Thursday, May 22, 2008

Trivia Q&A: May 21

On a day when we had to move Trivia Night back to Wednesday night for the second time in three weeks, we again had a huge crowd in for the festivities, and we had a record number of teams take part: 25. It was terrific to see so many of the Tuesday night regulars come out on a Wednesday again, and I thank you all for that.

There was a little bit of grumbling over the Canadian Trivia category, but the numbers weren't bad at all. But there was a little bit of controversy over the first question, "Lester Pearson is the only Canadian to win what prestigious award in 1956?" Many teams said just "Nobel Prize," but I didn't accept that, as many Canadians have won Nobel Prizes, but only Pearson has won the Peace Prize. I guess I should have told the players to be a little specific in their answer.

We had a close contest throughout the night, and we had 17 of the 25 teams withing five points of the top going into IQ Trivia. Most teams got at least 2 of the questions in that round correct, and I was surprised that most got the five-point question right, which is usually the hardest question of the round (or so I thought). But a team called Bitch Slap That Ho For My Money ( as you can tell we're fairly liberal as far as names go) got all five questions correct (the only team to do so), and wound up winning by four points. My congratulations to them on their win.

Once again a reminder that we'll be back on Tuesday night next week, May 27, but at an earlier time, 8 PM, as the Red Sox have a late-night game in Seattle.

Current Events
1. This web site passed Yahoo as the most popular site in America, as they got more than 141 million unique visitors for the month of April.
2. A letter written by Albert Einstein, in which he refers to this as "pretty childish," was sold by an auction house last week for over $400,000.
3. A documentary about this former superstar athlete is getting raves at the Cannes Film Festival, especially about the star's drug past and sex life.
4. Leonel Fernandez was re-elected president of this Caribbean country last weekend.
5. Big Brown won the Preakness Stakes last Saturday, and is one win away at Belmont from becoming the first horse since Affirmed to win the Triple Crown. What year did Affirmed win?
6. An annual survey by the University of Michigan said that this US-based airline led the industry in passenger satisfaction for the 15th consecutive year.
7. This NBA legendary star, who says he's lost nearly $10 million gambling over the years, has now vowed to quit his gambling habit for good.

Answers: 1. Google; 2. The Bible; 3. Mike Tyson; 4. Dominican Republic; 5. 1978; 6. Southwest Airlines; 7. Charles Barkley.

Canadian Trivia

1. Lester Pearson is the only Canadian to win what prestigious award in 1956?
2. Besides hockey, what is Canada's other official national sport?
3. Winnipeg is the capital of what Canadian province?
4. What day of the year is Canada Day celebrated every year?
5. How many oceans does Canada border?
6. What month of the year is Canada's Thanksgiving Day celebrated in?
7. Name 3 of the 5 largest cities by population in Canada.

Answers: 1. Nobel Peace Prize; 2. lacrosse; 3. Manitoba; 4. July 1; 5. three; 6. October; 7. Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa and Edmonton.

True or False ("The Q Train")
1. Explorer Henry Hudson was employed by the Dutch East India Company.
2. In the movie "Jerry Maguire," the team that finally showed Cuba Gooding Jr.'s character the money was the San Diego Chargers.
3. The Newbery Medal is awarded for excellence in children's literature.
4. Baking soda is commonly used in fire extinguishers.
5. The smallest bird in the world is a species of sparrow.
6. Someone driving from Milwaukee to Denver would be traveling southwest.
7. In 1971, the first Starbucks coffeehouse opened in Los Angeles.
8. A lack of iron in the blood can cause anemia.
9. Colin Powell's son was appointed FCC Chairman by George W. Bush.
10. The ancient measurement called a cubit is determined by the length of a man's thumb.

Answers: 1. true; 2. false, Arizona Cardinals; 3. true; 4. true; 5. false, hummingbird; 6. true; 7. false, Seattle; 8. true; 9. true; 10. false, it's from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger.

General Knowledge

1. American settlers in the 18th century used the Cumberland Gap to cross what US mountain range?
2. On April 9, 2001, Kevin Costner and Fidel Castro saw and discussed what Costner movie together?
3. What celebrity wrote a series of children's books about a helicopter named Budgie?
4. What ancient written language did the Rosetta Stone help decipher?
5. What Protestant religion was founded as a result of King Henry VIII's break with Rome?
6. In his 1971 song "Mercy Mercy Me," Marvin Gaye sings about what issue?
7. Red globe and Thompson seedless are popular varieties of what fruit?

Answers: 1. Appalachians; 2. "Thirteen Days;" 3. Sarah Ferguson; 4. Egyptian (Hieroglyphics); 5. Anglican; 6. environment; 7. grape.

IQ Trivia

1. What music legend is an ordained minister of the Full Gospel Tabernacle Church in Memphis? ( 4 points)
2. Someone who is nictitating is doing what? ( 4 points)
3. The adjective "antediluvian" refers to the period before what famous biblical event? ( 5 points)
4. Erected in 1921, the International Peace Arch is located in what US state? ( 4 points)
5. What singer/songwriter wrote The Monkees number one hit "I'm a Believer?" ( 3 points)

Answers: 1. Al Green; 2. winking; 3. The Great Flood; 4. Washington; 5. Neil Diamond.

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