Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Trivia Q&A: October 30

Our first Trivia Night in four weeks brought out a nice crowd of 13 teams, many of whom were regulars who were glad Trivia Night was back. It was so great to be back in the Trivia hosting saddle again, and we had a largely two-team race all night, and they were tied going into the final round of IQ Trivia. But it was the guys from DIMS who emerged with the victory, getting 42 points. Congrats to Ken, Michael and Darek on their win.

Second place went to Ready to Go with 38 points, and third place went to I Think It;s Cool the Chinese Made a Whole Language Out of Tattoo Symbols with 31 points.

Best Team Name: Where There's a Will There's a Fenway

Current Events
1. What company announced recently that they were increasing employees' minimum wage to $15 per hour after it came out that a number of employees were reliant on federal assistance programs?
2. Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad were both recently awarded what Nobel Prize?
3. Mike Sorrentino, who starred on what reality TV show, was sentenced to 8 months in prison for tax evasion?
4. What nation recently became the first G7 country to legalize marijuana sales for all adults nationwide?
5. Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates in 1975, died recently at the age of 76. What NFL team was he the principle owner of?
6. What controversial female rock singer recently announced that she had converted to Islam, and adopted the name Shudada Davitt?
7. The Boston Red Sox defeated the LA Dodgers, 5-1 on Sunday to win the World Series 4 games to 1. How many total World Series have the Red Sox won in their history?

Halloween Trivia
1. Jack o'lanterns originated in what European country?
2. What midwestern US state produces the most pumpkins yearly?
3. In "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", who does Linus mistake for the Great Pumpkin?
4. According to, what was the most popular Halloween candy in 2017?
5. Between Christmas, Halloween and Valentine's Day, which holiday to Americans spend the most money per year on candy sales?
6. In the movie "ET", what Halloween costume does ET wear?
7. What Michael Jackson song was adapted by director John Landis into a highly successful Halloween themed music video?

The Q Train: True or False Trivia
1. Director Tim Burton's first choice for the title role of Beetlejuice was Sammy Davis Jr.
2. The book "My Friend Flicka" was once banned from many school libraries because it used the word "bitch" to describe a female dog.
3. Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon with his right foot first.
4. Ronald Reagan received one electoral vote in the 1976 presidential election.
5. North Dakota is the only US state that borders three Canadian provinces.
6. At the 2010 Grammys, Taylor Swift won more Grammys than Elvis Presley did in his entire career.
7. December has consistently shown to have the highest suicide rate of any month.
8. More shoplifters are caught on Sunday than any other day of the week.
9. Antarctica is the windiest and driest of the seven continents.
10. The Maurice J. Tobin Bridge is located in Tampa, Florida.

General Knowledge
1. How many US states begin with the letter A? ( 1 pt)
2. Who was the second woman appointed to the US Supreme Court? ( 1 pt)
3. What NBA player has scored the most overall points in history? ( 1 pt)
4. Jennifer Lopez started her career on what TV series? ( 2 pt)
5. The island of Aruba belongs to what European country? ( 2 pt)
6. Sapphire is the gemstone for people born in what month? ( 2 pt)
7. In the Bible, the first five books of the Old Testament are known collectively as what? ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1.What politician was invited to be in the Spice Girls' 1996 video "Wannabe", but respectively declined the offer? ( 3 points)
2. What major US city banned burials within the city limits in 1900, and today has only two cemeteries within the entire city? ( 5 points)
3. The largest private residence in the US, the Biltmore Estate, is located in what southern US state? ( 4 points)
4. What 1982 science fiction film was disqualified from the Academy Awards because at the time it used special computer effects? ( 4 points)
5. What is the only US airport that flies directly to all six major continents? ( 4 points)

Current Events
1. Amazon; 2. Peace Prize; 3. "Jersey Shore;" 4. Canada; 5. Seattle Seahawks; 6. Sinead O'Connor; 7. nine.

Halloween Trivia
1. Ireland; 2. Illinois; 3. Snoopy; 4. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups; 5. Halloween; 6. ghost; 7. "Thriller."

The Q Train: True or False Trivia
1. true; 2. true; 3. false, left; 4. true; 5. false, Montana; 6. true; 7. false, June; 8. false, Wednesday; 9. true; 10. false, Boston.

