Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Trivia Q&A: May 29

We had 19 teams in for Trivia on the night after Memorial Day, and I was surprised there were that many in the house. People demand their Trivia, they shall have it!

It was an interesting night, and the scores were pretty good for both special categories. It was close all night between the top five teams, but the team of If Only We Could Fire The Donald came away with a relatively easy win, as they were the only teams who got as many as four of the IQ Trivia questions correct. Congratulations to them on their win, with 48 points.

We also had something I can't remember ever happening: a three-way tie for second place. It was between These Bath Salts Are Making Me Hungry, We're Paying Our Tab In Pre-IPO Facebook Stock and The Increasingly Stale Prince of Bel-Air, all with 39 points. We broke the tie with "How many total episodes of Saturday Night Live have aired in its history?" And incredibly, the first two teams who handed me their guesses picked the same number! I told them to guess again, and one of them, These Salt Baths, guessed the closest and was awarded second place. (BTW, the answer is 724.)

A reminder that next week's Trivia Night will most likely be held on Monday night, June 4th at 9 PM, as if there is a Game 5 in the Celtics-Heat series, it will be next Tuesday night. (Should the Celtics get swept, Trivia will happen next Tuesday.)

Best Team Name: It Must Be Fleet Week Because My Bed Is Full Of Seamen

Current Events
1. What rock legend was forced to cancel some shows in Las Vegas last week after he was hospitalized with a respiratory infection?
2. Singer Joni Mitchell gave a rare interview to a UK newspaper last week and called what American rock legend "a plagiarist" and that everything about him is "a deception."
3. Tamae Watanabe of Japan, at 73, became the oldest woman last week to accomplish what feat?
4. A man named Shawn Beam bowled a perfect game in Ft. Worth, Texas last Friday. What was so significant about this?
5. What West Coast landmark reached its 75th anniversary this past weekend?
6. The original tomb of what legendary singer is up for auction next month, a place he spent just two months after his death before being re-buried in another location?
7. What film knocked "The Avengers" out of the top spot it held for three weeks to become the number one film in America last week?

Country Borders Trivia
1. China and Norway
2. Panama and Venezuela
3. Iran and India
4. Zimbabwe and Lesotho
5. Czech Republic and Belarus
6. Algeria and Libya
7. Thailand and Bangladesh

American War Movies Trivia ("The Q Train")
1. Gods and Generals (2003)
2. Stalag 17 (1954)
3. All Quiet on the Western Front (1979)
4. Glory (1989)
5. M*A*S*H (1970)
6. The Patriot (2000)
7. We Were Soldiers (2002)
8. The Hurt Locker (2009)
9. Courage Under Fire (1996)
10. The Buccaneer (1938)

General Knowledge
1. What man was released from prison in South Africa in 1990 after 27 years of incarceration? ( 1 pt)
2. Navel and Valencia are types of what fruit? ( 1 pt)
3. In what county would you find the Ural Mountains? ( 1 pt)
4. Who is the only former US president awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? ( 2 pt)
5. Bright's Disease attacks what organ of the human body? ( 2 pt)
6. The US Open is held every year in a stadium named after what tennis legend? ( 2 pt)
7. Bajan, a mixture of Creole and English, is the language spoken by residents of what Caribbean nation? ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. How many steps are taken by the soldier guarding the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery each time he marches past the white marble sarcophagus? ( 4 points)
2. Who was the only US president who a Ph D? ( 4 points)
3. What seven-year-old was the youngest host ever of "Saturday Night Live?" ( 3 points)
4. "Hungry Jack's" is the name of what popular American fast food restaurant chain in Australia? ( 4 points)
5. What is the only country in Central America where baseball is the number one sport? ( 5 points)

Current Events
1. Elton John; 2. Bob Dylan; 3. Climb Mount Everest; 4. He was the first person to bowl a perfect game in a wheelchair; 5. Golden Gate Bridge; 6. Elvis Presley; 7. "Men In Black 3."

Country Borders Trivia
1. Russia; 2. Colombia; 3. Pakistan; 4. South Africa; 5. Poland; 6. Tunisia; 7. Burma.

American War Movies Trivia ("The Q Train")
1. Civil War; 2. World War II; 3. World War I; 4. Civil War; 5. Korean War; 6. Revolutionary War; 7. Vietnam War; 8. Iraq War; 9. Gulf War; 10. War of 1812.

General Knowledge
1. Nelson Mandela; 2. orange; 3. Russia; 4. Jimmy Carter; 5. kidney; 6. Arthur Ashe; 7. Barbados.

IQ Trivia
1. Twenty-one; 2. Woodrow Wilson; 3. Drew Barrymore; 4. Burger King; 5. Nicaragua.

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