Thursday, April 10, 2008

Must Have Just Been an Oversight

My softball-playing friend, the Wayward Oriole, had this on his blog a short time ago. Apparently he wound up on a mailing list after buying tickets to an Orioles-Yankees game in the Bronx last year and received a brochure from the Yankees entitled "The Final Season," which is all about the Yankees and their last season in the second version of the ballpark. (The first one, the original one, was destroyed back in 1973.)

He posted the table of contents on his site, and something jumped out at me. My favorite Yankee Stadium moments didn't make it, namely, "The Amazing, Colossal Choke of 2004 Before a Throng of Fans Who Had to Burn All That '1918' and 'Curse' Crap Once and For All."

Must have just been an oversight. My thanks to the Wayward O for putting it on his site, as I wouldn't in a million years lower myself to actually read such rubbish.

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