Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sox Bangers Mash To All Fields

A back-and-forth game at Fenway on Wednesday night: New York leads, Red Sox take it away; New York takes it back, Sox wrestle it back and hold it the rest of the way.

The Red Sox hit three home runs, to all fields: David Ortiz (to dead center), Jacoby Ellsbury (to the Monster Seats, his first opposite field home run in his career) and Jason Varitek (into the Red Sox bullpen in right).

Tek's blast was in the 8th inning, and it iced the game at 9-5.

And there was no hand clapping at the plate when he arrived.

Josh Beckett was roughed up for five runs (four earned) in seven innings, but got the W, and became the first Sox pitcher to beat New York four times in one year since Al Nipper (remember him?) did it in 1987.

The pen was stellar, as both Daniel Bard and Jonathan Papelbon retired all three hitters they faced. Pap countinues to be overpowering, as in his last 17 outings, he has allowed just three baserunners, all on hits. He has struck out 20 and walked none.

The Red Sox are once again 1 1/2 games back, and go for the series win Thursday night with Jon Lester facing A.J. (Where Do You Want It?) Burnett.

Shouldn't You Score More Than 2 Runs With 13 Hits?

I missed all of last night's game as I had an acting gig on Staten Island, but I met a nice lady who turned out to be a Yankee fan with an Android, and she was giving me updates throughout the night. Thankfully, she was a good, knowledgeable fan who was a season ticket holder, and wasn't obnioxous at all.

Unfortunately, most of the updates weren't good, especially seeing 13 hits in the Red Sox hit column and just two runs. Bloody hell, 16 men left on base, and the bases loaded left twice.

Well, in the matchup department, this was the Yankees best chance for a win, despite C.C. Sabathia's four losses to the Red Sox. John Lackey? Wasn't horrible, but wasn't really good either.

And some Red Sox fans may disagree with me, but hitting Francisco Cervelli after that "hand clap" at home plate after the home run was just stupid. It's still a close game, it's late and the top of the New York order is coming up. You know that would lead to more runs (and it did). Pick another time to exact "revenge." Stick it in the memory bank and move on.

Half-game lead going into tonight. Josh Beckett takes the mound.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

PT's Trivia Q&A: August 29

As expected, we had a small crowd in for Trivia Night on a special Monday edition. We had 10 teams take part, and just a few regulars were able to turn out, but I appreciate those of you who did.

Three teams were neck-and-neck all night, but the team of I Like My Hurricanes Like I Like My Women: Wet, Blustery and Gone By Time I Wake Up (who was also the Best Team Name winner) got 4 of 5 correct and wound up winning by just one point, with a total of 45. Another nice job by Dave and Anton.

Second place went to Your Move, New Orleans with 44 points, and third went to Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Trivia On Monday, Cats and Dogs Living Together. Mass Hysteria! with 42 points.

And again a reminder that return to out regular day and time next week, Tuesday, September 6th at 9 PM

Current Events
1. Facebook reached a new milestone this past June as it reached this number of page views and is the most visited site on the Internet.
2. When Muammar Khadafy's Tripoli compound was overrun last week, a photo album of pictures of what American woman he apparently had a crush on was found?
3. More than 50 people were killed when two dozen gunmen burst into a casino in what country and set it on fire?
4. What troubled former MLB star was charged last week with indecent exposure for allegedly exposing himself to women he met on Craigslist?
5. What dramatic film, in its third weekend of release, was number one at the box office this past weekend?
6. Adam Levine, the lead singer of what rock band, ripped MTV's Video Music Awards show on Twitter, calling them "the one day a year when MTV pretends to care about music."
7. What Oscar-winning filmmaker's series on the rebuilding of Ground Zero debuted to good reviews on the Discovery Channel last Thursday?

August 29th Trivia
1. On this day in 1786, Shay's Rebellion took place, which was an armed uprising of farmers, in what current US state?
2. In 1966, the Beatles performed their last ever concert in what California city?
3. On this date in 1977, Lou Brock set a new record for stolen bases in MLB history with 893. What AL Hall of Famer's record did he break?
4. In 1944, 15,000 troops marched down one of the main streets of what European cityin celebration of its liberation from the Nazis?
5. In 1842 on this day, China and what other country signed the Treaty of Nanking, ending the first Opium War?
6. Olympic gold medal winner Bob Beamon was born in 1946. In what event at the 1968 Summer Olympics did he shatter the world record by a staggering 21 3/4 inches?
7. Oscar winning actress Ingrid Bergman died on this day in 1982. She won three Oscars in her career, and name 1 of the 3 films she won them for.

Storms Songs Trivia ("The Q Train")
1. Riders On The Storm (1971)
2. Rainy Day Women 12 & 35 (1966)
3. Kentucky Rain (1970)
4. Like a Hurricane (1975)
5. Rain (1966)
6. Rock You Like a Hurricane (1984)
7. Rainy Days and Mondays (1971)
8. The Rain Song (1973)
9. Who'll Stop The Rain (1970)
10. Blame It On The Rain (1989)

General Knowledge
1. The disease scurvy is caused by a deficiency in what vitamin? ( 1 pt)
2. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was a big hit for what rock band? ( 1 pt)
3. Au is the chemical symbol for which metal? ( 1 pt)
4. "Last of the Mohicans" was written by what author? ( 2 pt)
5. The vernal equinox marks the start of which season? ( 2 pt)
6. In which country is the headquarters of Interpol? ( 2 pt)
7. "Hercules In New York" was the first credited film role in 1969 for which actor? ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. What future Oscar winner once portrayed a dying baseball player in the 1973 film "Bang The Drum Slowly?" ( 4 points)
2. The town of Intercourse is found in what US state? ( 3 points)
3. What is the more common name for the disease? ( 4 points)
4. After the skin, what is the heaviest human organ? ( 4 points)
5. Omar Shamshoon was the name given to the main character in the Arabic version of what American TV series? ( 5 points)

Current Events
1. 1 trillion; 2. Condoleezza Rice; 3. Mexico; 4. Lenny Dykstra; 5. "The Help;" 6. Maroon 5; 7. Steven Spielberg.

August 29th Trivia
1. Massachusetts; 2. San Francisco; 3. Ty Cobb; 4. Paris; 5. UK; 6. long jump; 7. Gaslight, Anastasia, Murder On The Orient Express.

Storm Songs Trivia
1. The Doors; 2. Bob Dylan; 3. Elvis Presley; 4. Neil Young; 5. The Beatles; 6. The Scorpions; 7. The Carpenters; 8. Led Zeppelin; 9. CCR; 10. Milli Vanilli.

General Knowledge
1. C; 2. Nirvana; 3. gold; 4. James Fenimore Cooper; 5. spring; 6. France; 7. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

IQ Trivia
1. Robert DeNiro; 2. Pennsylvania; 3. chicken pox; 4. liver; 5. "The Simpsons."

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Little Thing Like A Hurricane Couldn't Stop Us

A reminder that yes, Trivia is happening tonight at Professor Thom's, on a special night and time, 8:30 PM. The subways are running and the bar is open, so come on out!

We return to our usual day and time next week, Tuesday, September 6th at 9 PM.

And also, Josie Wood's Wednesday Night Trivia is not happening this week, due a large event occurring in the bar on Wednesday night. Trivia Night at Josie Wood's will be back on Wednesday, September 7th at 8 PM.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trivia Must Go On!

Earthquakes don't stop us. Two feet of snow couldn't stop us. So, do you really think some hurricane will?

Now I'm talking about Tuesday Night Trivia at Professor Thom's, and we are still good to go with Trivia on a special night this Monday, August 29th at 8:30 PM. We simply can't do Trivia Night during a Red Sox-Yankees game, so we are doing it a day earlier this coming week. (Now, should anything actually prevent us from doing it on Monday, I will post something here on the blog and on my Facebook page. So please stay tuned.)

The Special Category is "August 29th Trivia," seven questions about the day in history, and the Q Train lightning round will be "Storm Songs Trivia," where I will give you ten popular songs with foul weather in the title (and I will give you the year it came out), and you have to identify the artist.

The Sneak Peek question is:
"The disease scurvy is caused by a deficiency of which vitamin?"

We will start Monday night at the special time of 8:30 PM. We return to Tuesday nights next week, on September 6th at 9 PM. Let's cross our fingers and hope everything goes our way on Sunday.

And please stay safe everyone.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Edge of Wetness

Rain, rain, and more rain.

Tons of delays. I was certain a few times there was no way on earth the Red Sox and A's would play two on Saturday.

It took 11 hours, but it was worth it: 9-3 and 4-0 wins.

Now the Red Sox are 2 games up on New York, who were rained out of a twinbill in Baltimore.

The Sox now get nearly 72 hours off before the Yankees return to Fenway.

Stay safe, Red Sox Nation.

Watch The Sox, Help Beat Cancer: A Good Night's Work

For those of you who are reading my blog in Northern California, I have a special night to bring to your attention.

My friends over at Fenway West let me know about a benefit that is happening in San Francisco, at The Connecticut Yankee bar (don't let the name fool you) on Wednesday night, August 31st. It will be for benefit of The Jimmy Fund and The Dana-Faber Cancer Institute.

They will be featuring The Cancer Sucks Band and Planet Waves (which does the best of Bob Dylan) and the benefit is in conjunction with WEEI's Annual Telethon, which will be happening on Tuesday and Wednesday of this coming week.

Prizes will be given out all night, and $8 is the suggested admission to the bar that night.

So, if you find yourself in the Bay Area and want to help out those folks who are battling cancer, this would be a nice thing to do. The Sox-NYY game begins at 4 PM (PT), but the event will continue through the evening.

Trivia Update For Next Week

News on the Trivia front. Wednesday Night Trivia at Josie Wood's will NOT be happening next week, due to a big party happening at the bar on August 31st. We will be back at Josie Wood's on Wednesday night, September 7th at 8 PM.

As far as Professor Thom's goes, as of right now (Saturday morning), it is still on for Monday night, August 29th at 8:30 PM. If the storm causes any problem at the bar, I will pass the information along to you.

Sixth Time Comes Up With Nothing

It has been tough to watch Tim Wakefield try to get his elusive 200th career win. So I was glad I missed last night's game.

