Thursday, May 10, 2012

On The Road To Nowhere

The Red Sox lost another series last night, to the equally-inept Kansas City Royals, 4-3.

Lousy defense in a rotten first inning ultimately cost the Red Sox another game. They are now 12-18. They've dropped seven of their last eight, to the A's, Orioles and Royals.

Not exactly the cream in the American League bottle.

Is anyone out there really confident this ship will turn around for the better? Bobby Valentine leaves me no confidence, and the starting pitching even less. And now we hear that Josh Beckett's been hitting the links when he was supposed to be resting what was supposed to be lat soreness.

More and more a divorce between him and the Red Sox might be best for both parties.

2004 heroes Derek Lowe and Johnny Damon return to Fenway tonight with the Indians for a four-game series.

In tribute to the late, great Carl Beane, here is his announcing the Red Sox lineup from one of his last games, last Saturday. (With thanks to my friend, the author Jim Prime, who posted this on Facebook this morning.)

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