Saturday, August 06, 2011

Walks Haunt

Wasting opportunities and later walking the number nine hitter: always a recipe for trouble.

And it found the Red Sox on Friday against New York, as the Sox had the bases loaded and two outs in the fifth with a 2-0 lead and the hitter you want up: Adrian Gonzalez.

New York countered with Boone Logan, brought in to relieve Bartolo Colon, and Gonzalez struck out on three pitches. Jon Lester, who was solid the first five innings, started off the next inning by walking Eduardo Nunez, who came around to score the first of the three runs that New York scored in the inning. (And he walked again later in the game. Who is this guy, Babe Ruth?)

And the Red Sox could manage only two more hits the rest of the way (both by Carl Crawford), and wound up with a 3-2 loss and in second place by one game.

Tomorrow: The Cash Cow takes on John Lackey.

Thankfully I have a softball game to play and Trivia Night questions to write. Both should be time better spent.

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