He got roughed up badly by a lousy Oakland A's club, as he gave up eight runs in four innings. (And what has happened to Matt Albers? He allowed four runs in the 8th inning, in what was basically garbage time.) A truly awful 15-5 loss. Wake has now gone six starts without getting that win.

With Andrew Miller now pitching so well, does Wakefield head for the pen?

New York's loss in Baltimore keeps the Red Sox up by one game.

Doubleheader is scheduled for today, and we'll see if the weather cooperates.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Four Long Dongs & It's Miller Time

Four more home runs for the Sox tonight, and the mighty Rangers get nothing off Andrew Miller, and the Sox take three of four off Texas, 6-0. The Red Sox outscored them 30-7 in the three wins.

Doesn't it seem like a few years ago that the Sox were swept by Texas to begin the season?

David Ortiz, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Adrian Gonzalez (twice) banged out homers, and Gonzo has hit five in ten at-bats over the past three games. What was that about the "Home Run Derby Jinx" again?

It was Andrew Miller's best start in a Red Sox uniform: 6 1/3 innings, three hits allowed and six strikeouts. He's now 6-1.

The Sox have now won 6 of 8 since they were shut down by Tampa Bay last week.

Screw New York and their three grand slams today. The Red Sox continue to lead by one game.

And Tim Wakefield goes for number 200 for the sixth time on Friday night, against that very same A's team that gave up 22 runs today. (But thanks for taking two of three, guys.)

Doubleheader Saturday

The Red Sox and A's will play two on Saturday, due to the oncoming Hurricane Irene: Game 1 will be at 12:05 (one hour earlier than scheduled), and Game 2 will be at 5:05 PM, and tickets for Sunday's game will be honored then.

Smart move by the Sox, and it makes far more sense than to play the A's day after the season is over.

The Phillies are doing the same thing on Saturday, and I bet the Mets will follow suit. too. I haven't heard what the Orioles will do, as they already have a twinbill with the Yankees on Saturday.

Only one drawback to having the twinbill on Saturday: due to those inane Fox rules about having an exclusive 4PM-7 PM window, Game 2 won't be on the MLB package.

Fox Ruins Baseball, yet again.

Glad That Youk's Keeping His Day/Night Job

Here's Kevin Youkilis in a commercial he did recently with musician Biz Markie and auto dealer Herb Chambers. The ad, called "We've Got What You Need," is a parody of the song "Just a Friend", which is Youk's theme song when he comes to the plate:

I suspect that "Youk: The Album" won't be coming out any time soon.

Alone Again In First Place. Naturally.

The Red Sox pulled out the whoopin' sticks in Texas last night, and will have a winning road trip after they put the hurt on the Texas Rangers, 13-2, last night.

The Sox scored early and often, breaking from the gate with 4 in the first inning in support of Josh Beckett, who has gotten very little from his teammates in recent games.

Adrian Gonzalez, Jacoby Ellsbury and Carl Crawford all went over the wall, and David Ortiz had a successful return after missing nine games, going 2-for-5 and scoring two runs (including running through a stop sign in the photo). Crawford had a game-high five RBI.

Beckett went six innings, struck out four and walked two, and allowed one run. He's now 11-5 on the season.

While in the Bronx, old friend Coco Crisp was a one-man wrecking crew, going 4-for-4 and blasting two home runs, and a three run shot in the 10th off Rafael Soriano, to give the A's a 6-4 win and drop the Yankees into second place by one game.

The Sox are now 5-2 on this midwest trip, which concludes tonight in Arlington. They can do no worse than a split in Texas, with Andrew Miller pitching tonight.

And BTW, with the hurricane bearing down on the Northeast this Sunday, there are four games that are in definite question, and barring a miracle, won't be played. They are games in Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York (Mets), and the Red Sox-A's contest at Fenway. Wouldn't it make sense to make them doubleheaders on Saturday right now? Or does that make too much sense?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

JW's Trivia Q&A: August 24

We had another nice night of Trivia with a few teams taking part. The winners tonight were Team Zoobi's, with 26 points, and Turtle Power in second place with 20 points.

The college kids from NYU will be coming back this weekend, so the crowds should be picking up over the next few weeks.

Famous Nicknames
1. The Great Emancipator
2. The Little Corporal
3. Charlie Hustle
4. The Chairman of the Board
5. The Iron Lady
6. Old Hickory
7. God's Rottweiler
8. The Say Hey Kid
9. The Hardest Workin' Man In Show Business
10. The Great Communicator

Mob Movies Trivia
1. The movie "A Bronx Tale" was autobiographical about which actor? a. Robert DeNiro; b. Al Pacino; c. Joe Pesci; d. Chazz Palminteri.
2. What book is the film "Goodfellas" based on? a. Goodfellas; b. Wiseguy; c. Murder Machine; d. Underboss.
3. Which mob movie was not directed by Martin Scorsese? a. Casino; b. Goodfellas; c. Scarface; d. Mean Streets.
4. Which mob movie did not include Robert DeNiro? a. Analyze This; b. The Godfather; c. A Bronx Tale; d. Mean Streets.
5. Who was the only person to win an Oscar for "Goodfellas?" a. Robert DeNiro; b. Ray Liotta; c. Joe Pesci; d. Martin Scorsese.
6. Which mob movie was co-written by Oliver Stone? a. Mean Streets; b. Once Upon a Time In America; c. Bonnie and Clyde; d. Scarface.
7. Which film was voted the number one gangster film of all-time by AFI? a. Goodfellas; b. Bonnie and Clyde; c. The Public Enemy; d. The Godfather.
8. In which film did Al Pacino play a gangster named Tony Montana? a. Scarface; b. Donnie Brasco; c. Carlito's Way; d. Dog Day Afternoon.
9. Which mob film was partially set in Miami? a. The Godfather; b. Scarface; c. Goodfellas; d. Mean Streets.
10. Who directed the original "Godfather" film? a. Martin Scorsese; b. Marlon Brando; c. Francis Ford Coppola; d. Robert Altman.

General Knowledge
1. On Christopher Columbus' 1492 journey to the New World, which of his three ships did not return safely to Spain?
2. The song "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" was made popular by what war?
3. What is the only US state on the Atlantic Ocean that extends into the Central Time zone?
4. specializes in the sale of what?
5. "Around the World In 80 Days" was written by what science fiction author?
6. What rive runs along the border between Texas and Mexico?
7. What is the 12th and final sign of the Zodiac?
8. Most of the 800 known Dead Sea Scrolls are written in what language?
9. Liverpool, England's airport was renamed in 2001 after what famous person?
10. The first flight attendants were required to be members of what profession?

IQ Trivia
1. The Lake of Death and The Sea of Tranquility are both located where? (3 points)
2. What game was banned by Ayatollah Khomeini in the 1980s to discourage gambling in Iran? ( 5 points)
3. Which movie bad guy was voted as the AFI's "Worst Villain of All-Time?" ( 4 points)
4. In August 1914, the cement steamer SS Ancon became the first ship to do what? ( 4 points)
5. What specific government agency is primarily concerned with tracking down counterfeiters? ( 4 points)

Famous Nicknames
1. Abraham Lincoln; 2. Napoleon Bonaparte; 3. Pete Rose; 4. Frank Sinatra; 5. Margaret Thatcher; 6. Andrew Jackson; 7. Pope Benedict XVI; 8. Willie Mays; 9. James Brown; 10. Ronald Reagan.

Mob Movie Trivia
1. d; 2. b; 3. c; 4. b; 5. c; 6. d; 7. d; 8.a; 9. b; 10.c.

General Knowledge
1. Santa Maria; 2. Civil War; 3. Florida; 4. movie tickets; 5. Jules Verne; 6. Rio Grande; 7. Pisces; 8. Hebrew; 9. John Lennon; 10. nursing.

IQ Trivia
1. The moon; 2. chess; 3. Hannibal Lechter; 4. Panama Canal; 5. Secret Service.

Lackey Bends, Doesn't Break

Adrian Gonzalez busted out of his home run drought last night in the 104 degree heat in Arlington, blasting two shots against his former team in the Red Sox' 11-5 win, their first against Texas this season.

With John Lackey on the mound, the Red Sox needed to score early and often, and sure did that. Jacoby Ellsbury returned from his three-day hiatus by opening the game with a single, stole second, and scored on Gonzo's blast into the top deck in right field.

The Sox added two in the second and third innings, but a Lackey meltdown looked like it was in full bloom in the third, as he allowed three runs. But he settled down and pitched into the seventh, allowing four runs.

Every Red Sox regular had at least one hit, and the Sox put the game away with four runs in the eighth. Lackey is now 12-9, and his ERA is now finally below 6.00, at 5.98.

The Red Sox are now 4-2 on this road trip, and can get a winning record if they spilt the final two games. Not bad for two places (KC and Texas) that are normally tough places for them to win.

New York's loss to Oakland puts the Red Sox in a tie with the Yankees for first, but New York is percentage points ahead, as the Red Sox have played two more games.

I Was Spared

There was an earthquake on Tuesday centered in Northern Virginia that was felt in New York City and the Northeat and up into New England.

I was home at 1:51 PM, and found out about it from the news shortly after 2 PM.

Friends and family around the New York area wrote on Facebook about feeling the quake, and how it shook their homes and offices. Fortunately it caused very little damage and no serious injuries.

I'm in the heart of Brooklyn, and felt absolutely nothing.

I still have yet to experience my first earthquake.

I guess I was spared.

PT's Trivia Q&A: August 23

We had yet another huge crowd in at Professor Thom's on Tuesday night: 24 teams. It's been an amazing summer, as we've had at least 20 teams just about every week since June. Thank you all so much for the great support.

We had some really strong scores for 10-100 Trivia, as most of the teams got all ten correct. It was close all night, but a team that was in fifth place leapfrogged over four teams and wound up taking the title by two points, with 50: Insert Earthquake Joke Here. They ran the table, getting all five IQ Trivia questions correct. (They were the only team to do that last night.) It was their first ever win.

Second place went to I Thought I Had the DTs, But It Was Only An Earthquake with 48 points. (Yep, earthquake names were in vogue on Tuesday.) And third place went to Rob LaRose Went Home For a Nooner & The Earth Shook! with 47.

