Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shouldn't You Score More Than 2 Runs With 13 Hits?

I missed all of last night's game as I had an acting gig on Staten Island, but I met a nice lady who turned out to be a Yankee fan with an Android, and she was giving me updates throughout the night. Thankfully, she was a good, knowledgeable fan who was a season ticket holder, and wasn't obnioxous at all.

Unfortunately, most of the updates weren't good, especially seeing 13 hits in the Red Sox hit column and just two runs. Bloody hell, 16 men left on base, and the bases loaded left twice.

Well, in the matchup department, this was the Yankees best chance for a win, despite C.C. Sabathia's four losses to the Red Sox. John Lackey? Wasn't horrible, but wasn't really good either.

And some Red Sox fans may disagree with me, but hitting Francisco Cervelli after that "hand clap" at home plate after the home run was just stupid. It's still a close game, it's late and the top of the New York order is coming up. You know that would lead to more runs (and it did). Pick another time to exact "revenge." Stick it in the memory bank and move on.

Half-game lead going into tonight. Josh Beckett takes the mound.

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