Friday, August 15, 2008

I Pray MLB Never Considers This

I was watching the USA-Cuba Olympic baseball game today, a game in which the United States tied the game in the 8th at 3 with a home run from Jayson Nix.

The game went through the tenth inning still tied. The IOC (which is getting rid of baseball from the Olympics after this year) has instituted a new rule for games going to the eleventh inning: both teams will start the inning with runners on first and second with no outs, and each team can start the inning anywhere in the lineup they want.

Talk about bullshit. The Cubans were the road team and scored two runs, while the USA scored one, and Cuba won, 5-4. During the inning, the announcers were wondering if the USA pitcher, Jeff Stevens, would get the loss even though he didn't put those runners on. I would guess he does. They also didn't sound terribly happy the game would get this to try to end it. Any real baseball fan should be appalled at this rubbish.

Talk about a crappy, artificial way to end a baseball game. I'm certain MLB wouldn't go for something as ludicrous as this. It reminds me too much of those inane shootouts that now end tied hockey games in the NHL.

The IOC is making a joke out of baseball, so now I'm glad it will no longer be a medal sport in the Olympics.

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