Best Team Name: The Last Thing to Shake A Manhattan Hotel & Measure 5.9 Was DSK's Penis (With congratulations to Christina on her birthday and Joe and Gillian on their recent wedding.)

Remember that next week, we will doing Trivia Night at Thom's at a special day and time: Monday night, August 29th at 8:30 PM. We will return to Tuesday night on September 6th at 9 PM.

Current Events
1. Two American hikers who were arrested two years ago on espionage charges were sentenced to 8 years in prison in what country last Saturday?
2. What rap star was attacked with pepper spray at an after party to a concert he had in Montreal last week?
3. What talk show host has tightened security at his show after a Muslim extremist called for his "tongue to be cut out" on a radical Muslim internet site?
4. Jim Thome of the Minnesota Twins became the 8th player in MLB history to reach what home run milestone plateau last week?
5. Three people were arrested last Saturday in Washington DC for selling what item, which normally is legal to sell, on the grounds of the US Capitol?
6. What European country's soccer league's opening weekend was delayed this past weekend due to a players strike?
7. What rock superstar frontman was rushed to a hospital last week in Monaco and treated for heart Palpitations and chest pains?

Pop Music Trivia
1. The singer/actress who plays Hannah Montana is the real-life daughter of what country singer?
2. In Rolling Stone magazine's 2004 survey "The 500 Greatest Songs of All-Time", what song sung in Spanish is the only non-English song on the list?
3. In 2007, Robert Plant teamed with what female country singer to win Grammys for Album and Record of the Year?
4. What rock band was Rod Stewart part of before his successful solo career?
5. After seeing them perform at CBGB's in New York, Mick Jagger helped what black hard rock band get a deal with Epic Records in the 1980s?
6. What sitcom star was pulled out of the audience in Bruce Springsteen's 1984 "Dancing In The Dark" video?
7. "Soul Brother Number One" was the nickname of what iconic R&B singer?

10-100 Trivia ("The Q Train")
1. The second point gained in a game of tennis is this number.
2. The golden wedding anniversary is this many years.
3. This is the total number of minutes in a regulation soccer match.
4. Venti size coffees at Starbuck's are these many ounces.
5. The Hebrew people lived in the desert for this many years, according to the Bible.
6. Nicolas Cage starred in a 2000 film called "Gone In __ Seconds?"
7. Benjamin Franklin is one this US numerical bill.
8. A traditional Snellen chart uses this many different letters.
9. This is the maximum age for a cardinal to vote in a papal election.
10. The platinum wedding anniversary is this number.

General Knowledge
1. Which fictional storybook character's nose grew each time a lie was told? ( 1 pt)
2. Who played Tinkerbell in Steven Spielberg's 1991 film "Hook?" ( 1 pt)
3. "Salem's Lot" was written by what prolific author? ( 1 pt)
4. A Havanese is what type of animal? ( 2 pt)
5. An octopus has how many eyes? ( 2 pt)
6. The city of Odessa is in what former Soviet state? ( 2 pt)
7. "Enid Strict" was the real name of what popular character who debuted on TV in 1986? ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. If you have a chirospasm, what problem do you have? ( 4 points)
2. Rock hopper, jackass and emperor are all types of what? ( 5 points)
3. "The Velvet Divorce" occurred when what nation officially split into two separate countries? ( 3 points)
4. Traditionally, what would a Native American do with a calumet? ( 4 points)
5. What American actress holds the title of "Lady Haden-Guest" after her husband inherited the Barony of Haden-Guest in 1996? ( 4 points)

Current Events
1. Iran; 2. Lil Wayne; 3. David Letterman; 4. 600; 5. lemonade; 6. Spain; 7. Bono.

Pop Music Trivia
1. Billy Ray Cyrus; 2. La Bamba (Ritchie Valens); 3. Alison Krauss; 4. The Faces; 5. Living Colour; 6. Courteney Cox; 7. James Brown.

10-100 Trivia ("The Q Train")
1. 30; 2. 50; 3. 90; 4. 20; 5. 40; 6. 60; 7. 100; 8. 10; 9. 80; 10. 70.

General Knowledge
1. Pinocchio; 2. Julia Roberts; 3. Stephen King; 4. dog; 5. two; 6. Ukraine; 7. The Church Lady.

IQ Trivia
1. Writer's cramp; 2. penguins; 3. Czechoslovakia; 4. Smoke it (peace pipe); 5. Jamie Lee Curtis.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bad Guys Trivia On Wednesday

Wednesday Night Trivia tomorrow at Josie Wood's pub in the Village will feature as the two Special Categories: "Celebrity Nicknames Trivia" and "Mob Movies Trivia." In the former category, I will give you ten nicknames of famous people throughout the years, and in the latter, I will have ten multiple choice questions about famous movies featuring gangsters. That's always fun.

The Sneak Peek question for this week is:
" specializes in the sale of what?"

We get going just after 8 PM. The top prize is $25 off the bar tab, so I hope to see some of you on Wednesday at Josie Wood's, which is located at Waverly Place and Mercer Street in Greenwich Village.

Frozen In 100 Degree Heat

In the 100 degrees of Arlington, Texas, the Red Sox bats were thrown into a deep freeze by C.J. Wilson, and Texas went on to a 4-0 win last night.

Wilson allowed just four singles, none of them in the same inning. The Sox didn't get a man past second base last night. Jacoby Ellsbury missed his third straight game, but figures to be back in the lineup tonight.

The Rangers scored their first run in the third, which was greatly helped by more inept umpiring, as first base ump Doug Eddings ruled that Josh Reddick's diving catch was trapped. The replays clearly showed Reddick caught it.

Erik Bedard pitched well, but gave up a three run shot in the sixth by Mike Napoli, who has hit a home run against the Red Sox in all four games they have played this season.

New York was idle, so the Red Sox are now 1 game back, with 35 to play.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tuesday, We're Talkin' 'Bout Pop Music

This Tuesday night at Professor Thom's, the Special Category for Trivia Night will be "Pop Music Trivia." It will seven questions across the spectrum of popular music.

The Q Train lightning round will be "10-100 Trivia." Ten questions where the answer will be a number between 10 and 100, and every answer will be a number ending in zero, and there will be no answers that will be the same.

The Sneak Peek question for this week is:
"Which fictional storybook character's nose grew each time a lie was told?"

We get started at 9 PM on Tuesday. The Red Sox have an important game starting at 8 PM in Texas that night, but we should get going without any problem at the usual time.

And also a reminder about next week. ("Write this down on your shoe," as David Letterman used to say.) Due to the Red Sox-Yankees game next Tuesday night at Fenway, we will have Trivia Night next week on Monday, August 29th, and at a special time of at 8:30 PM. We will return to our usual day and time on Tuesday night, September 6th, at 9 PM.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lucky 13

Jon Lester slogged through a tough start against Kansas City today, as it took 113 pitches for him to get into the 7th, but Daniel Bard made sure he'd get win number 13, as the Sox rolled past the Royals, 6-1.

Bard came in with 2 on and 0 out in the 7th, and the score 3-1. He shut down KC, and the Sox added three in the 8th, and it was all over but the shouting.

No Jacoby Ellsbury for the second straight day (he should be back tomorrow), but his replacement Darnell McDonald went 3-for-5 with a home run. Carl Crawford went deep as well, and Jason Varitek tripled in a run (his first triple since 2007).

Lester allowed just three hits, but walked four, and left the bases loaded in the second inning.

New York's win in Minnesota keeps the Sox a half-game back. (Boy, do the Twins just wilt at the sight of the Yankees or what?)

The Sox take 3 of 4 in the House of Horrors known as Kauffman Stadium, and now they move on to four games in Texas, which is no barrel of laughs for the Sox historically either.

The Wait Goes On And On...

For the fifth time, Tim Wakefield tried for his 200th win on Saturday night, and for five innings, it looked like it might finally happen.

And then came the sixth inning. And it all went south.

A 4-1 Red Sox lead turned into a 9-4 Kansas City lead. A chance for the Red Sox to get back into first place went up in smoke too, as A.J. Burnett told his manager in some rather colorful language that he shouldn't depart in a game where he gave up 7 runs in 1 2/3 innings. It was a 9-4 New York loss, and Joe Girardi wasn't too happy with the media afterwards.

The clock ticks on Wakefield, and let's just hope 200 is waiting for him in the finale in Texas on Thursday.

The Red Sox remain a half-game back, and Jon Lester goes for win number 13 today to conclude the series in Kansas City.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Still Perfect In KC

When I see the name of Andrew Miller penciled in as starting pitcher, I think it's probably going to be one of those games where he'll be gone early and the bullpen gets a workout.

Not so last night, as Miller pitched very well, but was gone by the sixth. He allowed just one Kansas City run. Alfredo Aceves continues to be a godsend, going 3 2/3 innings, allowing just a walk and a hit in getting the save as the Sox continues their winning ways, 7-1.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia hit a three run shot, and Adrian Gonzalez busted out of the funk he was in, getting three hits while losing his goatee. (Coincidence?)

Sox had 13 hits, and the struggles of earlier this week seem in the rearview mirror. And congratulations to Ryan Lavarnway, who got his first MLB hit in the fifth inning, a single.

Tonight, Tim Wakefield once again gives it another go in trying to get his 200th career win. It has to happen some day, so why not tonight?

Friday, August 19, 2011

An Important Road Trip Starts Off On The Right Note

The day began on Thursday with more bad news, as Kevin Youkilis was sent off to the 15-day DL with a sore back. Rookie catcher/DH Ryan Lavarnway was brought up and made his MLB debut in KC last night.

Lavarnway took the collar in his debut, going 0-for-4 as the DH. But it was the Dustin Pedroia show last night, as he drove in three of the four Sox runs, going 3-for-4 in a 4-3 win.

The Red Sox matched their hit total of the entire Tampa Bay series on Thursday, getting nine.

Josh Beckett went seven in getting his 10th win of the season, allowing all three Kansas City runs.

Another stellar job by the pen, as Daniel Bard allowed just a single in the 8th and Jonathan Papelbon got KC 1-2-3 for his 24th straight save, a personal high for him. He has allowed just three hits and no walks in his last 14 appearances., while striking out 15. Pretty damn impressive.

