Wednesday, August 24, 2011

JW's Trivia Q&A: August 24

We had another nice night of Trivia with a few teams taking part. The winners tonight were Team Zoobi's, with 26 points, and Turtle Power in second place with 20 points.

The college kids from NYU will be coming back this weekend, so the crowds should be picking up over the next few weeks.

Famous Nicknames
1. The Great Emancipator
2. The Little Corporal
3. Charlie Hustle
4. The Chairman of the Board
5. The Iron Lady
6. Old Hickory
7. God's Rottweiler
8. The Say Hey Kid
9. The Hardest Workin' Man In Show Business
10. The Great Communicator

Mob Movies Trivia
1. The movie "A Bronx Tale" was autobiographical about which actor? a. Robert DeNiro; b. Al Pacino; c. Joe Pesci; d. Chazz Palminteri.
2. What book is the film "Goodfellas" based on? a. Goodfellas; b. Wiseguy; c. Murder Machine; d. Underboss.
3. Which mob movie was not directed by Martin Scorsese? a. Casino; b. Goodfellas; c. Scarface; d. Mean Streets.
4. Which mob movie did not include Robert DeNiro? a. Analyze This; b. The Godfather; c. A Bronx Tale; d. Mean Streets.
5. Who was the only person to win an Oscar for "Goodfellas?" a. Robert DeNiro; b. Ray Liotta; c. Joe Pesci; d. Martin Scorsese.
6. Which mob movie was co-written by Oliver Stone? a. Mean Streets; b. Once Upon a Time In America; c. Bonnie and Clyde; d. Scarface.
7. Which film was voted the number one gangster film of all-time by AFI? a. Goodfellas; b. Bonnie and Clyde; c. The Public Enemy; d. The Godfather.
8. In which film did Al Pacino play a gangster named Tony Montana? a. Scarface; b. Donnie Brasco; c. Carlito's Way; d. Dog Day Afternoon.
9. Which mob film was partially set in Miami? a. The Godfather; b. Scarface; c. Goodfellas; d. Mean Streets.
10. Who directed the original "Godfather" film? a. Martin Scorsese; b. Marlon Brando; c. Francis Ford Coppola; d. Robert Altman.

General Knowledge
1. On Christopher Columbus' 1492 journey to the New World, which of his three ships did not return safely to Spain?
2. The song "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" was made popular by what war?
3. What is the only US state on the Atlantic Ocean that extends into the Central Time zone?
4. specializes in the sale of what?
5. "Around the World In 80 Days" was written by what science fiction author?
6. What rive runs along the border between Texas and Mexico?
7. What is the 12th and final sign of the Zodiac?
8. Most of the 800 known Dead Sea Scrolls are written in what language?
9. Liverpool, England's airport was renamed in 2001 after what famous person?
10. The first flight attendants were required to be members of what profession?

IQ Trivia
1. The Lake of Death and The Sea of Tranquility are both located where? (3 points)
2. What game was banned by Ayatollah Khomeini in the 1980s to discourage gambling in Iran? ( 5 points)
3. Which movie bad guy was voted as the AFI's "Worst Villain of All-Time?" ( 4 points)
4. In August 1914, the cement steamer SS Ancon became the first ship to do what? ( 4 points)
5. What specific government agency is primarily concerned with tracking down counterfeiters? ( 4 points)

Famous Nicknames
1. Abraham Lincoln; 2. Napoleon Bonaparte; 3. Pete Rose; 4. Frank Sinatra; 5. Margaret Thatcher; 6. Andrew Jackson; 7. Pope Benedict XVI; 8. Willie Mays; 9. James Brown; 10. Ronald Reagan.

Mob Movie Trivia
1. d; 2. b; 3. c; 4. b; 5. c; 6. d; 7. d; 8.a; 9. b; 10.c.

General Knowledge
1. Santa Maria; 2. Civil War; 3. Florida; 4. movie tickets; 5. Jules Verne; 6. Rio Grande; 7. Pisces; 8. Hebrew; 9. John Lennon; 10. nursing.

IQ Trivia
1. The moon; 2. chess; 3. Hannibal Lechter; 4. Panama Canal; 5. Secret Service.

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