Saturday, July 19, 2008

Victims Loved Ones Can Return to Ground Zero This 9/11

I was very surprised to learn earlier today that at this year's memorial at Ground Zero to remember the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks, loved ones of the victims will be allowed to go down into the site, 70 feet below street level, and lay flowers and other memorials at the pit of the site.
Last year it appeared that the sixth anniversary would be the final time any of us would be allowed down. The Family Groups had to fight the city hard to get the chance to go down there last September, as they said it was too dangerous and too much construction was going on to allow people to go down there safely. But a compromise was reached last summer, and we were allowed to pay our respects there again.

But after a meeting with the families on Friday, we will be able to go down there this September 11. The official remembrance was at Zuccotti Park last year, which is directly across from Ground Zero on Liberty and Church Streets (and I'm sure it will be there again this year). Apparently after the Port Authority and the City of New York revealed that the timetables for the construction on almost all the projects down there had been scrapped, there will be room for all the loved ones to once again return to the site for the seventh consecutive September 11th.

I have been down there for all of the six previous remembrances, and it has been some of the most moving moments of my entire life. I am pleased that the PA and city will allow it to happen one more time.

But I'm sure this will be the last time.

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