New York's win in Minnesota keeps the Red Sox a half-game back. Andrew Miller gets a spot start tonight as the series in KC continues.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

JW's Trivia Q&A: August 17

We had another small but enthusiastic crowd in Josie Wood's on Wednesday night. I can't wait for the college kids coming back to NYU next month.

But the folks who came in enjoyed the night, and the team of Triv and Let Die wound up winning with 34 points. Nice job guys. Finishing in second was Josie's Wood with 23 points.

10-100 Trivia
1. Ulysses S. Grant is on this monetary bill.
2. In years of marriage, pearl is this anniversary.
3. NFL Hall of Famer wide receiver Jerry Rice wore this number.
4. Bases in baseball are this many feet apart.
5. Ronald Reagan was this number US president.
6. A standard dartboard has this many segments.
7. Babe Ruth hit this many home runs in 1927, establishing a record that stood for 34 years.
8. The boiling point of water is this number degrees Celsius.
9. Dudley Moore starred in a 1979 film with this number in the title.
10. The national speed limit in the UK is this number miles per hour.

Celebrity Real Names Trivia
1. John Grisham
2. Sylvester Stallone
3. Neil Diamond
4. Anne Rice
5. Sandra Bullock
6. Barry Manilow
7. Kate Winslet
8. David Bowie
9. Christina Aguilera
10. Michael Caine

General Knowledge
1. Billy Joel was married to what supermodel for nine years? ( 1 pt)
2. Carrie Underwood was a winner on what reality TV series? (1 pt)
3. For what film did Michael Douglas win an Oscar for Best Actor? ( 1 pt)
4. How many US presidents have been killed by assassins? ( 1 pt)
5. What country owns the island of Bermuda? ( 1 pt)
6. John Travolta played a mobster named Chili Palmer in what 1995 film? (1 pt)
7. Ben Johnson, who was stripped of his 1988 Olympic gold medal after failing a drug test, represented what country? ( 2 pt)
8. What Ray Bradbury novel is about a future where all books are outlawed? ( 2 pt)
9. Syd Barrett founded what classic rock band? ( 2 pt)
10. Saturday Night Live broke what TV show's record in 2010 with its 126th Emmy nomination? ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. What is the largest Mediterreanean island, both in terms of area and population? ( 4 points)
2. Which American city was founded in the 17th century on the Shawmut Peninsula? ( 3 points)
3. In 1970, who became the first professional actor to be named an English lord? ( 4 points)
4. What notorious 20th century despot was once quoted as saying, "I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration?" ( 4 points)
5. What retail outlet is the largest retailer of fine wine in the world? ( 5 points)

10-100 Trivia
1. 50; 2. 30; 3. 80; 4. 90; 5. 40; 6. 20; 7. 60; 8. 100; 9. 10; 10. 70.

Celebrity Real Names Trivia
1. yes; 2. yes; 3. no (Noah Kaminsky); 4. no (Howard Allen O'Brien); 5. yes; 6. no (Barry Pinkus); 7. yes; 8. no (David Jones); 9. yes; 10. no (Maurice Micklewhite).

General Knowledge
1. Christie Brinkley; 2. American Idol; 3. Wall Street; 4. four; 5. UK; 6. Get Shorty; 7. Canada; 8. Fahrenheit 451; 9. Pink Floyd; 10. ER.

IQ Trivia
1. Sicily; 2. Boston; 3. Laurence Olivier; 4. Adolf Hitler; 5. Costco.


Perfect word to describe the Red Sox right now. A miserable 4-0 loss to Tampa Bay to wrap up the three-game series.

The offense is in a funk, having gotten only 3 hits in each of the three games against Tampa Bay. It's the first time ever the Sox have had three straight home games with 3 or fewer hits. (Think about that.) They miss David Ortiz and Marco Scutaro. With the exception of Jacoby Ellsbury, no else is hitting. It's August, and teams go through this sort of thing.

The Rays pitching in this series was very good, no question about it. The Red Sox starters last night were very good, too.

John Lackey? Forget that 6-0 record his last seven starts. He wasn't horrible today, yeah...

Now the Red Sox head back on the road for eight games: four in Kansas City and four in Texas. Neither place has been a good place for the Red Sox to play in historically.

Let's hope for 4 out of 8.

Killing Three Rays With One Stone

And they did it the hard way: 'round the horn.

The Red Sox turned their first triple play in 17 years last night against the Rays in Game 2, and they did it 5-4-3: Lowrie to Pedroia to Gonzalez. With two on and no outs in the 4th, Sean Rodriguez hit a hard grounder to third. Jed Lowrie stepped on third, threw to Dustin Pedroia at second, who fired to Adrian Gonzalez for the third out. (And Rodriguez is no slow poke either.) The last triple play was the unassisted one John Valentin turned in 1994.

Here is the triple killing courtesy of YouTube (with thanks to my buddies at Surviving Grady):

Despite the heroics, it was a bad night for Lowrie, whose error in the second cost the Sox two runs, and he botched a rundown later in the game that let another run score. Erik Bedard pitched well over six innings, struck out six, walked none and deserved a better fate.

The Red Sox had just three hits again in the second game, and played without David Ortiz all day. At first it was said that he was ill, but it turns out he has bursitis in his heel, and will be out for a while. No one for sure how long, but it is believed he will not head for the DL.

The 6-2 loss and New York's win in Kansas City drops the Red Sox into second place by a half-game. The three game series ends this afternoon with John Lackey taking on David Price. (Remember when we moaned when Lackey was matched up against C.C. Sabathia? We'll see what happens.)

PT's Trivia Q&A: August 16

The crowds continue to be big on Trivia Night at Professor Thom's, as 20 teams came in on Elvis Presley's Death Day (or as the nitwit Michelle Bachmann said today, "Happy Birthday Elvis!")

We had some strong scores throughout the night, especially in True or False Trivia.

We had a close match going into IQ Trivia, as the top two teams were separated by just one point. But the team that was in first place all night, made a clean sweep in IQ Trivia, getting 22 points (the last question was worth up to six points). Congratulations to Perfekt Hare on their win with 55 points.

Second place went to Aruba: Blondes Check In But They Don't Check Out with 45 points (they also won Best Team name). Third place was taken by Rick Perry's House of Rain with 44 points.

BTW, in two weeks we will have a special Monday night edition of Trivia Night at Professor Thom's, due to the Red Sox-Yankees game on Tuesday, August 3oth. So that week we will have Trivia on Monday night, August 29th, and at a special time too, 8:30 PM.

Next week's Trivia Night will be on Tuesday, August 23rd at 9 PM.

Current Events
1. What person recently topped a poll of 1,100 adults by E-Poll as "The Most Hated Person In America?"
2. Three fugitive siblings known as the Dougherty gang, wanted for crimes in FL and GA, were nabbed last Wednesday in what state?
3. Amazon UK reported a tremendous spike in sales of what very American item in response to the riots in England last week?
4. What actor will be the opening host for the 37th season of "Saturday Night Live" on September 24th and will be making his 16th appearance as host, a record?
5. What presidential candidate dropped out of the Republican race for 2012 after finishing a disappointing third in last Saturday's Iowa straw poll?
6. Five people were killed last Saturday after a stage collapsed during a massive burst of wind before a Sugarland concert at the State Fair in what state?
7. A 26-foot statue of Marilyn Monroe and her famous pose in the film "The Seven Year Itch" was recently unveiled and is causing controversy. In what state is the statue located?

England Trivia
1. What English port city is located on the river Mersey?
2. What city was home to Lady Godiva?
3. During what century did the Great Fire of London take place?
4. On what day of the year is Guy Fawkes Day commemorated in England each year?
5. Who did Winston Churchill succeed as England's prime minister in 1939?
6. Who is England's patron saint?
7. True or false: The state of California has a larger population than England does.

True or False Trivia ("The Q Train")
1. Singer/songwriter Paul Anka write Frank Sinatra's hit song "My Way."
2. A group of barracudas are called a battery.
3. Our ears and nose never stop growing until the day we die.
4. John is the most common first name in the world.
5. Alexander the Great suffered from epilepsy.
6. You must have a law degree to sit on the Supreme Court as a judge.
7. There are less than 10 countries in the world in which people drive on the left-hand side of the road.
8. The tuxedo dinner jacket was named after a town in New York state.
9. Dueling is legal in Paraguay, as long as both parties are registered blood donors.
10. Florida is larger in land area than the entire nation of Japan.

General Knowledge
1. James Madison was what number President of the United States? ( 1 pt)
2. What US city is the original game of Monopoly based on? ( 1 pt)
3. Who was Led Zeppelin's lead guitarist? ( 1 pt)
4. What country's capital is Kathmandu? ( 2 pt)
5. Who is considered "The Father of Modern Medicine?" ( 2 pt)
6. "The Parish Boy's Progress" is the subtitle of what Charles Dickens novel? ( 2 pt)
7. Who was the only actor that played one of the gang of boys in both "The Goonies" and "Stand By Me?" ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. "The Picture of Dorian Grey" was the only novel written by what famous poet/playwright? ( 4 points)
2. "Turk's head" and "Carrick bend"are two types of what? ( 5 points)
3. What two words did the Wicked Witch sky-write over Emerald City in the film "The Wizard of Oz?" ( 3 points)
4. What Canadian actress was the first baby born in Canada on its 100th anniversary in 1967? ( 4 points)
5. Name 2 of the 4 MLB players who have gotten 3,000 hits in their careers who are not in the Baseball Hall of Fame. ( 4 points)

Current Events
1. Casey Anthony; 2. Colorado; 3. baseball bats; 4. Alec Baldwin; 5. Tim Pawlenty; 6. Indiana; 7. Chicago.

England Trivia
1. Liverpool; 2. Coventry; 3. 17th (1666); 4. November 5th; 5. Neville Chamberlain; 6. St. George; 7. false, England is larger.

True or False Trivia ("The Q Train")
1. true; 2. true; 3. true; 4. false, Mohammed; 5. true; 6. false; 7. false, 50 countries; 8. true; 9. true; 10. false, Japan is 3X larger.

General Knowledge
1. four; 2. Atlantic City; 3. Jimmy Page; 4. Nepal; 5. Hippocrates; 6. "Oliver Twist;" 7. Corey Feldman.

