Thursday, July 31, 2008

As Zero Hour Approaches

Last night's game with the Angels was the worst game the Red Sox have played all season. Josh Beckett was horrific, the defense was simply putrid (4 errors), and the best the bats could do was a two-run homer from Coco Crisp. They were swept by the Angels in a convincing factor (22-9 in total runs, but it seemed like so much more), and now the hottest team in baseball goes to the Bronx for a four-game set. It was a really awful display of baseball by the team that is allegedly the defending champions. They are now 4-8 since the break and 1-5 in this homestand.

But now the Red Sox have an off-day before the Oakland A's come in. But nobody's worried about the A's (yet). All heads now turn to whether the Manny Ramirez Era in Boston concludes at 4 PM today. The hottest rumor now is a possible three-way trade sending Manny to Florida, with the Sox getting Jason Bay and lefty reliever John Grabow. Bay is having a terrific season, with 22 HRs and 67 RBI. He is also seven years younger and making far less money than Manny. A newspaper in Florida said late last night that a three-way deal was in place, but as I write this the AP says there isn't one in place.

And once again, Manny has been running his mouth off about the lack of respect he's been getting and the way they get the fans to turn on certain superstar players. This was not-so-veiled swipe at Peter Gammons and his missives he's been throwing at Manny lately. Now it seems like management may have no alternative but to move him today. If he stays past the deadline, the situation maybe getting even more strained. Curt Schilling told WEEI radio today that he thought this whole mess was affecting the team and its recent spate of rotten play.

At 4 PM today, the deadline for trades without waivers will come. Will Manny Ramirez still be wearing a Red Sox uniform tomorrow night?

Yesterday, I thought for sure no trade would happen involving him. At this point, I'm not sure which way it will go. Stay tuned.


Soxlosophy said...

Nice line on Coco. And yeah, the Angels series was horrific. And it seems Manny's getting the blame. where's the correlation/causation distinction when you need it?

I liked the letter from your last post. I like Manny.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks for the kind words. I hope Manny stays, too.

Michael Leggett said...

Manny is Torre's Headache Now-He's a Dodger