Sunday, May 06, 2012

They STILL Can't Help Embarrassing Their Loyal Fans

How many times have I written that blog post headline this year on this blog?

More than once. More than twice.

Sunday's ending was an absolute joke. A total farce. And I don't blame Darnell McDonald at all. He's not a pitcher.

And under absolutely no circumstances should a position player be in pitching in a tie game in extra innings. None. (And I don't care if the Orioles did the same thing. The moment I saw McDonald in the bullpen, I could see disaster coming.)

The Boston Red Sox are a complete and total joke, with a clown as their leader. They're finding new and more excruciatingly awful ways to lose and torture their fans.

Clay Buchholz, who once again looked like total crap and again put the onus on the bullpen, has accomplished something only one other pitcher since 1920 has done: given up five or more earned runs in his first six starts of the season. He belongs in the bullpen, or back in AAA. And the talk is that Felix Doubront will head back to the pen when Daisuke Matsuzaka returns?

The Red Sox now have dropped ten of their last eleven at home. Consider this: under Terry Francona the Red Sox lost five straight at home only once in eight years. Under Valentine, they have dropped five straight at home twice. In just five weeks.

I'm so pissed off right now, I don't want to write any more.

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DJ Gary Titus said...

Totally agreed. Grrrrr!