General Knowledge
1. Four (AL, AK, AZ, AR); 2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg; 3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; 4. "In Living Color;" 5. Netherlands; 6. September; 7. The Torah.

IQ Trivia
1. Tony Blair; 2. San Francisco; 3. North Carolina; 4. Tron; 5. Chicago O'Hare.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Fourth In My Lifetime

I never, ever thought I'd write the title of this post.

The 2018 Red Sox staked a claim as one of baseball history's greatest teams with a five-game World Series steamrolling of the Los Angeles Dodgers, 5-1 on Sunday night.

It was an amazing October. They beat the other two teams that won 100 or more games in the American League this season, and many oddsmakers had the Sox as underdogs in both series. (Really?)  It was simply a joy to see the Sox dispatch the Yankees in four games (their destruction and humiliation in Game 3 was particularly satisfying), and then taking out the Dodgers (who will always be called traitors in my home borough of Brooklyn) as easily as they did.

Steve Pearce, the journeyman infielder who was picked up from Toronto with little fanfare back in June, was voted as World Series MVP for his three clutch home runs he hit in the final two games. (He joins Donn Clendenon from the 1969 Mets as the only two MVPs who played for two different teams in the same season.) David Price was simply magnificent in the World Series, winning his two starts and becoming the first Sox pitcher since Luis Tiant to win three consecutive postseason starts. (I particularly enjoyed his session with the media after the World Series win, basically telling them all to shove it up their collective asses. Good for you, David.)

It was a World Series when the big Red Sox stars didn't have big numbers. Mookie Betts hit .217 with just a Game 5 HR; Xander Bogaerts hit .136; Jackie Bradley his .231; J.D. Martinez had just the one HR in Game 5. The team hit a collective .222 for the Series (and of course that was mostly due to the lack of hitting in the 18-inning Game 3 and the first six innings of Game 4).

The story of the Series is the Red Sox pitching, as the Dodgers hit a meager .180 in the Series. Price was the king of the hill, with a 1.98 ERA and 10 Ks. Joe Kelly was simply magnificent, as he pitched in every game, and in six innings did not allow a run, allowing just 4 hits and striking out 10. But the performance that will go down in Red Sox lore will be that of Nathan Eovaldi. After two superb innings in the first two games, he came into Game 3 in the 12th inning, and should have been the winning pitcher after two innings (Ian Kinsler is hereby forgiven), but wound up going 6 magnificent frames, until giving up Max Muncy's game-winning home run in the 18th. He was so appreciated that the players and staff gave him a standing ovation in the clubhouse after the loss. That speaks volumes, and when I heard that story, I knew the Sox were winning this series.

And win it they did. A magnificent comeback in Game 4 from 4-0 down, and Steve Pearce's first inning statement home run in Game 5 meant the Sox were on their way. Chris Sale sure wasn't fooling around, as he struck out the side in the ninth (how brilliant was it that Manny Machado was the last out) to give the Red Sox their fourth title in 15 years, and the ninth in their glorious history. Alex Cora, who pushed all the right buttons in this Series, became the third Red Sox manager of the last four to win the World Series in his first year as Sox skipper. (I can't remember the name of the guy who didn't win.)

For me personally, I can barely put it into words what it means to me to see the Red Sox win a fourth championship in this century. I became a Red Sox fan in 1977, and for years it was rammed into our collective heads but various media dingbats (I don't have to name them, you know who they are) that as Red Sox fans, we were living under some moronic "curse" and that we'd never see our team win a championship. As a fan, I just want to see our team competitive and in the running to win a title, and they have done that year in and year out since John Henry and Tom Werner took the reigns of the club in 2001. As Red Sox fans, we are one of the few fan bases that can say we've seen our team win it now four times in our collective memories. And I don't take that for granted, and I don't expect the Red Sox to win it all every year. I will enjoy and savor this victory over this winter, and for the rest of my life.

119 wins for 2018. The Red Sox made history in 2018, and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart for giving us all such a grand and glorious year.

Now if only the Minnesota Vikings can win me a Super Bowl before I die...

Monday, October 29, 2018

Trivia Returns Tomorrow Night

That was an exciting five-game World Series win for the Red Sox last night, their fourth in fifteen years. And you also know what that means: Trivia Night is back tomorrow night! I'm so glad to be returning after four weeks, as our last Trivia Night was October 2nd. The Special category this week is "Halloween Trivia", seven questions connected to the holiday in one way, shape or form. The Q Train lightning round will be "True or False Trivia."

