Thursday, August 25, 2011

Doubleheader Saturday

The Red Sox and A's will play two on Saturday, due to the oncoming Hurricane Irene: Game 1 will be at 12:05 (one hour earlier than scheduled), and Game 2 will be at 5:05 PM, and tickets for Sunday's game will be honored then.

Smart move by the Sox, and it makes far more sense than to play the A's day after the season is over.

The Phillies are doing the same thing on Saturday, and I bet the Mets will follow suit. too. I haven't heard what the Orioles will do, as they already have a twinbill with the Yankees on Saturday.

Only one drawback to having the twinbill on Saturday: due to those inane Fox rules about having an exclusive 4PM-7 PM window, Game 2 won't be on the MLB package.

Fox Ruins Baseball, yet again.

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