Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh, The Paranoia!!

Today's New York Post has a screaming headline on their front page (pictured) about a construction worker, a Red Sox fan, who, last August, buried a Red Sox t-shirt in the concrete slab of visitor's clubhouse of the new ballpark. And now the Post writes how the Yankees may now be "cursed" because of it.

It made me burst out in laughter at hearing this paranoia.

Yep, the Red Sox have gotten so deep into their heads that those who were so obsessed with curses and jinxes for years regarding the Sox are now convinced it's on them now. I said it for years, it was the Yankees fans who were totally obsessed with curses...

Seriously, it's all really silly and stupid. Curses and jinxes are totally asinine and sophomoric. I just love the fact the Post is playing this up like it's some major story. Read it here.

The Post won't reveal the identities of the workers who revealed this story to them, because "They aren't supposed to talk to the media." More likely they are saving their lives from angry Yankee fans who felt they did nothing to stop this moral outrage!

I'm almost surprised that Hankenstein hasn't ordered the visitor's clubhouse to be torn apart and the shirt removed. From the story, it sounds like the way the shirt was mixed into the concrete, it would almost impossible to remove a shirt that's probably not intact anyway. And the cost of tearing up the visitor's clubhouse and the delays it would cause the stadium's construction wouldn't be worth it anyhow. Hankenstein's media flunky basically dismissed the story anyway.

My buddy Chris Wertz was interviewed for the story, and it was good to see him give the Red Sox fan's take on it.

So now, I guess the Yankees and their fans now have a built-in excuse if their team continues to fail in their bid to win a World Series once they move into their new ballpark.

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I think Hankenstein's head just exploded. You all sound like whiners-whatever.