The Sneak Peek question for this week is:
"How many US states begin with the letter A?"

We get going at 8:30 PM at Professor Thom's tomorrow night, and I look forward to seeing many of you for a great night of Trivia!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Fourth Time In Fifteen Years

Before the Year of Our Lord 2004, it was drummed into all of our heads that the Boston Red Sox were under some kind of "curse", and we would never see them win a World Series, and all they would do is break our hearts, time and time again.

The media made up some nonsense called "the Curse of the Bambino" and that we as Red Sox would live our lives rooting for a team that would never win it all. (I won't bore you with all the reasons it was all BS, as that's not the point of what I'm writing about.)

Tonight, the Red Sox go for their fourth championship in 15 years, as they take on the Los Angeles Dodgers at Fenway Park.

It's truly a Golden Age to be a Red Sox fan. I take none of this for granted. I am one of those rare baseball fans who can they have seen their team win the World Series three times, and it could be an even rarer one who can say they have seen four titles. I am enjoying this great postseason ride they are on, and that's what I want as a baseball fan, to see a competitive team year in and year out. Some years we win, some we don't.

It seems like a lifetime ago that the Sox lost the World Series back in 1986. It was the most heartbreaking of ways to lose, and it stuck with me for years, as I would have the occasional dream that Game 6 was replayed and the Red Sox would win. But I always knew I'd see the Red Sox win it all in my lifetime. And 2004 will forever remain the greatest season in Red Sox history for many fans. They made history in the ALCS, that may never be duplicated. (Consider that since that great comeback, only one team has come from 0-3 down in a seven game series and even won Game 4. And that is the Cubs in 2017, before losing Game 5 to LA.) And who they stuck the choker tag on 2004 (no names, you know who they are) will make it the sweetest part of all.

The Red Sox have a terrific, mostly young team, that has solid pitching, great hitting, very good defense, and enough team speed to dominate the American League and win 108 games. It was simply a dream year, where the Yankees were hardly any factor at all (they briefly were in first place in early July, but the Sox passed them shortly afterwards and left them in the dust). Alex Cora has proved himself to be a terrific manager, as he seems to push the right buttons at the right time. He hasn't been without criticism (remember when he'd give some of the big bats a day to rest when it seemed like they were most needed in the lineup?) but he has a plan and stuck with it.

I am as excited as any other Red Sox fan to see my team back in the World Series for the first time in five years. It's where we want to be at this team every October. But it won't happen every October, so savor and enjoy this series everyone. This series doesn't have the overall excitement and anticipation of 2004, but no World Series the Sox have been in since has that. But I will be watching the games with friends who've been fans of the team as long as I have been, remembering those good times we shared in other postseasons.

I'll root, root, root for the home team tonight, and hope to see them lifting up the championship trophy sometime next week. It would be the fourth time in my lifetime if it happens. And I'll will never stop be grateful that I witnessed it once in my lifetime.

The Sox in six. Let the games begin.

Monday, October 22, 2018

The Trivia Hiatus Continues

That was an exciting five game ALCS win for the Red Sox this past week, and they will be moving on to the 2018 World Series on Tuesday night. But that also means that Trivia Night will be called off for the third consecutive week. Professor Thom's has been jammed with Red Sox fans for the previous two series, and surely will be for every game of the World Series. So, our Trivia Night will continue its hiatus as the Sox keep on playing. And should the Series reach a Game 6, that will mean that Trivia would also be off for the following Tuesday night, October 30th as well. But we will see what happens. I miss all of you guys and hosting Trivia Night. I'll be set and ready to go whenever the next free Tuesday happens, and again, I will keep you all informed at the Facebook group, here on my blog, and by email. Enjoy the week everyone, and Go Red Sox!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Trivia Postponed Again

The Red Sox moving on to the ALCS means that our Trivia Night is off once again this Tuesday night, October 16th. Game 3 will be played starting at 5:10 PM, and it will be followed by the Celtics' opening night game against Philly at 8 PM, so that means that Professor Thom's will be busy and crowded all night long, so Trivia just won't be possible. I'm sorry we have to pass again. I will keep you all posted about the following Tuesday when we know exactly what is happening. Have a great week everyone!