IQ Trivia
1. Oscar Wilde; 2. knots; 3. Surrender Dorothy; 4. Pamela Anderson; 5. Pete Rose, Craig Biggio, Rafael Palmeiro, Derek Jeter.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nice and Quick

Game 1 of today's split doubleheader with the Rays was a briskly moving affair, and the Sox came out on top, 3-1.

Jon Lester had a rocky first inning, allowing a double to Desmond Jennings and run on a ground out. But he was sensational after that.

Lester allowed just one hit the rest of the way. He struck out eight and walked one in seven innings. Daniel Bard and Jonathan Papelbon both retired Tampa Bay 1-2-3 in the final two innings to lock it up. Lester is now 12-6 on the season.

James Shields also pitched very well, and had just one bad inning, the third, when the Red Sox had two singles in front of Jacoby Ellsbury's 21st home run of the season. Those were the only three hits the Sox had all game.

It was another fast game: just 2 hours and 20 minutes. Game 2 to follow later tonight.

Numbers & Fake Celebs On Wednesday

At Josie Wood's Pub this Wednesday night, the two Special Categories will be "10-100 Trivia" and "Celebrity Real Names Trivia." In the former category, every answer will be a number between 10 and 100, and ending with a zero. And none of the answers will be the same.

In the latter category, I will give you the names of ten current celebrities, and you have to tell me if it is their real name or not. Pretty simple, right?

The Sneak Peek question for this week is:
"Carrie Underwood was a winner on what reality TV show?"

We get started tomorrow night shortly after 8 PM. The winners get $25 off their bar tab. So come on out and join me for a great night of Trivia at Waverly Place and Mercer Street.

Monday, August 15, 2011

There'll Be No Cricket Questions. Promise.

This Tuesday night at Professor Thom's, the Special Category will be "England Trivia," seven questions about the land we separated from over two centuries ago. After all the trouble that was going on there last week, I thought we'd do a category for all the good folks in that ancient land.

The Q Train lightning round will be "True or False Trivia."

The Sneak Peek question for this week is:
"James Madison was what number President of the United States?"

We will get going shortly after 9 PM. The Red Sox take on the Rays in the second game of a split doubleheader on Tuesday night at 7. We've been getting some big crowds lately, so I recommend you get to Thom's on the earlier side. Hope to see many more of you tomorrow.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Still On 199, And The Umps Didn't Help

It was discouraging to see Tim Wakefield come up short once again in his fourth attempt for victory number 200.

Terry Francona gave him every chance for it, as Wake went the full eight innings in Seattle, but it was a 5-3 Seattle win. Charlie Furbush outpitched Wake for the win.

Hang in there, Timmeh.

I was watching the Mariners feed today, and they had the most incredible stat on Wake: he is 2-17 against West Coast teams on the road since 2000 (includes the 3 AL coast teams and the 3 NL ones,too). He is something like 46-42 on the road against all other teams. (Not sure of the exact figures, but he's over .500 against them.)

The umps sure didn't help today. Crappy calls against the Sox today, as Dustin Pedroia was called out at first on a play that pulled the first baseman off the bag. Later in the game, Jed Lowrie didn't get the benefit of the "neighborhood" play that are given to all fielders around second base on possible double plays, and that led to two more Seattle runs. And the home plate ump was absymal to both teams. (MLB umpires are so rotten these days I won't even bother to identify today's culprits.)

Kevin Youkilis banged a two-run shot in the eighth that made the score closer at 5-3.

The Sox split the six game road trip, and return to Fenway on Tuesday with a half-game lead over New York. They play a split doubleheader on Tuesday with Tampa Bay.

The game lasted just 2 hours and 14 minutes, and once again, it makes a BS liar out of that hack sportswriter Wallace Matthews.

Double 20

I missed last night's game, as I was at my friend Billy's Elvisfest 2011. Watched five Elvis Presley films on Saturday to honor The King, as his 34th anniversary of his passing is this Tuesday. Always fun watching Cheesy Elvis.

I followed the game on my cell as I was watching "Girl Happy" and I sure wasn't happy as I saw the Mariners torched Josh Beckett for five runs in the first inning, including two home runs. I guess Beckett was due for a bad game.

Saw the replay of the controversial play at the plate where Jacoby Ellsbury was originally called out but then it reversed to safe when Josh Bard held on to the ball. Looks like the umps got it right on the reversal. Can't say I've ever seen that happen at the plate before.

But Ellsbury made history on his next at-bat, as he blasted his 20th home run, and became the first Red Sox player to have a 20/20 season since Nomar Garciaparra turned the trick in 1997. Wonder if Jacoby has a shot at 30/30? Probably not...

Dustin Pedroia followed the two-run shot with a two-run blast of his own, but that was as close as the Red Sox were to get.

New York's win over Tampa Bay cuts the Sox lead to one, and the Red Sox will continue to own first alone after today since the NY-TB game today has already been rained out.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em

I was at a reunion of my old Tower colleagues last night at Josie Wood's in the Village (coincidentally my Wednesday night Trivia home) and watching some baseball as the night progressed. I snuck peeks as the Cash Cow was giving up five solo shots to the Tampa Bay Rays as the Red Sox lead in the East expanded to 1 1/2 games.

But of course I kept in the back of my mind that John Lackey is pitching for the Sox in Seattle later on.

And it started out ugly, as Seattle had two runs in and two on with none out in the first. This could get really ugly.

Fortunately, it didn't. The Sox came back with two quick runs, the first a Big Papi bomb to center. The Mariners added runs in the second and fourth, but Lackey settled in after that, going one batter into the 7th.

Josh Reddick hit a bomb to right in the sixth with a man on, and Jed Lowrie added a solo shot in the seventh to make it 6-4. The bullpen shut Seattle down the rest of the way (they had two on and none out in the 7th and didn't score) with Jonathan Papelbon looking sharp as usual in getting his 27th save of the season.

Lackey gets his 11th win of the season, as the offense pulled him out of the fire again. He has an ERA of 6.13. Josh Beckett goes for the Sox tonight. He has a record of 9-4 and ERA of 2.17.

Does that illustrate very clearly how meaningless the win statistic can be or what?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Playing With The House's Money, And Giving Some Back

The Red Sox had already won the series with the Minnesota Twins, so Terry Francona decided to give Dustin Pedroia the night off, his first in two months.

It was a pitcher's duel between Jon Lester and Nick Blackburn, and it was 2-1 in the 8th until David Ortiz blasted an opposite field home run to tie it.

Lester came out for the 8th, but walked the first hitter, and then gave up an RBI double. Tito wanted to spare the pen, but Alfredo Aceves came in and promptly let in two more runs.

A 5-2 loss. Nothing devastating to be sure. The Red Sox still win yet another road series, their eighth straight, which continues to be a new team record.

The Red Sox are an amazing 35-22 away from Fenway Park, just a half-game behind the Phillies for MLB's best road record. The head for Seattle and begin a weekend series with the Mariners after today's off day.

New York's win last night cuts the Sox lead to 1 1/2 games.

Well, some good news came out yesterday: the World Series will not be played in November this season. Game 7 of the World Series is scheduled for October 27. Here is the schedule.

JW's Trivia Q&A: August 10

We had another night of spirited Trivia at Josie Wood's, with five teams taking part. The crowds may be rather small, but it seems everyone has a good time. Especially my friend Peter, who came in and used one of the most revolting team names I've yet seen. (And no, I won't write it here.) The night was won by the team of Chili For 50 Cents, who rolled up 34 points and won by six points over Stripes. My congratulations to them on their victory.

And my thanks to the team of Stripes, who are leaving NYC after a brief stay, but they attended many of my Josie Wood's Trivia Nights. Thanks for the support guys, and best of luck in the future.

Best Team Name: Warren Jeffs and Nate Dogg "Bout to Regulate

Presidential Trivia
1. Which set of two presidents were actually grandfather and grandson?
2. Who was the last incumbent president to be defeated for re-election?
3. What state has the most presidents come from?
4. before 1937, when January 20th became Inauguration Day, what day of the year was the inauguration held?
5. What did the 22nd amendment to the Constitution change about the presidency?
6. What former US president once ran as a candidate of the Bull Moose Party?
7. Who was the first Republican elected president?
8. What president was first sworn in not on a Bible, but on a Roman Catholic missal?
9. What 20th century president was the only president born in Illinois?
10. Name 2 of the 3 qualifications for a person to be eligible to be elected president.

Dead or Alive Trivia
1. Bob Denver
2. Neil Armstrong
3. Joey Bishop
4. Abe Vigoda
5. Spiro T. Agnew
6. Abbie Hoffman
7. Dave Brubeck
8. Carroll O'Connor
9. Rev. Billy Graham
10. Jessica Tandy

General Knowledge
1. Pike's Peak is located in what US state? ( 1 pt)
2. What type of clothing are clam diggers? ( 1 pt)
3. What musician was famous for his "duck walk" across the stage while playing his guitar? ( 1 pt)
4. What US city is home to the historic Old North Church? ( 1 pt)
5. On the long-running BBC TV series "Doctor Who," what does Doctor Who's spaceship look like from the outside? ( 1 pt)
6. Lipitor is a popular medication prescribed to people with what problem? ( 1 pt)
7. In April 2001, physician Ronald Shemenski made headlines when he became seriously ill where? ( 2 pt)
8. The Maoist guerrilla group Shining Path rebelled against the government of what country? ( 2 pt)
9. What was the title of the 1991 sequel of the book "Gone With the Wind?" (2 pt)
10. "Double, double, toil and trouble" is a line from what Shakespeare play? ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. What kind of tree appears on the official flag of Lebanon? ( 4 points)
2. What is the easternmost US state capital? ( 3 points)
3. Someone who is nictitating is doing what? ( 5 points)
4. "I Me Mine" is the title of what late rock musician's autobiography? ( 4 points)
5. Who is the only actress to win an Academy Award for portraying a past Academy Award winner? ( 4 points)

Presidential Trivia
1. William Henry & Benjamin Harrison; 2. George H.W. Bush; 3. Virginia (9); 4. March 4th; 5. Two-term limit; 6. Theodore Roosevelt; 7. Abraham Lincoln; 8. Lyndon Johnson; 9. Ronald Reagan; 10. Born in the US, At least 35 years old, US resident for at least 14 years.

