Monday, October 22, 2018

The Trivia Hiatus Continues

That was an exciting five game ALCS win for the Red Sox this past week, and they will be moving on to the 2018 World Series on Tuesday night. But that also means that Trivia Night will be called off for the third consecutive week. Professor Thom's has been jammed with Red Sox fans for the previous two series, and surely will be for every game of the World Series. So, our Trivia Night will continue its hiatus as the Sox keep on playing. And should the Series reach a Game 6, that will mean that Trivia would also be off for the following Tuesday night, October 30th as well. But we will see what happens. I miss all of you guys and hosting Trivia Night. I'll be set and ready to go whenever the next free Tuesday happens, and again, I will keep you all informed at the Facebook group, here on my blog, and by email. Enjoy the week everyone, and Go Red Sox!

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