Friday, October 12, 2018

"Baseball Cop"

Eddie Dominguez was a distinguished member of the Boston Police Department for many years, before he left to join a newly-former group of four investigators who would look over Major League Baseball in the wake of the congressional hearings in 2005 about steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs in the game. And that's the basis of Dominguez' new book "Baseball Cop: The Dark Side of America's National Pastime." (Hachette Books, written with Teri Thompson and Christian Red.)

The DOI (Department of Investigations) would investigate all facets of MLB's dark underbelly: gambling, cover-ups, human trafficking and lot more besides PED users. Dominguez was a decorated detective in the Boston PD, as well as a member of an FBI task force. He is also an immigrant from Cuba, as well as a longtime Red Sox fan, with a stellar record and very well respected in the law enforcement community.

Dominguez had worked for the Sox from 1999-2005 as a resident security agent. And in the book, Dominguez says that a close friend of David Ortiz, a man he calls "Monga", a frequent visitor in the Red Sox clubhouse, placed bets on baseball and against the Red Sox. Dominguez and his team thought the situation so serious that a meeting was called in the Red Sox clubhouse involving Ortiz, Terry Francona and the chief of MLB security. Monga was banned from the Red Sox clubhouse. (Ortiz denied he ever had Monga place bets for him, although Dominguez makes no direct allegations about it to Big Papi.)

Dominguez writes about the agents who rip off young Cuban players with dreams of playing in MLB, but the meat of "Baseball Cop" is the "Biogenesis" scandal that rocked the game. Commissioner Rob Manfred was intent on "getting" Alex Rodriguez. He eventually got a 162-game suspension after an original 211-game ban. Dominguez lays out the entire scandal, from small "fishes" like Felix Pie (who escaped punishment), to Ryan Braun (whose 65-game ban was ridiculously light in his opinion).

The main take away from "Baseball Cop" is that MLB still has some serious drug problems among the players, and that the mandates from George Mitchell's controversial report of 2007 have basically been totally ignored. The players are still cheating, it's just they are finding new ways to get around the drug tests. The book is a compelling read, and will explode any myths that the "Steroid Era" is long past us.

Sunday, October 07, 2018

Trivia Is Off This Week

The Red Sox split the first two games of their ALDS series this weekend, so that means that there will indeed be a Game 4 in their series this Tuesday night, so Trivia will NOT be happening this coming week. The Red Sox fans take over Professor Thom's during playoff games, and moving upstairs just isn't a possibility. So we will be taking this coming week off from Trivia. I will keep everyone posted with all developments as they become official in regard to our Trivia Night, with posts here and at the Facebook group. It's a week-by-week thing and we are at the hands of how the Red Sox do this month. I hope to see you all again soon!

Friday, October 05, 2018

Let The Games Begin

It's been an amazing 2018 for the Red Sox.

I haven't written much about the Red Sox here, as I've dedicated my blog mostly to my Trivia Night. But for Sox followers, it was a season to savor: a third consecutive AL Eastern Division title, a team record 108 wins, and a an ALDS date with the archrivals.

I'll be honest: I was hoping the Red Sox would play the Oakland A's in the first round. The first obvious reason is that the Sox would have been heavy favorites over Oakland. But I really never wanted to see the Sox play New York again in the postseason, and for 14 years, it didn't happen. The 2003 and 2004 postseason clashes literally took years off my life, and I don't think I could deal with that again.

Well, it is what it is.

All I can say before this latest War to End All Wars starts is that the team that pitches better will win it. The Sox pitchers have to keep the Yankees in the ballpark. We all know that New York set a new MLB record for home runs in a season, but you can put that off to the side as the postseason begins. They've got firepower for sure. And it's up to Chris Sale to come off his long rehab and set the tone for this series tonight. The Red Sox twice put him on the DL this summer, and the conspiracy theorists believe they did it just because of Sale's lousy September and October in 2017. I doubt there's any truth to that, as Sale is a fierce competitor as there is. He wouldn't have been shut down if he didn't want to do it.

And then there's David Price. He's pitched well at Fenway in his career against the Yankees, but this is the postseason, and he's struggled mightily come October. The pressure will squarely be on his shoulders, and that will go double should the Red Sox drop Game 1.

