Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bloomberg: Yankees Under a "Curse"

The insanity continues.

You may have heard that silliness with the Red Sox shirt (and other items) being buried underneath some concrete by a Red Sox fan at the new Yankee Stadium as reported by the New York Post yesterday. Well, it took another turn as the fan, who name is "Gino" and grew up in the Bronx as a Yankee-hating Red Sox fan, produced proof yesterday, namely some cell phone shots of him pouring the concrete over the said items last August.

Yankee officials denied last night that any such thing happened, but had to backtrack after this Gino fellow produced the photos to the Post.

And in the story today, they went to Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York, who said this:

"It is an outrage!" the Boston-born Bloomberg told The Post before the Yanks played the Sox last night.

"The one thing that I'd really like to be able to do is to go in there and pitch for the Yankees and beat the Red Sox with a perfect game. That would be a way to end the curse," the mayor said.

"They envy the Yankees. They wish they were the Yankees. And every once in a while, you might not win the whole thing, but to say that the public is on the side of the Yankees is an understatement."

"End the curse?" So, Bloomberg now believes the Yankees are under a curse? Oh brother. I'm sure Bloomberg had his tongue firmly in his cheek. (But don't get me started on "They wish they were the Yankees." We thank God every night we aren't.)

And to prove Yankee fans are idiots, read this:

"[Red Sox jerseys] should be buried under two tons of concrete," said Christopher Rogers, 25, of Albany, who watched the Bombers hammer the Sox 4-1 at Fenway Park last night. "Buried because that's what we do. We bury them."

What rock has this moron been hiding under the past four years?

And also in this article, there's some woman who's a Wiccan priestess trying to cast out "the Red Sox jinx" while beating a Red Sox jersey with a broom.

Don't you just love the fact it is now YANKEE fans who are trying to get rid of curses and jinxes? Like I said before, it was always they who were obsessed by it.

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