Monday, June 05, 2006

Disappearing Links

One of the things I've been complimented about on my blog is my extensive length of links I have on the left hand side of my page. I enjoy putting them up, especially the ones for my friends. It's always good to share the love.

Those of you who check out my blog regularly may have noticed that a few links may have disappeared in the last few weeks. There is a simple reason for that.

I have emailed a few people whose sites I've liked and put up here if they would also put up a link for me on their site. I'm doing my best to try and spread the word about my blog. I have received some nice replies and my blog has been linked to those sites.

But some others I never heard back from. I find that rather rude and because they basically blew me off, I pulled the link from my site. (I won't name them, as I'm not out to embarrass them or start a war over it.)

I will continue to add links, and if anyone wants me to put one up for them, I would certainly be happy to do so.

Just as long as they are willing to do the same for me.

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