Sunday, August 07, 2011

A Yankee Fan With a Math Problem

I haven't commented on many of those goofy letters in the papers recently, but I caught one in the New York Post's Sunday "Sound Off" column today that spurred me to do so:

Who's buying now?

In previous years, when the Yankees were the predominant buyers in the free-agent and trade market, the whining from opposing fans and teams around the major leagues was endless. Now that the Phillies and Red Sox are spending far more than the Yankees (and everyone else), why is it that you can barely hear a peep from the complainers? The bias against New York is clear, to which I respond: 27 championships and counting, losers. (Name withheld for obvious reasons)

For the 2011 season, the New York Yankees payroll is just under $203 million. The Phillies are second at just below $173 million, and the Sox are third at $161 million, according to USA Today.

So, the Yankees are spending $30 million more than any other MLB team on salary, and more than $42 million than any other AL team. So, math genius, how exactly are the Phillies and Red Sox "spending far more than the Yankees and everyone else?"

I know that papers sometimes print strange and oddball letters to get people to write in, but this guy really needs to check his facts (or bring a calculator with him wherever he goes).

BTW, the Angels are fourth in payroll at $138 million. They are closer to the Red Sox in third than the Yankees are to the Phillies, who are second.

And naturally, this dimwit has to play the "27 championships" card.

Just another reason I despise these Yankee fans.

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