Dead or Alive Trivia
1. dead (2005); 2. alive; 3. dead (2007); 4. alive; 5. dead (1996); 6. dead (1989); 7. alive; 8. dead (2001); 9. alive; 10. dead (1994).

General Knowledge
1. Colorado; 2. pants; 3. Chuck Berry; 4. Boston; 5. phone booth; 6. high cholesterol; 7. South Pole; 8. Peru; 9. "Scarlett;" 10. Macbeth.

IQ Trivia
1. cedar; 2. Augusta, Maine; 3. winking; 4. George Harrison; 5. Cate Blanchette.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Strike Zone The Size of a Deck of Cards

Don't be dismayed by the 4 walks on Erik Bedard's line score on Tuesday night. He was being squeezed big time.

And by an umpire who supposedly has a great rep, Tim McClelland.

Before Trivia Night kicked off, I caught the first three innings or so, and Bedard just wasn't getting the close calls. You can make a case that all four walks were awful calls. (There was one at-bat where the Amica pitch zone had four balls in the zone, and the count was 3 and 1. Pretty abysmal.) But Bedard kept his composure and settled down. He allowed just three hits and two runs in five innings. All the "damage" occurred in the first inning. He allowed no runs, two hits and no walks after the first inning.

(My friend Dave's Trivia team name tonight was "The Strike Zone's The Size of a Deck of Cards." So that's were the title of this post comes from.)

The Sox overcame the lousy home plate ump and Darnell McDonald hit a two-run shot that tied the game in the fifth. Jason Varitek's RBI single put the Sox up in the sixth.

It was tied again in 7th, and David Ortiz hit a roller that pitcher Phil Dumatrait couldn't handle and fell down, and Sports Illustrated's own Dustin Pedroia scored the go-ahead run.

The bullpen combo of Daniel Bard and Jonathan Papelbon were stellar, especially Pap, retiring the last three hitters in the 9th on 9 pitches to wrap up another winning road series, 4-3.

And the so-called greatest closer of all-time got torched in the ninth inning in NY as Mariano Rivera gave up a two-run shot to Bobby Abreu in a tie game to give the Angels the win over New York and give the Red Sox a 2 1/2 game lead in the AL East.

Papelbon sure looks a whole lot sharper than Rivera right now, as Pap has allowed just two hits and no walks in his last 11 innings. Not bad for a guy in the middle of a salary drive.

PT's Trivia Q&A: August 9

Another terrific crowd in for Trivia Night at Thom's, with 24 teams taking part. No, the threat of rain keeps none of my Trivia regulars away.

We had something that I had never seen before happen. The team that was leading going into IQ Trivia, with 29 points wound up getting a goose egg in that round, and fell back out of the money. (I won't identify the team as I don't want to embarrass anyone.)

That opened the door for the team tied in second, Gavin Degraw and The Broken Jaw to capture the night by one point, as they got 4 of the 5 IQ Trivia questions correct, and wound up with 44 points. Congratulations to them on their win.

The second place team was Clatu Barado Nikto with 43 points, and Downgrade to AA? Looks Like It's Time For The Implants with 41.

Best Team Name: My Brother Keeps His Money In a Mattress and It's Outperforming My 401K

Current Events
1. David Wu, a Democratic Congressman from US state, resigned last week amid accusations of an unwanted sexual encounter with a campaign donor's daughter?
2. Juno, the first solar-powered spacecraft on a mission to what planet, was launched from Cape Canaveral last Friday?
3. What '90s sitcom star and comedienne announced her candidacy for president last week, calling herself the candidate of the "Green Tea Party?"
4. What automaker will recall nearly 2.5 million of its cars, SUVs and minivans worldwide to repair a software problem that could damage the transmission?
5. What failed 2008 presidential candidate must repay over $2.2 million to the US Treasury after improperly getting federal matching funds?
6. ABC said on Sunday that they are ending what popular show after this coming season, the show's eighth, in 2012?
7. 45,000 unionized workers walked out on strike from what telecommunications giant this past Sunday?

August 9th Trivia
1. On this day in 1936, what American became the first ever to win 4 gold medals at one Olympic Games?
2. In 1988, the NHL's greatest player, Wayne Gretzky, was traded by the Edmonton Oilers to what US-based team?
3. Robert Shaw, an English actor known for his performances in films such as "The Sting," "Jaws" and "The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3" was born on this date in 1927. In what 1963 film was he an assassin hired to kill James Bond?
4. On this date in 1825, Bolivia declared its independence from what neighboring South American nation?
5. In 1926, Gertrude Ederle became the first US woman to accomplish what feat?
6. On this day in 2003, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his candidacy to replace California governor Wade Davis on what network TV show?
7. Actress Melanie Griffith was born on this date in 1957. For what film did she receive her only Oscar nomination for Best Actress, which she did not win?

2000s Album Trivia ("The Q Train")
1. St. Elsewhere
2. Confessions
3. The Rising
4. Come Away With Me
5. How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
6. Kid A & Amnesiac
7. American Idiot
8. Genius Loves Company
9. Midnite Vultures
10. The College Dropout

General Knowledge
1. Kevin Costner won the Best Director Oscar for what film? ( 1 pt)
2. "Daydream Believer" was a number one hit song for what film? ( 1 pt)
3. Which Italian island was Napoleon Bonaparte's first place of exile? ( 1 pt)
4. What chess piece moves in the shape of an "L"? ( 2 pt)
5. How many "Police Academy" films in total were made from 1984-94? ( 2 pt)
6. What author won a Pulitzer Prize posthumously for the play "Long Day's Journey Into Night?" ( 2 pt)
7. Lady Jane Grey was Queen of England for only nine days in which century? ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. What 19th century US president is the only one who once served as Speaker of the House of Representatives? ( 5 points)
2. Early 20th century journalist and essayist H.L. Mencken was nicknamed "The Sage" of what eastern US city? ( 4 points)
3. "All the world's a stage" is a famous phrase from what William Shakespeare play? ( 4 points)
4. Abyssinia is the former name of which African country? ( 4 points)
5. The guilder is the currency of what European country before they replaced it with the Euro? ( 3 points)

Current Events
1. Oregon; 2. Jupiter; 3. Roseanne Barr; 4. Honda; 5. John Edwards; 6. "Desperate Housewives;" 7. Verizon.

August 9th Trivia
1. Jesse Owens; 2. Los Angeles Kings; 3. "From Russia With Love;" 4. Peru; 5. Swim the English Channel; 6. "The Tonight Show;" 7. "Working Girl."

2000s Album Trivia ("The Q Train")
1. Gnarls Barkley; 2. Usher; 3. Bruce Springsteen; 4. Norah Jones; 5. U2; 6. Radiohead; 7. Green Day; 8. Ray Charles; 9. Beck; 10. Kanye West.

General Knowledge
1. "Dances With Wolves;" 2. The Monkees; 3. Elba; 4. knight; 5. seven; 6. Eugene O'Neill; 7. 16th Century (1553).

IQ Trivia
1. James K. Polk; 2. Baltimore; 3. "As You Like It;" 4. Ethiopia; 5. Netherlands.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Dead People Featured at Josie Wood's On Wednesday

On Wednesday at Josie Wood's Pub, we will have two Special Categories featured, and they will be "Presidential Trivia" and "Dead or Alive Trivia." The former will be ten questions about our Fearless Leaders down through the years. But the latter will not be about the 1980s pop group (pictured). I will give the names of 10 famous celebrities, and you have to tell me if they are still with us or gone to their Great Reward.

The Sneak Peek question for tomorrow is:
"What US city is home to the historic Old North Church?"

We get going shortly after 8 PM on Wednesday. Remember that the winners get $25 off their bar tabs. The crowds are slowly getting bigger, so I hope you can come out and join in on the fun tomorrow night.

I'm On The Run Again

On September 4th, I will once again, for the third time, be running in the 5K "WTC Run to Remember", and you can sponsor my run at Governor's Island.

I will be running in memory of my dear friend Joyce, and all the 9/11 victims. I will also be raising money for the Voices of September 11th, a wonderful organization that I have long supported and been a member of.

If you'd like to sponsor me, with any amount you'd like to donate, please go here. 100% of your donation goes to Voices of September 11th.

I have been supported so well the last two years, and I thank all of you who have previously. And thanks in advance to all of you who sponsor me this year. It should be a great run and I'm really looking forward to it!

Monday, August 08, 2011

199...And Still Holding

A great comeback win for the Red Sox tonight in Minnesota, as they were down 5-1 after five innings, and it didn't look like Tim Wakefield had any chance of getting that elusive 200th career W.

But the Sox exploded for four runs in the sixth, as David Ortiz and Jarrod Saltalamacchia blasted homers to tie it. Wake held the fort through the seventh, even after the Sox wasted a golden opportunity to grab the lead, as Dustin Pedroia banged into a double play with the bases loaded with one out.

The Sox however grabbed the lead in the 8th, 6-5, as David Ortiz looked like a dead duck at home on a grounder to short, but Joe Mauer dropped the ball and the Sox were ahead.

Timmy was done after 7, and Alfredo Aceves pitched the 8th instead of Daniel Bard, as he had pitched in the previous three games and Terry Francona wanted to rest him. Understandable.

But with two outs and a man on third, Aceves gave up the lead on a single by Jason Kubel. Tim's shot at 200 was gone, and I'm sure no one felt worse than Aceves. (Wake will get another shot at 200 this coming weekend in Seattle.)

The Red Sox came back in the ninth to score two, on hits by Papi (who had four on the evening, a triple short of the cycle) and Salty. Jonathan Papelbon looked like money in the bank once again (and a lot sharper than Mariano Rivera has looked this season) by getting the Twins 1-2-3, including two strikeouts, to nail down the 8-6 win.

Aceves got the vulture win, and is now 8-1 on the season, and is an amazing 22-2 in his MLB career. It is the best start to a career winning percentage-wise, as he is the first pitcher ever to start winning 22 of his first 24 decisions.

New York was idle, so the Sox are now 1 1/2 games up in the AL East.

Bad Mouth Ted At Your Own Peril

The following clip was from a film called "Brotherhood", where a Yankee fan walks into a bar and confronts two Red Sox fans. They tell him to take off his shirt and it escalates from there. He finally goes over the line at the end and pays the price.

