Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Trivia Q&A: April 15

We had 16 teams, and a huge crowd at Professor Thom's last night. Since there was a Red Sox game and a Bruins playoff game on at the same time, the Trivia festivities were delayed until about 9:45 PM. Because of the late start, True or False Trivia was bumped, so we had just four categories. (we also had two rather large teams, both with over 10 players. As you know, we like to limit the teams to six per team, so they both were playing for fun, and by the looks of the tables, they sure were having a blast.)

The scores were generally good for 1970s Trivia, although some of the feedback I got on it was that a few players found it difficult because they weren't born when the events took place. (Thanks for making me feel old guys!!) The results were also good for General Knowledge, and going into the final round we had six teams withing five points of each other.

But one of those teams trailing, We Can't Win Every Time, got four of the five IQ Trivia questions right to pull out the win, by three points. No, they can't win every time, just most times, as this was their fourth win in six weeks. Congratulations, guys.

Current Events
1. This book, according to a new Harris Poll, is by far America's favorite book.
2. This auto giant is recalling over 628,000 minivans in Japan due to an installation flaw that could lead to cracks in the fuel tank.
3. This Oscar-winning actor said last week that he and his wife of 11 years, who were about to divorce, have decided to reconcile.
4. More than 600 earthquakes, over the course of 10 days, were detected recently by underwater microphones off the coast of this US state.
5. This airline returned all of its 300 grounded jets to service after clearance by the FAA last Saturday.
6. It was revealed this week that this late movie star was filmed by the FBI in a sex video that was just sold for $1.5 million to a New York businessman.
7. The remake of this horror film took in over $22 million last week to become the number 1 film in the US last week.
8. This African nation, with a 100,000% inflation rate and an 80% unemployment rate, has had a two-week delay in its recent election results and bloodshed is feared if recounts are challenged.
9. Iraqi troops freed a British journalist who worked for this American TV network after he was kidnapped recently in the city of Basra.
10. These two US airlines, who were both struggling, are going to combine to form the world's biggest carrier.

Answers: 1. The Bible; 2. Toyota; 3. Sean Penn; 4. Oregon; 5. American Airlines; 6. Marilyn Monroe; 7. "Prom Night;" 8. Zimbabwe; 9. CBS News; 10. Delta and Northwest.

1970s Trivia
1. So-called Iranian students storm the US Embassy and take employees hostage in Teheran, and a standoff that lasts 444 days.
2. Richard Nixon becomes the first US president in history to resign, over the Watergate break-in scandal.
3. "Star Wars" opens in movie theaters and becomes the highest grossing film of all time to that date.
4. Paul McCartney announces the Beatles have officially split, and releases his first solo album.
5. The Yom Kippur War, the fourth and largest Arab-Israeli conflict, begins on October 6 of this year.
6. Karol Wojtyla becomes the 264th pope, and is known as Pope John Paul II.
7. Jim Morrison of the Doors dies of a heart attack in Paris at the age of 27.
8. Jimmy Carter becomes the first candidate from the Deep South to win the presidency, over incumbent Gerald Ford.
9. The Summer Olympics are held from August 29-September 11 of this year in Munich, West Germany.
10. Carlton Fisk hits one of MLB's most famous home runs, in Game 6 of this year's World Series.

Answers: 1. 1979; 2. 1974; 3. 1977; 4. 1970; 5. 1973; 6. 1978; 7. 1971; 8. 1976; 9. 1972; 10. 1975.

General Knowledge
1. What boxing great preached on the streets and on the radio and is a minister at a Houston church?
2. What artist did Absolut commission to do a 1985 painting of a bottle?
3. Which US city is home to the historic Old North Church?
4. In April 2001, physician Ronald Shemenski made headlines when he became seriously ill where?
5. On the long-running BBC TV series "Doctor Who," what does Doctor Who's spaceship look like from the outside?
6. During the Vietnam War, the North Vietnamese used what route to move supplies into South Vietnam?
7. By definition, where would an arboreous animal live?
8. The Maorist guerrilla group known as Shining Path rebelled against the government of what country?
9. What legendary comedian regularly referred to his childhood friend "Old Weird Harold" in his rountine?
10. Lipitor is a popular medication prescribed to people with what problem?

Answers: 1. George Foreman; 2. Andy Warhol; 3. Boston; 4. South Pole; 5. phone booth; 6. Ho Chi Minh Trail; 7. tree; 8. Peru; 9. Bill Cosby; 10. high cholesterol.

IQ Trivia
1. What science fiction author is credited with the idea of orbiting communication satellites? ( 5 points)
2. What prize do the Mystery Writers of America give annually for outstanding writing? ( 5 points)
3. A kegler is someone who plays what sport? ( 4 points)
4. Dr. Sylvia Earle is a noted scientist in what field? ( 6 points)
5. "Sternutation" is a term for what human condition? ( 5 points)

Answers: 1. Arthur C. Clarke; 2. The Edgar; 3. bowling; 4. oceanography; 5. sneezing.


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sorry for peacing out JQ but i had been drinking at grad school stuff since 5pm and it was time to get my ass to jersey.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Not a problem, Vittoria. Hopefully we get going a little earlier next week.