Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Lost Red Sox Hat...Let's Find the Owner

On Saturday night I received an email from a Mets fan from New Jersey named Chad Dolby who told me a rather disturbing story about being in Yankee Stadium on Friday night for the Rays-Yankees game.

Apparently a group of Yankee fans grabbed a Red Sox hat off of a Red Sox fan who was at the game, and they proceeded to kick the hat all over the upper deck, until it reached the concourse area of the stadium. Chad told me that a friend of his found it, and wisely hung on to it. Chad said that the hat was well-worn and probably a favorite hat of whoever owned it.

Chad and his friend are currently looking for the Red Sox fan who owned the hat, and want to give it back to him. He's a Mets fan who is sympathetic to the Red Sox, and in his words, wants to "heal open wounds." Chad also told me that some Yankee fans, who thought he had the hat (his friend was holding on to it), threatened to bust his jaw if he didn't turn it over to them. (The Yankees were getting pummeled by Tampa Bay, so it's not a shock that the Stadium rabble were in a particularly foul mood on Friday night.)

So now Chad is looking to give the Red Sox fan his hat back. If the Sox fan who had it taken away is reading this, you can contact Chad at:

Let's hope we can track down that fan, who was brave enough to show off his Red Sox pride in an incredibly hostile environment, and get him his hat back.

My thanks to Chad for contacting me.

UPDATE: Professor Thom's is offering a $50 reward (in bar gift certificates) to the person who gets the hat back to that Red Sox fan. So there's even more incentive to right this terrible wrong.


Michael Leggett said...

Yankees Fans, with the team on the road, often go to Shea Stadium, to antagonize Mets Fans:

Their routine is the same, offering to pick fights while intoxicated;

Fortunately, they don't have the Yankee Stadium Security Services to back up their outrageous claims;

& Yankees Fans wonder why they're hated so much. I've put up one column for Chad Dolby on my blog.

KAYLEE said...

hey how are you? I am doing very wELL!!!!!!!

The Omnipotent Q said...

I'm so happy to hear that Kaylee! Hang in their sweetie, everything's going to be fine. Glad to see you back, Kaylee...

KAYLEE said...

thanks i am gla to be back :)

MA said...

you say "brave" i say "idiotic". when i was in boston a "gentleman" pulled over his car to where i was standing (innocently, it might be added, trying to find the ducks/boston common) and screamed at me for FOUR MINUTES about my yankees hat. i think if i had entered fenway with it on, my head would have been tossed around, not just the hat on it.

The Omnipotent Q said...

I leave the Sox paraphernalia at home when I've been to That Dump (er,excuse me, Yankee Stadium). It is rather foolish these days to wear the colors of either team into either enemy park. You're just begging for trouble.

But we'd like to do a good thing for one of our own, brave or idiotic he may have been.