Beware, lots of colorful language in this clip. BTW, notice the shirt the Yankee fan is wearing has no New York logo on it. The film's producers would have had to pay rights fees had the guy worn a "legitimate" Yankee shirt. It just has a very small "New York" on the front corner of the it.

With thanks to Fenway Faithful for alerting me to the clip.

Music & Memories On Tuesday Night

This Tuesday night's Trivia Night at Professor Thom's will feature "August 9th Trivia," seven questions about the day in history. A lot has happened on this day; more than you'd think.

The Q Train lightning round will be "2000s Album Trivia," as I will give you the names of ten very popular albums from that decade and you have to tell me who the artist who recorded it.

The Sneak Peek question for this week is:
Which Italian island was Napoleon Bonaparte's first place of exile?

We get going at 9 PM, and the Red Sox have an 8 PM game in Minnesota. How about that Josh Reddick last night, eh? Anyway, we've had some huge crowds lately, and I hope that trend continues. See you at Thom's tomorrow night.

4 Hours of Torture: One Moment of Glory

Only the Red Sox and Yankees could play nine innings in four hours and score just four runs.

Both teams left runners everywhere. But the Red Sox hung a blown save on Mariano Rivera in the ninth ("We beat him before, and we can beat him again"), thanks to Marco Scutaro's double and Dustin Pedroia's sac fly.

The Yankees brought in Phil Hughes in the 10th, and I had a feeling he was going to give it up. David Ortiz doubled (Darnell McDonald ran for him), Carl Crawford was intentionally walked, and Josh Reddick lined a double to left field to score McDonald and give the Red Sox the series win, 3-2.

Josh Beckett was once again the victim of no support, as he went six innings and allowed just one run.

The Red Sox now have won the season series from New York, 10-2, for the first time since 2004. The Sox are back alone in first place, and start a six-game road trip in Minnesota tomorrow night. And Tim Wakefield makes yet another attempt to win number 200.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

A Yankee Fan With a Math Problem

I haven't commented on many of those goofy letters in the papers recently, but I caught one in the New York Post's Sunday "Sound Off" column today that spurred me to do so:

Who's buying now?

In previous years, when the Yankees were the predominant buyers in the free-agent and trade market, the whining from opposing fans and teams around the major leagues was endless. Now that the Phillies and Red Sox are spending far more than the Yankees (and everyone else), why is it that you can barely hear a peep from the complainers? The bias against New York is clear, to which I respond: 27 championships and counting, losers. (Name withheld for obvious reasons)

For the 2011 season, the New York Yankees payroll is just under $203 million. The Phillies are second at just below $173 million, and the Sox are third at $161 million, according to USA Today.

So, the Yankees are spending $30 million more than any other MLB team on salary, and more than $42 million than any other AL team. So, math genius, how exactly are the Phillies and Red Sox "spending far more than the Yankees and everyone else?"

I know that papers sometimes print strange and oddball letters to get people to write in, but this guy really needs to check his facts (or bring a calculator with him wherever he goes).

BTW, the Angels are fourth in payroll at $138 million. They are closer to the Red Sox in third than the Yankees are to the Phillies, who are second.

And naturally, this dimwit has to play the "27 championships" card.

Just another reason I despise these Yankee fans.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

No Complaints From Me

Would you have believed me if I told you on Thursday that the winners of the first two games of this weekend's Red Sox-Yankees series would not be Jon Lester or C.C. Sabathia, but Boone Logan and John Lackey?

Lackey gave the Sox what they needed today, six innings and allowed just three runs. This was an important start for him and he did OK. He was in a couple of big time messes in the middle innings, but worked out of them with little or no damage. So no Lackey ranting from me. At least none for today.

But if you are a New York fan, you have to be worried about Sabathia. 16-2 this season against teams not called the Boston Red Sox, and 0-4 with a 7.20 ERA (20 ER in 25 innings) against the Sox.

The one-man wrecking crew called Jacoby Ellsbury was at it again, blasting a three-run home run, his 19th of the year, and knocking in a career-high six runs. The Sox blasted the Cash Cow for seven runs in six innings.

Carl Crawford had four hits and now has six straight hits.

Both teams are once again tied for first at 69-42, and the finale will be tomorrow night with Josh Beckett taking the mound. The Red Sox have cliched a tie for the season series lead at 9-2, and the next win over NY will give them 10 wins over them, and a tie in the regular season in record would give the Red Sox the East title.

Walks Haunt

Wasting opportunities and later walking the number nine hitter: always a recipe for trouble.

And it found the Red Sox on Friday against New York, as the Sox had the bases loaded and two outs in the fifth with a 2-0 lead and the hitter you want up: Adrian Gonzalez.

New York countered with Boone Logan, brought in to relieve Bartolo Colon, and Gonzalez struck out on three pitches. Jon Lester, who was solid the first five innings, started off the next inning by walking Eduardo Nunez, who came around to score the first of the three runs that New York scored in the inning. (And he walked again later in the game. Who is this guy, Babe Ruth?)

And the Red Sox could manage only two more hits the rest of the way (both by Carl Crawford), and wound up with a 3-2 loss and in second place by one game.

Tomorrow: The Cash Cow takes on John Lackey.

Thankfully I have a softball game to play and Trivia Night questions to write. Both should be time better spent.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

No Good News Anywhere

I was hoping I would be able to catch Erik Bedard's Red Sox debut at Fenway against the Indians on Thursday night on TV, but I had Brooklyn Cyclones tickets and went to that game.

Sounds like Bedard was decent but not great. Five innings and allowed three runs, struck out five and walked none. Franklin Morales got torched in the sixth, giving up a bomb to Carlos Santana.

I followed the game on my cell at MCU Park. The news started out good with the Sox getting two in the first, but the Indians matched it in the second. It was all downhill after that.

At MCU, I had to deal with some fat dimwit one section over chanting "Let's Go Cyclops" all night long. It wasn't funny the first time, and it sure wasn't funny the hundredth. He looked like a Cyclones fan, but who knows.

The Cyclones fared no better, losing to Williamsport, 5-1.

And for the Red Sox, New York comes to town for three tied with them at 68-42.

Now it only looks like which team will win the AL East and which will win the Wild Card. Stay tuned.

Ellsbury. Again.

It was another night I completed Trivia (this time at Josie Wood's), and the Red Sox and Indians were tied. It was also again the eighth inning and I vowed to stay one more inning to see what happens.

Jonathan Papelbon was again superb in a tie game in the ninth.

Again, it was in the lap of Jacoby Ellsbury to be the hero. And once again, he did not disappoint.

He hit a blast into the centerfield bleachers at Fenway to send everyone home happy. (Although I wasn't pleased to see that leap at home plate. Anyone remember what happened to Kendry Morales? Of course not. I always hold my breath when the Sox players are involved in this unnecessary home plate hijinx.)

A 4-3 win, but unfortunately victory number 200 once again alluded Tim Wakefield. He allowed all three runs in 6+ innings, on the day after his 45th birthday. Hang in there, Wake.

But the night belonged to Ellsbury, who continues to make his case as one of the best clutch hitters in the AL in 2011.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

JW's Trivia Q&A: August 3

We had seven teams come out on Wednesday night in what was a really was a spirited night of Trivia at Josie Wood's pub. The teams were really into it, and it's good to see everyone enjoying themselves.

The team of The Phone Screen had an impressive night, as the they got 8 of 10 correct in the first round, and were perfect the rest of the night, scoring an amazing 63 points. Congats to Matt and Larry on their victory. Second place went to Mike and the Eager Beavers, with 37 points.

Best Team Name: Buffalo Bill and The Blumpkins

True or False Trivia
1. The movie "Chariots of Fire" was set during the 1936 Summer Olympics.
2. Oleo is another name for margarine.
3. The Genie company is best known for a line of products that opens garage doors.
4. Chianti is a white wine.
5. The first novel featuring James Bond was Dr. No.
6. Ronald Reagan was the oldest person to become President of the United States at the time of his election.
7. Seaweed is a form of algae.
8. Apples are the world's most popular fruit.
9. About 1 in 10 people in the world live on an island.
10. The Bible is the most shoplifted book in the world.

Movie Heroes and Villains Trivia
1. Rooster Cogburn
2. Bill "The Butcher" Cutting
3. Andy Dufresne
4. Alex Forrest
5. Rick Blaine
6. Tommy DeVito
7. Ellen Ripley
8. Biff Tannen
9. Capt. John H. Miller
10. Little Bill Daggett

General Knowledge
1. England's Victorian Era took place during most of what century? ( 1 pt)
2. W.C. Handy is considered the father of what type of music? ( 1 pt)
3. Gelato is an Italian type of what? ( 1 pt)
4. How many US states have coastlines on the Pacific Ocean? ( 1 pt)
5. Who was the first black male actor to star in a dramatic role on a television series? ( 1 pt)
6. What color is the applicator top on a bottle of Elmer's Glue-All? (1 pt)
7. According to the Girl Scouts, what is their bast-selling cookie? ( 2 pt)
8. In the 2000 Census, what US city ranked 4th in population, behind NYC, LA and Chicago? ( 2 pt)
9. What is the second largest city in England by population after London? ( 2 pt)
10. What Hollywood film director directed Michael Jackson's 1988 video "Bad?" ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. What Oscar-winning film was sarcastically called "Kevin's Gate" for much of its troubled production? ( 4 points)
2. In 1911, Harriet Quimby became the first American woman licensed to do what? ( 4 points)
3. The Galapagos Islands are part of which South American country? ( 4 points)
4. The Republic of San Marino is entirely surrounded by what European country? ( 3 points)
5. What unusual fact do authors Aldous Huxley and C.S. Lewis have in common with President John F. Kennedy? ( 5 points)

True or False Trivia
1. false, 1924; 2. true; 3. true; 4. false, red; 5. false, Casino Royale; 6. true; 7. true; 8. false, tomatoes; 9. true; 10. true.

