Monday, April 28, 2008

More Clemens Schadenfreude

Every Red Sox fan's favorite villain has more trouble on his hands. Some more really serious trouble.

As if Roger Clemens' lying in front of Congress last February wasn't bad enough (and a perjury charge seems to be forthcoming), it was revealed in today's New York Daily News that The Carpetbagger had a 10-year affair with troubled country singer Mindy McCready.

Yep, Roger was having an affair with this woman when she was just 15.

Can you say, "statutory rape?" (I'm not sure of the state laws surrounding it, or whether there is a statute of limitations regarding it. They first met back in 1990.)

Clemens met her while with the Red Sox in Florida, and claims he's never had any kind of sexual relationship with her. You know, the "we're just good friends" line.

This should really damage his defamation suit against Brian McNamee, as the defense would surely use McCready as a witness in it to torpedo Clemens' reputation he's put forth over the years as this great family man. And you have to wonder what his wife Debbie thinks of all this. This sure hasn't been a good year for her.

Here is the story for your reading enjoyment.

Once again, it's all come home to roost for The Texas Con Man. The years of BS he's shoveled is now dumped squarely in his lap, and he's paying the price for it all. There's only one thing I can say about it:



Suldog said...

Don't know if you have XM, Q, but I just got it and it's magnificent. Baseball wall-to-wall. You can read about it at my place - NOT a paid testimonial, by the way, but just a hearty endorsement.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Funny you mentioned XM Radio, Suldog, because just today I got an advertisement in the mail from the Red Sox about the glory that is XM Radio. I think someone's trying to tell me something!

Thanks for the endorsement, Suldog.

Michael Leggett said...

I may just break down & go for XM

Steel36 said...

I got XM when they first got baseball. I LOVE IT!! Any game at any time. No worry about blackouts. Good reception. 13 a month versus 50 buck a month for the cable tv package....