Friday, August 22, 2008

More People With No Conscience

As time continues to go on, it's apparent to me that some people are simply becoming more desensitized as to the September 11, 2001 disaster at the World Trade Center. I picked up the NY Daily News yesterday and read a story about a French artist named Douglas Stanley, who has put together a 30th anniversary of his "Space Invaders" video game by having aliens attacking the World Trade Center. (And of course, something like this comes up just three weeks before the 7th anniversary of the disaster. What a coincidence.)

Yep, you can play "games" against "aliens" attacking the World Trade Center. You can read the article here.

Talk about no sensitivity towards anyone who lost a loved one there seven years ago. Why did he pick the Twin Towers for his video game? It's pretty obvious to me. People like him need the publicity, whether good or bad, for his product, and he knows that it will get some people interested. And that means more cash in his pocket.

It saddens me to see such people with little conscience or scruples. Someone who would use the World Trade Center tragedy to try to make money (and there are plenty of people out there like that). All you can do is ignore people like Stanley and his junk.

And I also read today that the NIST (The National Institute of Standards and Technology) issued a report yesterday concluding the collapse of 7 World Trade Center was due to the fires inside the building, and it wasn't due to any conspiracies to blow up the building.

A team of 50 experts pinpointed the collapse due to a failure of a single column. It was a team of experts such as metallurgists, explosion experts and structural engineers. An interesting article about it from today's New York Post is here.

I'm sure the screwballs who still can't let the conspiracy theories go will explain this away as those experts were probably forced by the government to conceal the "real" evidence or something like that. And I can just guess that 50 years from now we'll still have the same whackjob conspiracy theories out there. And the sad part is I'll bet there are people who haven't been born yet who'll be buying into them.

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