Monday, August 25, 2008

Real Stupid

You may have heard that Madonna, the shrinking violet that she is with that fake British accent, ran a video at her concert in Cardiff, Wales over the weekend comparing John McCain to Adolf Hitler and basically anointing sainthood on Barack Obama.

Comparing the Arizona senator to the one of the most reviled human beings of the 20th century is odious enough. I've heard left-wingers like her saying nonsense like this about politicians on the right they hate for years and years. It's nothing new. And of course, it's all planned by her: she's a first-class media whore if there ever was one.

But I'm more bothered by these singers who turn their shows into a sermon about politics (and usually on the left). Listen, I'm not against celebrities coming out in favor of politicians they like. They are Americans just like me, and they have that right to make their opinions known. (However, their political opinion is no better or worse than mine.) They have plenty of legitimate places to voice that, like on their own blogs and at "real" political rallies, where politics is the order of the day and you'd expect that.

The one thing I despise is singers who think what they have to say politically is so damn important that they get on the high soapbox during a show and begin to rail about this or that evil politician (and it's always seems to be some lefty going after someone on the right for some reason). I don't go to a show to listen to some jackass go on and on about politics. I go to a show to hear music, to be entertained. If I want to hear a sermon, I'll go to church.

Not that I would ever go to a Madonna concert, but she comes off as a real nitwit in all this. Park the politics at the door. No one gives a damn if you think John McCain's in league with Satan.

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