Thursday, July 17, 2008

NHK Live at Thom's

Here is a YouTube video of NHK, the national TV network of Japan, when they did a live remote at Professor Thom's pub this past July 3rd, which was the opening game of the Red Sox-Yankees series in the Bronx. It was shown back in Japan for a morning show there, and there were two segments they filmed at the bar.

The reporter, a very nice young lady, started the segments at Finnerty's bar, where many Yankee fans hang out next door. She wore a Yankee jersey, but when she walked into Thom's, she was booed by the bar patrons, and took the MFY jersey off to show a David Ortiz jersey, and was cheered. It was all setup that way beforehand.

My buddy Chris was also interviewed, and at about the 3:00 mark, I was filmed alone at a booth, watching the TV there. (I look kind of "friendless" there!) There are also shots of some fans doing "Kayreoke," which we did the night before the live remote. In the second segment, it concludes with a bunch of us whooping it up in back of the reporter, and you can see me briefly pointing to the guy wearing the Daisuke Matsuzaka shirt.

We all had fun doing it, and the NHK folks were very nice.

The video lasts just over 6 minutes. Yep, we're still big in Japan!


Peter N said...

I'm checking the video right now...thanks! Pete

The Omnipotent Q said...

My pleasure, Peter. Hope you enjoyed it...