Rick Porcello is scheduled to pitch Game 3 at Yankee Stadium on Monday night, and Nate Eovaldi, who has been great against New York in his two starts against them this year, would go if there's a need for a Game 4 on Tuesday. (I won't go position-by-position here, as you can find that in your local newspaper, which is obviously hyping this series to moon.)

This is one of those series the Sox may have to play almost perfect ball to win. They need to score early, and the bullpen, which has scared even the toughest of fans this season, must be solid. The real key to this series is on how far the starters can go in each start, and if Alex Cora needs to go to the pen early, the Sox could be in some deep trouble.

Here is the complete 25-man roster for the Red Sox in this series:
Pitchers (11): RHP Matt Barnes, RHP Ryan Brasier, RHP Nathan Eovaldi, RHP Joe Kelly, RHP Craig Kimbrel, RHP Rick Porcello, LHP David Price, LHP Eduardo Rodriguez, LHP Chris Sale, RHP Brandon Workman, RHP Steven Wright.
Catchers: (3): Sandy Leon, Blake Swihart, Christian Vázquez.
Infielders: (7): SS Xander Bogaerts, 3B Rafael Devers, UTIL Brock Holt, 2B Ian Kinsler, 1B Mitch Moreland, 3B-2B Eduardo Núñez, 1B Steve Pearce.
Outfielders (4): LF Andrew Benintendi, RF-CF Mookie Betts, CF Jackie Bradley Jr., RF-LF-DH J.D. Martinez.

There's no question that all the pressure in this series is on the Red Sox. Two consecutive first-round bomb outs the last two years led to the hiring of Alex Cora, and he has done a superb job in his first year at the Red Sox helm. The 108 wins goes into the bank, but it is now a new season. I won't make any predictions in this series, as almost anything can happen in a short series. I'm optimistic this could be the beginnings of a great postseason, but we will see.

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

A Special Announcement About Trivia For October

As many of you know, the Red Sox are about to begin their quest for a World Series championship, and it will begin with the ALDS on Friday. And what that means is that it could adversely affect our Trivia Night. Professor Thom's is a big time Boston sports bar, and it will bring out swarms of Sox fans to every postseason game. If the ALDS goes to a 4th game this coming Tuesday night, Trivia will NOT be happening. We can't move upstairs, as the bar will need the Loft for the overflow of fans, and we can't switch to another night unfortunately. We could know the situation for next week by Saturday night, as if the Sox split the first two games, Trivia will definitely be off, as there will definitely be a Game 4 on Tuesday. However, if the Sox sweep the series in three games, Trivia WILL be happening, as next Tuesday night would free the bar. I will be posting here on Sunday morning what the situation is at that time. I will post a Sneak Peek question and the two Special Categories if Trivia will still be a possibility of happening by Sunday morning at the Facebook group, and here at the blog.

We will take this a week at a time. If the Red Sox move on to the ALCS, Trivia would DEFINITELY be off for October 16th, as that night would be Game 3 of the ALCS. And if they move on to the World Series, Game 1 would be Tuesday, October 23rd, and a Game 6 would be on Tuesday, October 30th. And we couldn't do Trivia on either of those nights as well.

So, we are currently at the mercy of the Boston Red Sox. How they do in the month of October will definitely affect our Trivia Nights. I will keep you all posted at the Facebook group, as well on the Trivia email list, and here at my blog. I hope to see you all again soon. And Go Red Sox!!

Trivia Q&A: October 2

We had a bit of a rowdy crowd in for Trivia on Tuesday night, as 16 teams took part and everyone seemed to enjoy the night. It was also great to see a couple of old friends back that I hadn't seen in a while, former Trivia regular Rob surprised me as he came in with his friend Marie, and my old friend Larry came in, as he's a baseball writer and had a off night. Thanks to both of you for coming out.

It was another night that the boys from DIMS won the night, as they led from the second round on. The October Trivia turned about to be a tough round, as most of the scores were on the lower side. But most folks rebounded in the IQ Trivia round, with DIMS taking the night with 48 points. Congrats to Ken, Darek and Michael on their victory.

Second place went to Too Far Overboard with 42 points, and third place went to Get Your Lindsay Lohands Off Me! (who also won for Best Team Name) with 41 points.

