Thursday, July 24, 2008

Governor Wertz? Has a Nice Ring to It

My buddy Chris Wertz of Professor Thom's today announced that he is tossing his hat into the ring and running for the coveted position of "Governor of New York State" for Red Sox Nation. As many of you know, the Sox are having a governor for Red Sox Nation for each US state, and the election of one for New York is currently underway.

Of course, I have a vested interest in this, as if Chris becomes governor, I will surely become a member of his cabinet, with all the perks that come with it. Today, Chris sent me the essays he's submitted for his candidacy. Here they are:

What qualifies you to be Red Sox Nation Governor of your state?

Owning a Red Sox bar in New York City is no mean feat. When asked, "Why do I do you it?" I always answer, "Because my brethren need a home." Professor Thom's is the home for displaced New Englanders who recognize authenticity. From "clamapaloozas" to celebrations of local goods like Moxie, Fluff and Autocrat to birthday parties for former Sox to benefits for aging Sox, the goal is a haven 212 miles from Fenway that brings everyone closer to home. The Red Sox are the center of that. We host former players, players' parents, and Red Sox employees at all levels. I even had the pleasure of hosting the World Series Trophy's only stop in New York City.

A Red Sox Nation governor must strive for his community and when you are talking about a community of 25 million people the effort is a full-time job-a job I'm proud to do. I'm a long way from my birthplace in Brighton where my brother would pull me out of grammar school to catch Red Sox matinees, but I feel at home everyday in this little corner of New England etched out of the East Village.

What is your top goal or initiative to enhance the Red Sox Nation experience for citizens in your state?

As Governor I will assemble a crackerjack cabinet made up from the leaders of RSN in New York. This position is bigger than one man. It's a responsibility to be shared by the most talented ex-pats New York City has to offer. Together, we will continue to provide a safe haven for resident and visiting citizens of Red Sox Nation.

I've already spearheaded two successful visits by World Series Trophies (2004 and 2007) and I promise to bring the next celebration to the heart of Gotham. In addition, I will use this recognition to organize more charity events important to New Englanders. My goal is that every member of RSN Nation knows that even behind enemy lines in New York City there's a place to go where everybody knows your name.

Chris has done such a great job in making Thom's a great home away from home for those Red Sox fans from New England here in NYC, and for any Sox fans in general. It would be great if we can get him over the top. If you'd like to vote for him (and you can up to 10 times from any email address), please go here. (The email address you can use for Chris is:

Thanks for all your support. You can vote for NY Red Sox Nation governor until August 5. (And I'm sure he'll do a better job as a New York governor than that guy pictured here. Chris has no skeletons in his closet. At least I don't think he does.)


Alex Grosby said...

Hey Quinn,
Well I'm moving to Pittsburgh, like I told you last week, and what better way to establish myself in a new state than be the new Pennsylvania Governor of RSN. So, I'd like to ask those who read this to endorse Alex Grosby, a Thom's semi-regular, for PA Governor of RSN. So, use my e-mail to vote for me. If this isn't cool, feel free to delete this comment but just wanted to get it out there and figured jumping on Chris' coat tails would be alright.

The Omnipotent Q said...

I'll put up a link for you Alex. Good luck in PA!!