Friday, July 11, 2008

Where's "The Twilight Zone"?

Rod Serling, God bless him, can't be happy about this.

I noticed earlier this week that "The Twilight Zone," my favorite late-night staple for years and years, is now no longer on at 1 AM for one hour on the Sci-Fi Channel. It is normally on from Monday to Friday, but instead they had on "Ripley's Believe It or Not" in its place.

That is not good. Not good at all.

"The Twilight Zone" has occupied that 1 AM slot on the Sci-Fi Channel for years, and before that, it was a late-night staple on Channel 11 here in New York for years also. The Sci-Fi Channel just finished its yearly July 4th tradition of the 48-hour marathon, which is always a joy and I always appreciate them doing it twice a year. (It also has the 48-hour New Year's marathon as well.)

Granted, I have seen nearly every episode many times, and my favorites dozens of times. I am a night crawler, and always look forward to seeing what Twilight Zone episodes are on every night. But it was not on its regular time slot after the last marathon, and this coming week it's not on at that time as well. (They are showing some other programs at 1 AM this coming week.)

I just hope they are giving "The Twilight Zone" a short hiatus. I wonder if the Sci-Fi Channel has gotten any angry calls from Twilight Zone fans. (I bet they have.)

Come on, Sci-Fi Channel, do the right thing and bring back the show to its rightful time slot. You wouldn't want Mr. Serling angry at you from his Eternal Reward, now do you?

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hinder34 said...

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