45 points.) They answered the tie-breaker question "How many square miles is the Arctic Ocean?" closer than Brass Balls. (It is 5.427 million miles, by the way.) Congratulations to Peter and his crew for getting the win.

Third place went to DIMS with 40 points. BTW, next week will be our final Trivia Night of 2018, as since Christmas Day and New Year's Day both fall on a Tuesday, we will be taking those two weeks off. The first Trivia Night of 2019 will be happening on Tuesday night, January 8th at 8:30 PM.

Best Team Name: Diarrhea of Anne Frank

Current Events
1. The NHL announced last week that they will be expanding to 32 teams in 2021 with the addition of what West Coast city as the 32nd team?
2. What actor/comedian was chosen to host this February's Academy Awards for the first time but stepped down after some controversial tweets from 7 years ago were revealed?
3. What Ivy League school is being sued by 17 women claiming its associated hospitals covered up a doctor's sexual abuse of patients for over 20 years?
4. Pete Shelley, the lead singer of what 1970s punk rock band, died of a heart attack last week at the age of 63?
5. Netflix will pay about $100 million for the rights to continue streaming what 1990s/2000s sitcom through the end of 2019?
6. President Trump nominated State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert to what position last Friday?
7. What rap star received eight Grammy nominations, the most of any artist, as the awards for 2018 were announced last Friday?

December Trivia
1. On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks refused to move from the back of a bus in what southern city, igniting a boycott and the civil rights movement?
2. On December 3, 1979, 11 fans were killed during a stampede before a concert by what rock band at Cincinnati's Riverfront Coliseum?
3. If you were born on December 22nd, what Zodiac sign were you born under?
4. On December 5, 1933, Prohibition formally ended in the US with the passage of what number Constitutional amendment?
5. On December 5, 2008, O.J. Simpson was sentenced to 33 years in prison for robbing a pair of memorabilia dealers in what US city?
6. What former "Saturday Night Live" star died of a drug overdose on December 18, 1997?
7. What Beatles single was released on December 26, 1963 in the US and would go on to be their first US number 1 single?

The Q Train: Celebrity Real Names Trivia
1. Natalie Portman
2. Tina Fey
3. Elton John
4. Elvis Costello
5. Brad Pitt
6. Jamie Foxx
7. Jack Black
8. Reese Witherspoon
9. Helen Mirren
10. Meghan Markle

General Knowledge
1. The title song to the 1978 film "Grease" was sung by what legendary American pop singer? ( 1 pt)
2. "You had me at hello" was a famous line from what 1996 film? ( 1 pt)
3. What is the coldest country in the world during winter? ( 1 pt)
4. What is the shallowest ocean in the world? (2 pt)
5. What is the heaviest internal organ in the world? ( 2 pt)
6. What basketball move was banned by the NCAA in 1967 but was reinstated in 1976? ( 2 pt)
7. What is Canada's official summer sport? ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. What musician is also the only solo songwriter ever to have covers of his songs top the Billboard pop, country, R&B and adult contemporary charts? ( 4 points)
2. What Broadway musical set the all-time record of 12 Tony Award wins in 2001? ( 4 points)
3. Scott Lang is the real name of what comic book superhero? ( 3 points)
4. James Hoban designed what famous early 19th century American landmark? ( 5 points)
5. Which is the longest of all the Star Wars films in terms of total screen time? ( 4 points)

Current Events
1. Seattle; 2. Kevin Hart; 3. Columbia; 4. The Buzzcocks; 5. "Friends;" 6. UN ambassador; 7. Kendrick Lamar.

December Trivia
1. Montgomery, AL; 2. The Who; 3. Capricorn; 4. 21; 5. Las Vegas; 6. Chris Farley; 7. "I Want to Hold Your Hand."

The Q Train: Celebrity Real Names Trivia
1. No (Neta-Lee Hershlag); 2. yes; 3. no (Reginald Dwight); 4. no (Declan MacManus); 5. yes; 6. no (Eric Bishop); 7. yes; 8. yes; 9. no (Ilyena Mirinoff); 10. yes.

General Knowledge
1. Frankie Valli; 2. "Jerry Maguire;" 3. Russia; 4. Arctic; 5. liver; 6. slam dunk; 7. lacrosse.

IQ Trivia
1. Bob Dylan; 2. "The Producers;" 3. Ant-Man; 4. The White House; 5. "The Last Jedi" (2:33).

Monday, December 10, 2018

The Final Month Trivia

Trivia will be happening this Tuesday, December 11th at 8:30 PM, with "December Trivia" as the Special Category. It will be seven questions connected to the month of December in history and pop culture. (There won't be any Christmas questions in this round. That's for another time.) The Q Train lightning round will be "Celebrity Real Names Trivia." I will give you the names of ten current celebrities and you have to tell me if they go by their real names or not.

The Sneak Peek question for this week is:
"The title song to the 1978 film 'Grease' was sung by what legendary American pop singer?"

We've had some great crowds the last few weeks for Trivia, so get in early to get a good seat or table! Looking forward to seeing many of you this Tuesday night!

