Monday, April 21, 2008

Trivia Night Changes

There are going to be some changes to Trivia Night beginning with tomorrow's edition. Since we may be forced to start Trivia Night a little bit later on Tuesdays due to the Red Sox games that start at 7 PM, we are going to trim three of the categories down just a bit. We were forced to drop an entire category last week, and we really don't want to do that again, as we want to keep the five category system.

So, beginning tomorrow, three of the categories, Current Events, General Knowledge and the Special Category, will now be 7 questions instead of 10. Each category will be worth 7 points, but some weeks I will be including some special questions worth more than one point to bring the values back up a bit. True or False Trivia will remain 10 questions, as it is a speed round and time in that category isn't that big a deal.

There will also be a change to IQ Trivia. It will remain 5 difficult questions, but the point values will be reduced, from a total of 25 points to 20. (Since the point values of three categories is reduced, I felt we had to reduce IQ Trivia to balance it.) There will now be one three-point question, three four-point questions and one five-point question.

Once again, we will be starting these changes tomorrow. Hopefully it will make the night go a little bit quicker. Once the baseball season concludes, we may go back to the old system, and it will just depend on how well this goes. I hope this will make Trivia Night a more enjoyable evening for everyone.

Tomorrow's special category will be "April 22nd Trivia." It will be seven questions on events that occurred on that date. Hopefully we won't get going to late (around 9:30 or so, hopefully earlier). The Sneak Peek question for Tuesday is:

What type of clothing are clam diggers?

I hope many of you can come out and see the "New and Improved" Trivia Night on Tuesday!

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