Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chad Johnson is Officially Insane

Everyone knows that Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson is little crazy, but now he's gone completely over the edge.

I know some people will do ANYTHING in this life for publicity, but this takes the cake. Johnson has officially changed his name in Broward County, Florida from Chad Johnson to Chad Jevon Ocho Cinco. Yep, that's right. He's legally changed his last name to his number in Spanish: 85.

I guess the Bengals will now HAVE to put OCHO CINCO above his number, like he famously did a few years ago (pictured) and got himself fined for doing so by the NFL. I'm sure head coach Marvin Lewis is cringing over this.

I really hope Jonathan Papelbon doesn't get any ideas from this. I'd hate to have to say "Jonathan Cinco Ocho is our closer." (I'm not sure that's actually 58 in Spanish, but you get the idea.)

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