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Trivia Q&A: December 4

We had a great crowd of 18 teams in for Trivia on Tuesday night, and it's great to see the crowds increase as we approach the holidays. We had a close race between the top 5 teams going into IQ Trivia, with them separated by just 5 points. But our friends from DIMS held on for the victory, getting 4 of 5 right in the final round to get the win with 46 points. Congrats to Ken, Michael and Darek. Second place was a tie between PVD and The Dow Is Going Down Like Pence Is On Trump with 39 points, and we broke it with: "How many total Supreme Court judges have the US had in its history?" PVD was closest to the answer, which was 114, so they got second place.

Best Team Name: Boyz II Men II Ass II Mouth

Current Events
1. The US Postal Service announced last week they will release a stamp next year for the 200th birthday of what American author and poet?
2. Stephen Hellenburg, the creator of what hit children's cartoon series, died last week of ALS at the age of 57?
3. Magnus Carlsen, from what European country, successfully defended his world chess championship against American Fabiano Curuana after three weeks and a day of tiebreakers?
4. What female TV star was named 2018's highest paid TV host by Forbes magazine, earning $147 million this year?
5. What former five-time world boxing champion was hit with hefty penalties by the SEC last week for failing to disclose money he was paid to promote investments in cryptocurrencies?
6. A new study from the University of Turin determined that what 1939 film classic edged out "Star Wars" as the "Most Influential Film of All-Time"?
7. What female pop singer's video "Thank U, Next" broke YouTube's record for the most views in its first 24 hours of release, garnering over 46 million views?

21st Century Music Trivia
1. "Songs For A Minor" was the 2001 debut album for what female R&B artist?
2. "Say It Right" was a number one hit in over 20 different music charts worldwide in 2006 for what artist?
3. "Who I Am" is a 2012 memoir written by what legendary rock guitarist?
4. What female pop singer was killed in a 2001 plane crash in The Bahamas?
5. What legendary rock star had a worldwide hit album in 2018 called "Egypt Station?"
6. Who was the headline act of this past February's Super Bowl?
7. Name 2 of the 4 artists who have won the most Grammy Awards in the decade of the 2000s.

The Q Train: 21st Century Oscar Winners
1. Octavia Spencer
2. Gary Oldman
3. Ron Howard
4. Mahershala Ali
5. Adrien Brody
6. Kathryn Bigelow
7. Nicole Kidman
8. Viola Davis
9. Tim Robbins
10. Jennifer Lawrence

General Knowledge
1. Which Spice Girl was Victoria Beckham? ( 1 pt)
2. What is the most widely spoken language in Switzerland? ( 1 pt)
3. "The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" won how many Oscars in 2003? ( 1 pt)
4. What NHL team has won the most Stanley Cup titles? ( 2 pt)
5. What three colors appear on the flag of Ireland? ( 2 pt)
6. What Italian town is the setting for Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet?" ( 2 pt)
7. Your glabella is found where on the human body? ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. Who is the most charitable billionaire in the US, having given away more than $46 billion since 2000? ( 4 points)
2. What late rock star once had his own Internet service provider, the first artist-created ISP in 1998? ( 5 points)
3. The Economist ranked what Asian city as "the safest city in the world" in 2017 on things like vioent crime, police engagement and cybersecurity? ( 4 points)
4. When Sandra Day O'Connor retired from the Supreme Court in 2005, what current judge succeeded her to the Court? ( 3 points)
5. What 1990s presidential candidate once did an endorsement for viagra? ( 4 points)

Current Events
1. Walt Whitman; 2. "SpongeBob SquarePants"; 3. Norway; 4. Judge Judy; 5. Floyd Mayweather; 6. "The Wizard of Oz;" 7. Ariana Grande.

21st Century Music Trivia
1. Alicia Keys; 2. Nelly Furtado; 3. Pete Townshend; 4. Aaliyah; 5. Paul McCartney; 6. Justin Timberlake; 7. Beyonce (16), Alison Krauss (16), U2 (15), Kanye West (14).

The Q Train: 21st Century Oscar Winners
1. The Help; 2. Darkest Hour; 3. A Beautiful Mind; 4. Moonlight; 5. The Pianist; 6. The Hurt Locker; 7. The Hours; 8. Fences; 9. Mustic River; 10. Silver Linings Playbook.

General Knowledge
1. Posh Spice; 2. German; 3. Eleven; 4. Montreal Canadiens (24); 5. Green, white and orange; 6. Verona; 7. Between the eyebrows.

IQ Trivia
1. Warren Buffett; 2. David Bowie; 3. Tokyo; 4. Samuel Alito; 5. Bob Dole.

Monday, December 03, 2018

Recent Music & Movie Trivia This Week

Trivia will be happening this Tuesday night, December 4th at 8:30 PM, with "21st Century Music Trivia" as the Special Category. It will be seven questions about popular music that occurred from 2001 until today. The Q Train lightning round will be "21st Century Oscar Winners Trivia." I will give you the names of ten people who have won Oscars from 2001 on, and they can be actors, actresses and directors. You tell me the film they won their recent Oscar for.

The Sneak Peek question for this week is:
"Which Spice Girl was Victoria Beckham?"

I look forward to seeing many of you this Tuesday for a great night of Trivia!