Current Events
1. A 1956 Ford Thunderbird owned by what legendary late actress will be put up for auction in Los Angeles in November, and is expected to be sold for $500,000?
2. Stefan Lofven, the prime minister of what European country, received a no-confidence vote by the nation's parliament, and was thus ousted as the country's leader?
3. What US state's senate voted to "declare an emergency" to preserve the state's 20 native languages last Wednesday?
4. More than 800 people were killed when a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck what Asian country and caused a devastating tsunami?
5. What Oscar-winning actor/director just completed 30 days in rehab last week for alcohol addiction, and this was the third stint in rehab?
6. Marty Balin, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and singer and guitarist for what 1960s rock band, died last Thirsday at the age of 76?
7. What controversial actress was punched in the face after accusing refugee parents in Moscow of trafficking their kids and shared video of it on social media?

 October Trivia
1. October 18th marks the anniversary of the American flag being raised over what newly acquired territory in 1867?
2. In the ancient Roman calendar, what number month is October?
3. "The October Revolution" took place in what country in the early 20th century?
4. Name 1 of the 2 gemstones associated with the month of October.
5. What superstar rock band's second album in 1981 was entitled "October"?
6. "The October Surprise" conspiracy theory refers to an alleged plot to influence the outcome of a presidential back in what year?
7. In October 1975, Muhammad Ali famously fought the "Thrilla In Manila" against what former heavyweight champion?

The Q Train: True or False Trivia
1. More US presidents have been born in October than any other month.
2. Indira Gandhi, India's prime minister in the early 1980s, was the granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi.
3. Michael Jackson's album "Thriller" is still the best selling album all-time in the US.
4. The wreck of the Titanic was discovered in 1985 by a team led by Dr. Robert Ballard.
5. The first Summer Olympics in Asia were held in Seoul, South Korea in 1988.
6. If you cry in space, the tears just stick to your face.
7. Approximately 25% of all human bones are in the feet.
8. A heptagon is a shape with seven sides.
9. The US has the most post offices in the world.
10. Coal mining is the most dangerous job in the world as of 2017.

General Knowledge
1. The first modern Olympics were held in 1896 in what country? ( 1 pt)
2. The infamous Salem Witch Trials took place in what US state? ( 1 pt)
3. The Great Red Spot is located where? ( 1 pt)
4. What classical composer created the "Moonlight Sonata"? ( 2 pt)
5. A icosagon is a shape with how many sides? ( 2 pt)
6. The Khmer language is spoken in what Asian country? ( 2 pt)
7. What is Europe's largest nation in area (excluding Russia)? ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. The modern pizza was invented in the 18th century in what Italian city? ( 4 points)
2. Who is the only woman to win the Nobel Prize twice? ( 5 points)
3. In 2004, who became the oldest director to win an Oscar for Best Director? ( 3 points)
4. Braunau am Inn, Austria is the birthplace for what famous person? ( 4 points)
5. What actor was banned in China for nearly 20 years after a 1997 film he made about the Dalai Lama, but was allowed back in 2016? ( 4 points)

Current Events
1. Marilyn Monroe; 2. Sweden; 3. Alaska; 4. Indonesia; 5. Ben Affleck; 6. Jefferson Airplane; 7. Lindsay Lohan.

October Trivia
1. Alaska; 2. eight; 3. Russia; 4. Opal and Tourmaline; 5. U2; 6. 1980; 7. Joe Frazier.

The Q Train: True or False Trivia
1. True; 2. false, they were unrelated; 3. false, The Eagles Greatest Hits is now number one; 4. true; 5. false, Tokyo (1964); 6. true; 7. true; 8. true; 9. false, India; 10. false, logging is most dangerous.

General Knowledge
1. Greece; 2. Massachusetts; 3. Jupiter; 4. Beethoven; 5. 20; 6. Cambodia; 7. Ukraine.

IQ Trivia
1. Naples; 2. Marie Curie; 3. Clint Eastwood; 4. Adolf Hitler; 5. Brad Pitt.

Monday, October 01, 2018

October Trivia Up This Week

Trivia will be happening this Tuesday night, October 2nd at 8:30 PM, with "October Trivia" as the Special Category. It will be seven questions connected to the month of October in some way, shape or form. The Q Train lightning round will be "True or False Trivia."

The Sneak Peek question for this week is:
"The first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896 in what country?"

I will also be making a special announcement about Trivia over the next few weeks tomorrow night.

Looking forward to seeing many of you this Tuesday night for yet another great night of Trivia Q&A!