Thursday, August 14, 2008

Don't Pull The Shroud Just Yet

The papers here in New York today are pretty much burying the Yankees and their chances of making it to the postseason this year, with the New York Post even putting up a tombstone on their front page for them (pictured).

I've said this a thousand times and I'll say this again: as long as the Yankees have a pulse, I will not bury them. The pulse maybe just barely there, but it is still there.

I've seen too much when it comes to this team to say they are finished. I know they've got a bunch of injuries, older players and guys not playing up to par. They are coming off a disasterous road trip where they went 3-7. They also have a very unfavorable schedule in September. But in baseball anything can happen.

Hey, if these so-called experts are writing them off on August 14th, so be it. But I have always said that I don't relax when it comes to the Yankees until the day they are mathematically eliminated from any possibility of winning the World Series. That day hasn't come yet.

No celebrations just yet. Lots of baseball still to play. Put the shroud away for now.

But keep it in a handy place, just in case.

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