Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Hilarity From Hankenstein

Hank Steinbrenner (pictured) is once again making a complete and total jackass of himself in the media. Delusional Hank is basically bagging this season for his beloved team, but thinks the Yankees will win it all in 2009.

But this beauty from Mr. Hankee is absolutely hilarious, from ESPN:

Joba Chamberlain had become the most dominant starting pitcher in baseball and Wang has been a 19-game winner every year. You lose those two guys, it's rough. If the Red Sox lost Beckett and Lester, the whole national media would be crying about it. We lose two guys better than Beckett and Lester and you don't hear anything.

Yep, Chamberlain is the most dominant pitcher in baseball (I guess he's never heard of guys like Edinson Volquez, Tim Lincecum, or Cliff Lee. Yep, Chamberlain, with four wins, and barely more than 60 innings as a starter in his career, is dominating baseball!) And he thinks that Chamberlain and Wang are better than Beckett and Lester? How many World Series rings does his two schmucks have? Last time I looked Beckett and Lester have three, and Josh has an MVP in the Series. (And Hank, Wang hasn't won 19 every year. Go look it up.) And last year's Cy Young vote was telling. Beckett finished a close second to C.C. Sabathia in a season where he won 20 games. Wang won 19 for New York, but he didn't receive a single vote from the writers. So don't insult my intelligence by saying Wang is better than Beckett. Does Hank even remember last year's postseason? Beckett led the Sox to the title; Wang was the big goat for New York.

And yeah, no one in the media has said a blessed word about the Yankees losing The Hutt and The Wang to injuries this season.

Talk about a guy living in his own delusional fantasy world.

And for a guy who earlier this year said he was through talking about the Red Sox, Hankenstein spends an awful lot of time obsessing over them.

Hank Steinbrenner. What a source of never-ending comedy. (With thanks to The Joy of Sox for the Hankenstein quote.)


Michael Leggett said...

Hankenstein is full of s---, just like Mr Hanky on "South Park"

Peter N said...

I read Hankie's (that's the way I spell it!) quote a couple days ago and laughed out loud. He is clueless. I wrote a little about that wordly wisdom in my Thursday post, but you captured my feelings perfectly. Be well, John.

Steel36 said...

Saying and doing crazy things that defy logic is the family way for The Steinbrenners. Is Hank off his meds again?

Hate is grim and humorless but I do dislike The Yanks, George and Hank. Quotes like this make it easy to root against him and fun when his team loses