Thursday, April 03, 2008

Darrell Issa is a Big Fat Idiot

Once again this week, I pick up the newspapers and read two separate stories that have a 9/11 theme to them, and neither one of them are of a positive nature.

Darrell Issa, a Republican Congressman from San Diego, really put his foot in his mouth yesterday by saying that the federal government had already done enough for New York City in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and its aftermath, and referred to the attacks as a "fire" that "simply was an aircraft" hitting the World Trade Center.

Another clueless putz who just doesn't get it. Open mouth, insert foot.

Issa, who once was a car thief as a youth, argued passionately on the day of the attacks on the Congressional floor that it was America, and not just New York, that was attacked. He seems to have convieniently forgotten that, now almost seven years later. He questioned why the firefighters and other rescue workers need to come to the feds for additional money, and why not the state of New York instead. He also claimed the feds threw buckets of cash at New York for an attack "that had no dirty bomb in it, and had no chemical munitions in it."

Oh brother. This just sounds like a lot of "anti-New York" sentiment coming to the surface from Issa. Too many people have forgotten that this was an attack on all of us, all of us who live in freedom. And now, those brave souls who came from all over the country (but most were from the New York area) to help are getting sick, and need our help. Issa seemes to have completely forgotten that. (BTW, you may also remember that Issa is one of those Republican Congressmen who kissed Roger Clemens' ass in February at the hearings on steroids in Washington. Just a reminder.) Issa backtracked a bit yesterday, saying how much he supports federal help for those victims of the terror attacks. But the damage is done.

And if that wasn't enough, I also heard that a thief swiped 15 saplings from the Bronx' Ferry Point Park that were planted there in honor of the 9/11 victims who were from the Throgs Neck section of the Bronx. The saplings were part of a gift from Prince Albert of Monaco, and they were planted last fall.

Last January, five of them were ripped out and tossed aside, but were quickly replanted. Now, someone has stolen all 15 of the saplings, but the other 3,000 trees that were planted for the 9/11 victims were left untouched. It is made clear in the park that the saplings were specifically for those victims who lived in the area.

I can only shake my head in disgust, hearing the disrespect the memories of the 9/11 victims, as well as those sick first responders, are getting these days. It confirms my worst fears, that too many people either just don't care about, or don't want to remember, the worst day in the history of our country.

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