Thursday, June 08, 2006

This Rotten Weather

The weather in New York City lately has been incredibly depressing lately. Lots of rain, and the temperatures have dipped below normal. We've gotten more rain in the first week in June than in a normal month of June already.

Now it plays havoc with the Red Sox' schedule. They will now play a four-game series with the Yankees during the weekend of September 15. Last night's rainout also means that Jon Lester's major league debut on Saturday is probably off for now. It also gives Curt Schilling an extra day of rest, and he faces Jaret Wright in the series finale at Yankee Stadium tonight. The rainout also hurts my fantasy league teams, as I have a number of Red Sox players on all three teams. Bummer.

Hopefully at Professor Thom's tonight, the Red Sox vs. Yankees fans trivia contest will go off as scheduled. It was called off last night due to the rainout. If we have the contest, we won't be doing the Tune Out YES announcing tonight. The weather will have the final say on that.

Big news in baseball yesterday was former Diamondbacks pitcher Jason Grimsley's admission he took steroids for years, and the feds raided his home in Arizona looking for evidence. He also rolled over on many ballplayers. He named many names, but they were redacted out of the affidavit. Grimsley looks like baseball's version of Henry Hill, and a lot of baseball players probably lost a lot of sleep last night. Baseball could be facing its Armageddon. Stay tuned.

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