Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Trivia Q&A: October 2

We had a bit of a rowdy crowd in for Trivia on Tuesday night, as 16 teams took part and everyone seemed to enjoy the night. It was also great to see a couple of old friends back that I hadn't seen in a while, former Trivia regular Rob surprised me as he came in with his friend Marie, and my old friend Larry came in, as he's a baseball writer and had a off night. Thanks to both of you for coming out.

It was another night that the boys from DIMS won the night, as they led from the second round on. The October Trivia turned about to be a tough round, as most of the scores were on the lower side. But most folks rebounded in the IQ Trivia round, with DIMS taking the night with 48 points. Congrats to Ken, Darek and Michael on their victory.

Second place went to Too Far Overboard with 42 points, and third place went to Get Your Lindsay Lohands Off Me! (who also won for Best Team Name) with 41 points.

Current Events
1. A 1956 Ford Thunderbird owned by what legendary late actress will be put up for auction in Los Angeles in November, and is expected to be sold for $500,000?
2. Stefan Lofven, the prime minister of what European country, received a no-confidence vote by the nation's parliament, and was thus ousted as the country's leader?
3. What US state's senate voted to "declare an emergency" to preserve the state's 20 native languages last Wednesday?
4. More than 800 people were killed when a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck what Asian country and caused a devastating tsunami?
5. What Oscar-winning actor/director just completed 30 days in rehab last week for alcohol addiction, and this was the third stint in rehab?
6. Marty Balin, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and singer and guitarist for what 1960s rock band, died last Thirsday at the age of 76?
7. What controversial actress was punched in the face after accusing refugee parents in Moscow of trafficking their kids and shared video of it on social media?

 October Trivia
1. October 18th marks the anniversary of the American flag being raised over what newly acquired territory in 1867?
2. In the ancient Roman calendar, what number month is October?
3. "The October Revolution" took place in what country in the early 20th century?
4. Name 1 of the 2 gemstones associated with the month of October.
5. What superstar rock band's second album in 1981 was entitled "October"?
6. "The October Surprise" conspiracy theory refers to an alleged plot to influence the outcome of a presidential back in what year?
7. In October 1975, Muhammad Ali famously fought the "Thrilla In Manila" against what former heavyweight champion?

The Q Train: True or False Trivia
1. More US presidents have been born in October than any other month.
2. Indira Gandhi, India's prime minister in the early 1980s, was the granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi.
3. Michael Jackson's album "Thriller" is still the best selling album all-time in the US.
4. The wreck of the Titanic was discovered in 1985 by a team led by Dr. Robert Ballard.
5. The first Summer Olympics in Asia were held in Seoul, South Korea in 1988.
6. If you cry in space, the tears just stick to your face.
7. Approximately 25% of all human bones are in the feet.
8. A heptagon is a shape with seven sides.
9. The US has the most post offices in the world.
10. Coal mining is the most dangerous job in the world as of 2017.

General Knowledge
1. The first modern Olympics were held in 1896 in what country? ( 1 pt)
2. The infamous Salem Witch Trials took place in what US state? ( 1 pt)
3. The Great Red Spot is located where? ( 1 pt)
4. What classical composer created the "Moonlight Sonata"? ( 2 pt)
5. A icosagon is a shape with how many sides? ( 2 pt)
6. The Khmer language is spoken in what Asian country? ( 2 pt)
7. What is Europe's largest nation in area (excluding Russia)? ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. The modern pizza was invented in the 18th century in what Italian city? ( 4 points)
2. Who is the only woman to win the Nobel Prize twice? ( 5 points)
3. In 2004, who became the oldest director to win an Oscar for Best Director? ( 3 points)
4. Braunau am Inn, Austria is the birthplace for what famous person? ( 4 points)
5. What actor was banned in China for nearly 20 years after a 1997 film he made about the Dalai Lama, but was allowed back in 2016? ( 4 points)

Current Events
1. Marilyn Monroe; 2. Sweden; 3. Alaska; 4. Indonesia; 5. Ben Affleck; 6. Jefferson Airplane; 7. Lindsay Lohan.

October Trivia
1. Alaska; 2. eight; 3. Russia; 4. Opal and Tourmaline; 5. U2; 6. 1980; 7. Joe Frazier.

The Q Train: True or False Trivia
1. True; 2. false, they were unrelated; 3. false, The Eagles Greatest Hits is now number one; 4. true; 5. false, Tokyo (1964); 6. true; 7. true; 8. true; 9. false, India; 10. false, logging is most dangerous.

General Knowledge
1. Greece; 2. Massachusetts; 3. Jupiter; 4. Beethoven; 5. 20; 6. Cambodia; 7. Ukraine.

IQ Trivia
1. Naples; 2. Marie Curie; 3. Clint Eastwood; 4. Adolf Hitler; 5. Brad Pitt.

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