Sunday, April 13, 2008

High Comedy and Lies From Mr. Hankee

You still have to love all the Yankee paranoia.

Apparently, Hank Steinbrenner (pictured) sent a team of workers into the new Yankee Stadium to jackhammer on the third base side yesterday and they found the Red Sox jersey that a Red Sox fan, Gino Castignoli, who worked on the place, had left buried in concrete. (Note to Gino: why did you come clean about it one year before the new stadium opened? Wouldn't have been better to have waited one day before it opened? Just a thought.)

The long, national nightmare is over. I guess. Read it here.

Hankenstein continues to be a horse's ass. And his paranoia is simply great high comedy. First he denies the jersey was left there. Then he says it was no big deal. Now he sends in a team to have it removed. And his brother Hal is encouraging the co-workers of the Red Sox fan who left the jersey to "kick the s**t out of him." Simply hilarious stuff. (Seriously, if some co-worker does go after Castignoli and assaults him, Mr. Hankee's brother could find himself in some legal hot water.)

So much for his not talking about the Red Sox anymore this year.


Dave said...

All we need now is for Gino to say "That may not be the only jersey..." I'd love to watch Hank tear up the whole damn stadium.

The Omnipotent Q said...

That would be great. In my dad's words, "Anything that makes Steinbrenner unhappy, makes me happy."

Suldog said...

Amazing. He could have just said, "Yup. The Red Sox are buried in cement, thanks to one of their so-called fans. We will leave it that way." Instead, he does what he did. What a dope!

The Omnipotent Q said...

Suldog: I would love to have seen this guy Gino come forward about it the night before the new stadium opened, to really send the Yankees into a panic. One year before the opening? Makes no sense. The guy sounds like a publicity hound to be honest who needed attention.

Ah, whatever. He had his 15 minutes and made Hankenstein look foolish (granted, it's not hard to do these days). Mission accomplished, time to move on.