Tuesday, April 01, 2008

WS Ring Thief Gets a "Vulture" Win

Everyone's favorite Canadian disaster area that is one Eric Gagne struck again yesterday, this time at Wrigley Field in Chicago on Opening Day. He came into the game with the Milwaukee Brewers holding a 3-0 lead in the ninth, and promptly gave up two hits before surrendering a three-run shot to the new Cubs Japanese import Kosuke Fukudome to tie it up. Holy mackerel, where have I seen this act before?

I was having flashbacks while watching the game yesterday on the MLB package. The Brewers actually coughed up $10 million to this stiff to close this season. (And they have Guillermo Mota as a setup man, too. Yikes!) I remember the excuses some of his supporters were making last season: "He's not used to setting up" and "He'd rather be a closer." So much for that. He had nothing yesterday, and issued more balls (16) than strikes (15) in one inning of work. (I guess being off the 'roids has really hurt his game.)

But there is no justice in the world, as the Brewers scored a run in the tenth, and David Riske got the save. (His line looked a lot like vintage Gagne: 3 up, 3 down, 9 pitches, 7 strikes.) So Gagne got the "vulture win."

At least he won't be showing up at Fenway next Tuesday to get the World Series ring he so rightly "earned" last year.

You'd better stock up on beer, Brewer fans, and other assorted hard liquor. You're going to be doing a lot of drinking late in games. Trust me on that.


Steel36 said...

I think we all know how to say Fukodome-Cub fans were sure screaming it loud enough!! and yes I have Fukodome on my fantasy team.

man, Milwaukee makes some fine beers.
Ueck and the rest of Brewer Nation will be very hungover this years after dealing with Gagne

Peter N said...

I guess a new year and a new start leaves the Brewers with the same old Gagne. Good luck to them...they'll need it!!

Michael Leggett said...

Is it Gagme?
So unless Paulie can find something for Eric, he'll be the CONSUMATE Bust;
Like Last Year, when he was going South after The All Star Break with Texas, I suspected that Gagne' had little left to offer;
There's NOTHING Left.