Movies Heroes and Villains Trivia
1. True Grit (John Wayne or Jeff Bridges); 2. Gangs of New York (Daniel Day-Lewis); 3. The Shawshank Redemption (Tim Robbins); 4. Fatal Attraction (Glenn Close); 5. Casablanca (Humphrey Bogart); 6. Goodfellas (Joe Pesci); 7. Alien (Sigourney Weaver); 8. Back to the Future (Thomas Wilson); 9. Saving Private Ryan (Tom Hanks); 10. Unforgiven (Gene Hackman).

General Knowledge
1. 19th Century; 2. blues; 3. ice cream; 4. five; 5. Bill Cosby; 6. orange; 7. Thin Mints; 8. Houston; 9. Birmingham; 10. Martin Scorsese.

IQ Trivia
1. "Dances With Wolves"; 2. Fly a plane; 3. Ecuador; 4. Italy; 5. They all died on the same day: November 22, 1963.


I'd give almost anything to see this.


Dustin Pedroia won the prize for most interesting props surrounding his locker on Tuesday. The Sox second baseman was surprised to find a red, autographed “Nature Boy” Ric Flair wrestling robe hanging high above his locker along with a WWE wrestling belt beside it. Pedroia has always been a big fan of the 21-time wrestling champion and celebrated the gift by donning his yellow Hulk Hogan “Hulkamania” tank top pregame in the Sox clubhouse.

However, I don't think we'll ever see Dustin in a wrestling ring other than as a special guest referee. (Thankfully.)

Salty Slides By Tribe

One of the only good things about last night's 95-minute rain delay was that I was able to see the finale of last night's 3-2 Red Sox win over the Indians.

Trivia Night concluded in the 8th inning, just in time for me to see Kevin Youkilis get tossed after complaining about being called out on a check swing. (He had homered in his previous at-bat.) It was very borderline, but Youk used some colorful language and got run.

Jason Varitek singled with one out, and Terry Francona wisely ran for him with Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Josh Reddick singled, and then Jacoby Ellsbury lined a single to center. Salty was hauling ass around third, and fortunately for all concerned, Ezequiel Carrera's throw from the outfield was slightly off to the first base line and Salty got in with a great slide to the right of the plate. It was Ellsbury's first "walkoff" hit in his career.

Jonathan Papelbon got the win. Josh Beckett went six, and allowed just two solo home runs. I would guess that the long rain delay may have forced Tito to pull him early. Anyway, the pen was stellar following him. Franklin Morales struck out three in two innings while Pap set the Tribe down 1-2-3 in the ninth.

New York's win in Chicago (a rain shortened game) keeps the Sox lead at 1 game.

PT's Trivia Q&A: August 2

We had another huge and boisterous crowd in for Trivia on Tuesday night: 21 teams took part. We had some strong scores for Movie Trivia (six perfect scores; I'll make it harder next time). It was close all night, but the team of Hey Obama, Tell Me How My Boehner Tastes took the win, winning by three points after getting 4 of the 5 IQ Trivia questions correct. It was their third win in as many tries.

Second place went to Hey Dorothy, Can We Add "Sugar Coated Satan Sandwich" To The Menu? with 47 points, and third place was a tie between The Bar and At Least They Let Obama Keep His Wedding Ring with 44 points.

Best Team Name: Hey Dorothy, Can We Add "Sugar Coated Satan Sandwich" To The Menu?

Current Events
1. Jeret Peterson, an Olympic silver medalist in what Winter Olympic sport, was found dead last week in Utah of an apparent suicide?
2. What MSNBC talk-show host is being sued for $50 million for defamation for comments about a Minnesota-based ministry?
3. What game show host was injured last week chasing a burglar out of his hotel room in San Francisco?
4. Truong Tan Sang became president of what Asian country last week?
5. What controversial woman was recently offered $500,000 to pose nude in Hustler magazine?
6. What rock band just concluded their recent tour in Canada last week, which grossed over $736 million, making it the highest grossing tour of all-time?
7. Comedian George Lopez told CNN last week that he will "move to Canada" if what person is elected president in 2012?

Q-Tip Trivia
1. Which of the following planets have no satellites? a. Neptune; b. Uranus; c. Mars; d. Mercury.
2. Which of these nations were part of the Central Powers, who fought the Allies in WWI? a. Italy; b. Turkey; c. Bulgaria; d. Greece.
3. As of 2007, which of these newspapers were in the Top 10 in circulation in the US? a. USA Today; b. New York Times; c. Chicago Tribune; d. New York Post.
4. Which of these TV shows debuted in the 1980s? a. The Oprah Winfrey Show; b. Married With Children; c. Late Show With David Letterman; d. Saturday Night Live.
5. In which of these years was the World Series, which began in 1903, not played? a. 1904; b. 1917; c. 1945; d. 1994.
6. Which of these major European cities has never previously hosted an Olympic Games, Summer or Winter? a. London; b. Rome; c. Stockholm; d. Paris.
7. Which of these music superstars won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in the 2000s? a. Steely Dan; b. U2; c. Dixie Chicks; d. Eric Clapton.

Movies Trivia ("The Q Train")
1. Carlito's Way, State of Grace, Dead Man Walking
2. 28 Days, Hope Floats, The Net
3. Me, Myself and Irene, Bruce Almighty, Man On The Moon
4. The Devil Wears Prada, Defending Your Life, She-Devil
5. Patriot Games, Presumed Innocent, Witness
6. Batman Returns, Married To The Mob, Witches Of Eastwick
7. Benny and Joon, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, Blow
8. Get Smart, Brokeback Mountain, Valentine's Day
9. Fight Club, Sleepers, Snatch
10. Avatar, Working Girl, Gorillas In The Mist

General Knowledge
1. Yellow mixed with red creates what color? ( 1 pt)
2. Who was the leader of "The Underground Railroad?" ( 1 pt)
3. The grave of what person is the most visited at Arlington National cemetery? ( 1 pt)
4. What is the numerical difference in the boiling point of water in degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius? ( 2 pt)
5. What country was forced to halt its liberalization program by the invasion of Soviet troops in 1968? ( 2 pt)
6. How many men are raising the flag over Iwo Jima in the famed news photo? ( 2 pt)
7. The Asteroid Belt is found between what two planets in our solar system? ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. By area, what is the largest landlocked state in the United States? ( 4 points)
2. Who was pictured on the first $5 bill ever authorized by the US in 1861? ( 5 points)
3. Christiania is the former name for which European capital city? ( 4 points)
4. Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger is better known today by what name? ( 3 points)
5. What country attempted to build a Panama canal in the 1880s but failed and abandoned the project? ( 4 points)

Current Events
1. Skiing; 2. Rachel Maddow; 3. Alex Trebek; 4. Vietnam; 5. Casey Anthony; 6. U2; 7. Sarah Palin.

Q-Tip Trivia
1. d; 2. b,c; 3. all; 4. a,b; 5. a,d; 6. none; 7. a,b,c.

Movies Trivia ("The Q Train")
1. Sean Penn; 2. Sandra Bullock; 3. Jim Carrey; 4. Meryl Streep; 5. Harrison Ford; 6. Michelle Pfeiffer; 7. Johnny Depp; 8. Anne Hathaway; 9. Brad Pitt; 10. Sigourney Weaver.

General Knowledge
1. Orange; 2. Harriet Tubman; 3. John F. Kennedy; 4. 112 (212-100); 5. Czechoslovakia; 6. six; 7. Mars and Jupiter.

IQ Trivia
1. Montana; 2. Alexander Hamilton; 3. Oslo; 4. Pope Benedict XVI; 5. France.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Good Guys and Bad Guys On Wednesday

This Wednesday night at Josie Wood's Pub, Trivia Night will feature as the Special Categories, "True or False Trivia" and "Movie Heroes & Villains Trivia." In the latter category, I will give you the names of 10 heroes and villains from the silver screen, and you have to tell me what film they were featured in.

The Sneak Peek question for this week is:
"Gelato is an Italian type of what?"

We will get going shortly after 8 PM. Josie Wood's is located at Waverly Place and Mercer Street (one block west of Broadway), and the winning team gets $25 off their bar tab. Slowly but surely we are building up our Trivia Night, and I hope some of you can come out this Wednesday night.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Nothing But Bad News, Pitching Wise

Before Monday's game, the Red Sox all but said that Clay Buchholz is likely done for 2011 with a stress fracture in his back. I find it interesting that the news didn't break until August 1st, the day after the trading deadline passed.

Gotta figure the Sox didn't want word getting out until the deadline was gone, as the price of a starter would have cost them even more.

John Lackey was his usual rotten self, allowing five runs in less than seven innings, including back-to-back homers in the sixth, after the Red Sox gave him a 3-1 lead after three innings. The Indians hit four home runs, including two by MLB's only player named Asdrubal, and went on to a 9-6 win.

The pen was equally bad, as Daniel Bard allowed Cabrera's second HR (after video replay) and his 26+ innings scoreless streak is over. Randy Williams and Matt Albers also allowed single runs.

New York's win in Chicago trimmed the Red Sox East lead to one game.

My pal Jere pointed out tonight on his blog that the Sox are 17-19 in series opening games. That means they play .690 baseball in games that aren't series openers. Go figure that one out.

Erik Bedard will make his Sox debut Thursday against the Indians in the series finale. I was thinking about that today and thought that would be a smart move, as the Red Sox could push Jon Lester back to Friday when New York comes to town.

And speaking of Bedard, I wonder what number he will pick. He won't get the one he wore in Baltimore or Seattle, and that is 45. I'm sure that has been unofficially retired until Pedro Martinez is elected to the Hall of Fame in 2015. I'd love to see him take number 21.

I'd love to see anyone take 21. It's about time that finally happened.

Get Out Your Q Tips On Tuesday

This Tuesday night's Trivia Night Special Category will be "Q Tip Trivia." For the uninitiated, that is when I ask seven general knowledge, multiple choice questions and any or all of the four answers can be correct (or none). You get a point for each correct one you choose (if you choose none and that's correct, you get one point). However, if you choose even one wrong choice, you get no points for that question.

The Q Train lightning round will be "Movie Stars Trivia." I will give you the names of three famous films and you have to tell me what current star made those films.

The Sneak Peek for this week is:
"Who was the leader of The Underground Railroad?"

We get going shortly after 9 PM. The Red Sox have a game that night with the Cleveland Indians, so there should be a good crowd in on Tuesday night. Hope to see many of you then.