Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trivia Q&A: July 15

We had a really huge crowd in on Trivia Night last night, as many also came in to watch the MLB All-Star Game. But a large contingent of Trivia Night regulars were on hand, and we tied the record for the largest number of teams from two weeks ago: 25.

The scores were very good throughout the night, and many teams got perfect scores on the All-Star Games Venues Trivia round. The scores were also strong for the Spell the Word round, as this time it wasn't nearly as difficult as it was two weeks ago. We had two teams tied going into the final round of IQ Trivia. Two teams got perfect scores of 20 in that round, including the winners My Dixie Wrecked, who wound up winning by just three points. My congratulations to them on their win.

Current Events
1. Leaders of the nations meeting in the G8 summit in this country last week agreed to a target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050.
2. Tillman Thomas became the new prime minister of what Caribbean island nation last week?
3. China officially took this off its officially designated menus at Olympic restaurants last week, a dish known to be popular in many Asian countries.
4. Time Magazine reported last week that an international survey stated the people from this European country were voted "The Most Obnoxious Tourists."
5. A police officer who recently tore off the head of a wax figure of this man in a museum in Berlin won't have to pay restitution for it because his is destitute.
6. A volcano erupted last Saturday on a remote island in this US state and sent an ash cloud 50,000 feet in the air.
7. Pope Benedict XVI will open the World Youth Day festival in this city later this week.

Answers: 1. Japan; 2. Grenada; 3. dog meat; 4. France; 5. Adolf Hitler; 6. Alaska; 7. Sydney, Australia.

All-Star Game Venues
1. SkyDome (1991)
2. Jacobs Field (1997)
3. Riverfront Stadium (1988)
4. Comiskey Field (1983)
5. Olympic Stadium (1982)
6. Kingdome (1979)
7. Jack Murphy Stadium (1992)

Answers: 1. Toronto; 2. Cleveland; 3. Cincinnati; 4. Chicago; 5. Montreal; 6. Seattle; 7. San Diego.

Spell the Word ("The Q Train")
1. MORIBUND (adj): in a dying state; near death.
2. EPILEPSY (noun): a disorder of the nervous system, characterized by loss of attention or sleepiness.
3. AVARICE (noun): excessive desire or greed.
4. SYRINGE (noun): a small device for pumping liquids through a small aperture.
5. ILLEGIBLE (adj): not legible, hard to read.
6. CYGNET (noun): a young swan.
7. FLUMMERY (noun): complete nonsense.
8. ZEPPELIN (noun): a rigid airship or dirigible.
9. EPITOME (noun): a person who possesses to a high degree the features of a whole class.
10. HOMEOSTASIS (noun): the tendency of a system to maintain internal stability.

General Knowledge
1. What color is the big number 5 on the back of the new US $5 bill?
2. On the TV show "Mork and Mindy," what is the name of Mork's leader?
3. The first laser produced a beam that was what color?
4. What 1970 bestselling book was written by Alvin Toffler about the rapid growth of technology?
5. What country won soccer's World Cup in 2006?
6. What former NFL quarterback went on to co-host the 1980s TV show, "That's Incredible?"
7. What card game uses a deck with only 48 cards?

Answers: 1. purple; 2. Orson; 3. red; 4. "Future Shock;" 5. Italy; 6. Fran Tarkenton; 7. pinochle.

IQ Trivia
1. If you're "intestate," what, by definition, do you not have? (4 points)
2. What American character did James Montgomery Flagg help to immortalize with his 1914 poster? ( 4 points)
3. According to an Aesop fable, what type of bird told the goddess Juno he wanted the voice of a nightingale? ( 5 points)
4. What author wrote the novel "The Regulators" under the pen name Richard Bachman? ( 3 points)
5. In order to bind his empire, what historic military leader married off many of his soldiers to Persian women? ( 4 points)

Answers: 1. A legal will; 2. Uncle Sam; 3. peacock; 4. Stephen King; 5. Alexander the Great.

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